Alex Høgh Andersen’s Birthday Countdown

Hello babes, we here at AlexHøghSource are doing a countdown in honor of Alex’s 23rd birthday. Countdown begins on Monday, May 15th, and will continue on through the week until Saturday, May 20th. The days will be as follows:

May 15th – Favorite Non-Vikings Media

May 16th – Favorite Vikings Scene

May 17th – Favorite Photoshoot

May 18th – Favorite Partner-In-Crime (co-star, friend, sister, etc.)

May 19th – Favorite Instagram Posts

May 20th – Birthday Posts

We’ll be using the tag #ahscountdown to keep track of your edits, as well as a new tag that we will be tracking along with our usual source tag: #alexhoghedit. This new tag will help us, as well as any other Alex blogs out there, find the edits easily. Alex has several variations to his name and that makes it a bit difficult for finding edits to reblog. This new tag will help us find the edits right away, as well as filter out any other kind of post related to him. So remember, edits only for that tag, no imagines or regular posts from his social media or casual drooling about him 😉

We look forward to celebrating his birthday with you!