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By Season:

Murder House
1. Favorite character(s): Constance Langdon, Nora Montgomery, Moira O'Hara
2. Least favorite character(s): Larry Harvey, Ben Harmon
3. Most unnecessary character(s): Hayden McClaine
4. A character you love but everyone hates: I feel like everyone hates Constance but I thought she was a great character.. I mean yeah despicable but a great character none the less.

5. Favorite ship(s): haha well I guess Bananun but I don’t really ship anyone in this season because all the relationships were so fucking unhealthy

6. Favorite episode: I don’t really have a favourite but I guess Piggy Piggy, Birth or Afterbirth
7. Biggest plot twist: Dead Violet

1. Favorite character(s): LANA WINTERS, Sister Mary, Pepper
2. Least favorite character(s): Dr Arden, Monsignor Howard
3. Most unnecessary character(s): Probably Shelley
4. A character you love but everyone hates: Dr. Thredson
5. Favorite ship(s): BANANUN, Lana/Wendy
6. Favorite episode: Tricks and Treats, The Name Game, Madness Ends
7. Biggest plot twist: Thredson being Bloodyface.. and Lana actually shooting her son

1. Favorite character(s): Misty Day, Cordelia Foxx, Myrtle Snow
2. Least favorite character(s): Kyle and Zoe
3. Most unnecessary character(s): Basically Kyle and Zoe
4. A character you love but everyone hates: I don’t know..
5. Favorite ship(s): Foxxay of course! 
6. Favorite episode: Head, The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks, and The Seven Wonders
7. Biggest plot twist: uhh.. we’re there any actually plot twists? Cause the whole plot line with Hank was fairly obvious…

1. Favorite character(s): Bette and Dot Tattler, Pepper, Amazon Eve, Ma Petite, Paul
2. Least favorite character(s): Elsa Mars, Stanley, Del Toledo
3. Most unnecessary character(s): Not sure

4. A character you love but everyone hates: I have a feeling people don’t really like the twins for some reason

5. Favorite ship(s): Pepper/Salty argghh that storyline made me cry so much! Paul/Penny

7. Biggest plot twist: Dandy killing Twisty and Elsa’s legs



1. Hayden or Madison? Madison
2. Constance, Jude, Fiona, or Elsa? Jude or Fiona
3. Bille Dean, Lana, Cordelia, or Bette & Dot? LANA, Cordelia, Dot
4. Nora, Mary-Eunice, or Misty? ooooh umm Misty, then Mary-Eunice 
5. Tate, Kit, Kyle, or Jimmy? Kit
6. Moira, Shachath, Myrtle, or Gloria? Myrtle
7. Violet or Zoe? Violet
8. Madison or Maggie? Maggie
9. Nan or Queenie?   Queenie
10. Ben or Dr. Thredson? Dr Thredson
11. Grace or Alma? Grace
12. Shelley or Pepper? Pepper
13. Paul, Eve, or Ma Petite? Amazon Eve
14. Desiree or Ethel? Desiree
15. Wendell or Stanley? Stanley
16. Tate or Dandy? Dandy


1. Favorite season: Asylum
2. Least favorite season: I’m going to have to say Freakshow.. This season has been pretty disappointing so far.. Hopefully it grows on me though.

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1. Asylum

2. Coven

3. Asylum

4. Pepper, Tate, Lana and Queenie

5. Madison and Vivien.

6. Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson.

7. “ I used to think you were like me, you were attraced to  the darkness. But Tate, you are the darkness.”

8. When Violet realizes she is dead.