We’re wanting that relationship to go and we have plans for where that relationship will go. I personally feel connected to them as couple. I like it, it’s fun, and it’s new. [Pauses] And I’m sorry about Delphine.

John Fawcett (On Shay and Cosima) (X)

it’s shit like this that makes me mad. I’m really trying not to get any angrier or dissapointed but it’s hard when I read this and it seems that to them it’s just some sort of joke. You mean to tell me that you decided to end one of the most loved relationships on the show because “it’s fun, and it’s new”!? what the actual fuck. Have you no consideration on what their relationship meant to many fans?? it sure shit meant a lot to me because it felt real in many ways and they were always the ones I was most excited to see again.

Maybe I’m being a child because I’m hurt but I do not take lightly to people doing something that will hurt others because they think it’s funny, or because they got bored. I am not a joke. I wasn’t even close to being this upset when I thought Cosima could be dead last season because even though it would crush me there was some reason, she was very sick. Delphine is a different story. Especially by bringing Shay in because she is a replacement. and it’s a slap in the face. You can’t just try to replace main characters who we care for and that’s what pisses me off the most too. I understand that one of the reasons for killing Delphine could have been because Evelyne couldn’t be on the show anymore, but there were definitely better ways that this could have been done. Also. Why does Cosima need to always be with someone? you can’t kill off someone she loves and unrealistically have someone ready that she can jump to and love just as much. Why can’t she grieve and be alone for some time? Is she not capable? This whole thing is disrespectful to not only Delphine but also Cosima. Lastly It’s like they’re trying to force Shay down our throats, and we have to love her. here here love shay she’s fun, she’s new!

Fuck you.


Let’s talk about Sarah’s beautiful dress at Paleyfest

and that slit in the front.

was I the only one that about died every time she moved and that thing seemed like it was gonna fly open?

dear god

my heart stopped every time

especially when she was walking dear lord 

That slit seemed to have no end, it took me a moment to realize it was like a wrap around type dress. this picture doesn’t make it justice for when she was walking though


Is it possible to scare Sarah Paulson? (X)