Genji: If I were there I would have convinced the Dragon to just give the gold back!
Hanzo: Genji, this is not like our Dragons…This is evil, you can’t just domesticate it!
Genji: NAH! I can tame any Dragon!

Or: Hanzo reading The Hobbit with Genji and trying to explain him the difference between Smaug and the Shimada Dragons

And this is how to make me cry over my own stuff at 5am

Bye, I’ll be in that corner over there.


lgbt film meme ≫ your favorite movie with a happy ending:
Imagine Me And You

“You don’t know, not straight away. It just feels… warm and comfortable, you hang in there and give it a chance. And before you know it you’re like ‘Yeah this is it. This must be love.’ – I don’t agree. I think you know immediately. You know as soon as your eyes meet, then everything that happens from then on just proves that you had been right in that first moment. When you suddenly realize you had been incomplete and now you are whole.”

Zen's Confession
  • Zen's Confession
  • Mystic Messenger

I was literally just about to call you. I knew we’re connected.
But can you wait a bit more next time? I want to call you first.

MC: Alright. Next time you call me!

It’s amazing. I only found one person who truly understands me but the whole world feels so happy.

Uhm… I actually wanted to tell you somehting over the phone.

MC: What is it?

I love you.
I don’t want to add any other word.
I just wanted to say that.

Saying it’s a bit more embarrassing than I thought. Don’t answer yet. I want to hear it later.
Today, I’m going to hang up first. I meant what I just said.

Just know that. That’s all I need. Then bye… Muah.