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Not to be rude or something but... You've said once you are straight but on this "let me say how hot a charachter is' you talk about girls and usually you use gorgoues or something like this and... Isn't straight boys or bi/les/pan girls be the judge? You should stay with judgung boys?

OMG. I’m laughing so, so HARD. You know that straight girl can see a girl’s beauty, right? :p To  prove it…

Peggy Carter is the best thing that happened in 50s.

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@howisalexander is so pretty omg

Ahsoka Tano is a fire

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@larlarinlalaland is so adorable OMGGG

Padme Amidala *.*

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@alecbaene is gorgoeus

Clara Oswalad is bae

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@softshumjr is someone that gave me the beauty genes

Gamora is just simply beautiful

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@gayndsoft is like SUPER cute

Kat mcnamara (Clary Fray) is so pretty that I can’t even

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@prettywarlockk reminds me of my friend and they are both beautiful <3

Hermione Granger is the defination of cute nerd girls

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@lightbanes is so, so adorable *.*

Not to mention Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow

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@hail-andfarewell is the beauty queen

And Spencer Hastings… Oh God…

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@high-warlock-mb has so cute short hair omg <3

And OMG, have you SEEN Janel Parrish (Mona Vandervall)?!

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@rooawesome is stunning

Oh and will you just tkae a moment to appritiate Shelby Rabara?

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@shadowhuntersseries is outstanding

And Sarah Hylland aka our Seelie Queen?

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And OMG look at @omg-daddario!!!

And sorry Esther haters I CAN’T HEAR YOU, SHE IS SO, SO PRETTY!

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So, Anon… No offence but

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Forces of Destiny, series of animated shorts focused on female Star Wars characters like Ahsoka, Rey, Leia, Jyn, Padmé, Sabine etc. Something, I thought is really cute, and could serve as way into Star Wars for little girls but also possibility how to explore canon for the rest of Star Wars fans…

…. and then I opened the top comments under the YouTube trailer

and my favorite, the literal definition of both ‘i feel threatened’ and ‘i feel uncomfortable when we’re not about me’ memes

Hey @fireflyfish… I made you something c:

(For anyone who doesn’t know, this is a Jedi version of Ahsoka from Firefly’s timetravelling, swashbuckling, emotional rollercoastering, all around excellent fic ‘Tano and Kenobi’! I wanted to draw her in Jedi robes. Go read it!)

PS She has her beaten-up Rebels boots on because I feel like she is a woman who knows to hold on to comfortable footwear when she finds it.