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I like all the happier AU's so, happier AU where Anakin is always like "Ahsoka is out oldest child." The whole fam plus ahsoka and obiwan are walking around, someones like "what a lovely family who's your oldest?" and anakin's like "oh thanks yeah ahsoka is she's 19"

random person: but she’s a torgruta?

padme, about to throw fists: you got a problem with that???

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In the out of ashes series will we be seeing the clones who removed their chips along with maybe a certain young togrutan? Will the rebelon have a new birth place or will the remained of the Jedi simply live peacefully on their little island? I can’t wait to read what’s next.

Opening his eyes, Anakin blinked rapidly into the dark and for a moment he was thoroughly confused as he felt hands on either side of his head.

But then his eyes adjusted to the darkness, allowing him to see Obi-Wan above him as the other sat on the bedside. Through the faint light from the crack of the door, he could see a faint smile and the glittering of the others eyes.

“Obi-Wan…” He reached up slowly, cupping a bearded cheek to feel the others warmth.

Obi-Wan turned his head, pressing a soft kiss to the palm. “Ahsoka is coming.” He whispered.

Blinking sharply, Anakin settled his elbows under him instead and pressed up. “What?” He rasped.

“Ahsoka,” Obi-Wan repeated. “She just commed in, she’s coming with troopers who don’t have chips in their heads, troopers who missed us. Anakin, she has Rex with her, I heard him in the background.” He said, his excitement thrumming in the Force as he pulled back, pulling Anakin out of his bunk.

Moving quietly to avoid waking the others in the shared room, Anakin threw on clothes and followed the other man out quickly, his own excitement but also nervousness filling the Force.

Because darkness clung to him even now that he had shed it for his blue eyes and many were unhappy with his presence even if they were holding their words of judgment as they knew that without Anakin, the new safe haven would not exist.

The younglings were those who forgave him as they didn’t really understand how deep the betrayal went and Caleb needed someone.

That someone was Anakin.

But none of the others were really ever going to trust him, Anakin knew that and knew that there were several plans behind his back in case, just in case he went bad.

He wanted to be angry about that but…

He’d already proven himself a traitor once.

A hand settled on his shoulder and Anakin jumped a bit, looking at Obi-Wan who smiled soothingly at him.

“You still have my trust.” Obi-Wan said quietly and Anakin smiled at him.

‘As long as I have yours, that’s all I really need.’ Anakin breathed out, following into the comm room. “What’s the eta?” He questioned the knight on guard.

He ignored the wary glance thrown at him with twitching lekkus as the knight answered. “One hour, she’s bringing four other knights apparently and twenty vode that are all safe. All of them had the chips taken out of their head and we’ve been sent all their brains scans to confirm.” She answered them.

“I’ve seen them too,” Obi-Wan confirmed for Anakin.

Nodding at that, Anakin took a deep breath, trying to release all the anxieties he had over seeing Ahsoka in particular again.

The hour went too fast and with the grayness of light encroaching the island, the ship landed, a corellian light freighter Anakin thought but didn’t devote much thought to that as the ramp lowered, troopers either outright carrying or supporting four knights.

But they did not hold his attention because there stood Ahsoka at the top of the ramp, staring right back at him.

Force she was so tall now, her monterals were so much higher and her face had slimmed and she had grown so much! She was dressed as a spacer to fit in, in tight black and red with a leather coat over for protection and a pair of googles pulled up on her forehead and yet, yet it was still his Ahsoka, his padawan who left and who Anakin had wondered where was and if she was alive.

He took a step forward, hesitant and then he opened his arms.

Ahsoka hesitated too, staring at him before practically flying down the ramp, throwing herself into his arms and wrapping her arms around his neck and Force she was as tall as him now!

Letting out a hitching sob, he held on tight. “You’re alright. You’re alive… Snips.” He whispered into her lekku.

A laugh was breathed into his shoulder in return, wet sounding but happy. “Hey there Skyguy.”

Anakin’s grasp tightened.

He had his padawan back.

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Character meme: Ahsoka Tano?

  • First impression - Ugh, a sidekick. Really?
  • Impression now - Great addition to the Star Wars universe, but Dave’s obsession with her and her survival at the expense of all other considerations is a bit much.
  • Favorite moment - Not sure. Her confrontation with Vader in Rebels was pretty cool, but there are just so many great moments with her in Clone Wars.
  • Idea for a story - I am always up for time travel, especially since she literally does it in Rebels.
  • Unpopular opinion - She should have died confronting Vader in Rebels. Her survival undermined what they were trying to say about her relationship with Anakin and makes her look bad for not getting back involved with the rebellion.
  • Favorite relationship - Snips and Skyguy all the way.
  • Favorite headcanon - Bisexual who fails hard too processing her emotions to actually do anything about it until long after her teens. Half of her angst in the Onderon arc was because she was into both Lux and Steela and ended up jealous of both of them.

Obi-Wan wears like 53 layer of robes so everyone assumes he’s kinda soft especially compared to his ‘in the prime of his youth’ former Padawan but then one day he goes shirtless to spar and he’s shredded, he has an 8 pack. Clones and Jedi alike are choking on drinks and tripping into walls. Ahsoka is covering her eyes and screaming because that’s basically her grandpa. Anakin has to throw a robe over Obi-Wan like The Birth of Venus.