Let’s get real.

If Ahsoka dies in the season finale, it would have been a huge waste. They brought back in of the most influential female characters on television, who inspired a whole generation of Star Wars fangirls and has a special place in the hearts of thousands of people. She has physically appeared in only five episodes (Fire Across the Galaxy, Siege of Lothal, The Lost Commanders, Relics of the Old Republic, and The Future of the Force).

She has barely any screen time, and her character is not being utilized.

Now before you die hard fans come running at me saying she’s not one of the main characters and shouldn’t have more screen time, let me say this. I know she’s only meant to be a secondary character, but that doesn’t change the fact she is barely in the show. It is important for the Ghost Crew to have more screen time (which they do) so that we connect to them, since they are the focus of the show. Most if not all fans have already fallen in love with the Space Family, and I see no reason not to have Ahsoka appear more than once every eight episodes.

Because if she is killed off, I will be eternally angry. She deserves more than having a bunch of hype over her return, only to be killed a season later having only appeared in a handful of episodes. She is more than a plot device to be struck down by Vader for the sake of Ezra and Kanan. Ahsoka is a role model to thousands of people, and she deserves better.

They have this amazing resource, a strong female resource, and they are barely using it.

For all Ahsoka must have known, Anakin died when Order 66 went out. Maybe she hoped he was alive, thought she sensed something sometimes, but after all those years, she probably had herself convinced that there was no way he had survived, convinced that he was long dead, along with every other Jedi she’d known.

And now, suddenly, she senses him. But not Anakin as she knew him—instead, a much darker, Sith Lord version of him. An Anakin who’s murdered countless innocents, and won’t hesitate to kill more. She screams and passes out when they make their connection. Afterwards, she scrambles to rationalize it, come up with something, anything, that would explain it away. It couldn’t possibly be Anakin—Anakin could never, ever have turned out this way. But in her heart, she knows she isn’t mistaken. She’d recognize Anakin anywhere, no matter what either of them have gone through, no matter how far into darkness Anakin may have sunk. They were Master and Padawan, comrades in arms, friends. And she knows now they will meet again, but instead of a reunion filled with joy and laughter, there will be only destruction.

Ahsoka Tano - Jedi Padawan


I was kind of burnt out on Star Wars when The Clone Wars series came out, so I skipped it. I vaguely knew who Ahsoka was from comments here and there, but other than her being Anakin’s apprentice, I knew nothing.

When I started watching Rebels and they had the reveal of who Fulcrum really was, I didn’t really get why it was important. So, I went back and watched all SIX seasons of The Clone Wars.

Long story short, I see now that Ahsoka is not only the BEST thing to come out of the prequels, but the BEST Star Wars character EVER.

So, of course I had to make a mini for her. Sure, there are already Star Wars miniatures for Ahsoka, but they are expensive and besides, making my own is way more fun.

I used an Echo Heroclix and modded her with greenstuff. Yeah, her “lightsaber” still looks like a katana but I like to think it’s just because she’s swinging it. :)

anonymous asked:

You don;t think Filoni will kill Ahsoka just for shock vaule?

No, I don’t.

With Ahsoka, Filoni got a good character that he can use for many purposes, especially since she was (1) experienced (2) battle-hardened, and (3) a Forcie.

She’s a very unique character that will be very usable to develop new stories. And FIloni loves telling stories.

For shock value, Filoni will cut off one (or more) of her limbs.

But he will not kill her. Not yet.

Rex, on the other hand…


Can we talk about Mina Bonteri’s character design for a moment?

When I first saw her when watching The Clone Wars (s03ep10, “Heroes on Both Sides”), I didn’t think much of her aside from being a believable ally on the other side of a war (which, by the way, ads a layer of complexity that the movies on their own are lacking). On the second viewing, I noticed how unique she was in comparison to others on the show.

She has full arm tattoos (which I previously thought were just lace extensions of her dress sleeves). She has a short, cropped pixie cut with colored tips. She wears earrings that my mom would most likely describe as “gawdy.” And she wears bright eye shadow that some may think is too outlandish and inappropriate for her political position as a senator. Her character design solidifies her importance.

She looks different. She holds different political views. Yet, she is confident and kind, and respects differing opinions. She is there to teach the audience that even someone who looks different can be not only an ally, but a good friend who also believes in peace. Most importantly, she teaches us that peace and cooperation can be achieved even between individuals with differing ideologies.

It’s easy to make assumptions about someone because of the way they present themselves. Her son Lux Bonteri makes a point when he speaks with Ahsoka Tano, asking, ”Well, look at me. Am I so bad?” 

It’s a hard question to answer, and THAT’S the point. 


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  • 2×21 „Twilight of the Apprentice: Part I“ – USA: March 30 2016
  • 2×22 „Twilight of the Apprentice: Part II“ – USA: March 30 2016      


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whatever happens to ahsoka we must accept it friends now i will call cop out if she does die but ill still accept it that fight could go any way not just the obvious keep an open mind friends im sure those were intense episodes for ashley to record in the booth this marks ashley’s 8th year in the sw family ive had the honor of meeting her at D23 shes very nice and as big of fan like any of us she see’s ahsoka as anakin’s sister and i agree with that also if you think about it ahsoka planted the seeds for rey as the first female jedi she went through many big arcs kept growing maturing to the now badass we see in rebels again whatever happens to her as fans we must accept it may the force be with you on march 30th