Ahupua’a: Ancient Land Management System

"The ability to protect land and water resources from depletion and still provide the materials needed by the people is called sustainability.

Pre-contact Hawaiians depended upon an extremely ordered and equitable system of land division in which district boundaries were most carefully planned and laid out.”

The Ahupua’a system guaranteed that all natives residing within these boundaries would receive a fair share in the rights, privileges, and benefits essential for a self-sufficient yet comfortable life. 

Private land ownership was unknown, and public, common use of the ahupua’a resources demanded that boundaries be drawn to include sufficient land for residence and cultivation, freshwater sources, shoreline and open ocean access.”

The 'Ili of Keanui'i'omano and Wai'auia

Traditionally Hawaiians lived within large land divisions known as ahupua’a.  Anna Ranch is located in the ahupua’a of Lalamilo.  Within the ahupua’a are smaller land divisions known as ‘ili.  Today Anna Ranch consists of two ‘ili that total 110 acres.  The ‘ili where the ranch house stands is Keanu’i’iomano which means "the coldness of shark flesh" and the other is Wai’auia or "water diverted" and is named for the ancient ‘auwai or irrigation system in that ‘ili.