So for the next week or so, I will be posting @fiddleford-appreciation-month week 4 hugs and kisses for Fidds from all his family and friends cause he now has a nice big family!

Day 1: Stan/ord Pines
Day 2: Stan/ey Pines
Day 3: Dipper and Mabel

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Hi friend! May I ask for a small Jeffmads comic where Alexander insults Thomas then James suddenly gets angry and starts shouting at Alex? Thank you! xx

This was the best possible cooldown. Thank you so much for sending this in.

(Lyrics from the omitted Cabinet Battle 3)

Edit: it just now hit me that you probably wanted something more sweet and sincere but I have the worst sense of humor and you got this instead. I’m sorry

“Let’s go on a date”

Confession:  As someone whose great grandmother escaped a concentration camp in WWII,the Horizon mission on ME3 messes me up so much I have to ask someone else to do it for me. I know the whole series is about war, conflict, genocides… but Horizon hits too close to home for me: the false promises , the experiments,…. If anyone out there has the same problem with any of the missions in the trilogy, I know it doesnt count for much, but I’d like to leave my support: May your own stories give you strengh :´)


Ansızın bir sabah öyle çekip de gitti
Umutları darmadağın edip de gitti
Yüreğimi kederlere salıp da gitti
Yandı gönül yandı böyle ah sen bilmedin
Çektiğim derdi cefayı sen görmedin
Hasretin yağmura döndü ah silmedin
Zamansız gülüşler büyür şimdi kentimde
Yalnız hatıralar kaldı ellerimde
Bulutlar yağmura döndü gözlerimde
Beni uzaklaştırmaya çalışırken
Aklından geçenleri seviyorum
Bizden büyük tanrısı yok yalnızlığın
Getirdiğin hevesi götürdüğün imkanı seviyorum..