Wow, I really loved that episode.

It was evenly balanced with its focus on the two boys (not just being Dean orientated)
It was a nice filler.

I love fillers in that the cases are normally not too emotionally bearing on the boys. They still put them in danger, but its so close to being a break because things involving the main arc are usually so hard on them. In fillers they often get a chance to forget about those problems. And that makes my heart swell.

Again with them needing a break. Like actually understanding what they do is hard and taxing. That its not normal and dangerous. They know they deserve a break and give themselves that, even if doesn’t always come through.

Sam following the Man Of Letters thing because it offers a story line for him. Which means more
Sam orientated episodes maybe! WHICH WILL BE GREAT!!!

A gay character who’s personality did not revolve around being gay, like Charlie.
How confused Sam would have been when Dean said “he’s my gay thing,” AND DIDN’T EXPLAIN