Desayuno #2: Ostiones, manitas de cangrejo moro, almejas chocolata y pismo y camarones todos del mar Cortés en @hyattregencymexico
#df #cruda #méxico #mexicanfoodporn

Breakfast #2: oysters, Moro crab hands, chocolata and pismo clams and thick shrimp all brought from Mar of Cortés. Sauces: cocktail, mignonette and mustard mignonette at @hyattregencymexico

(at Hyatt Regency Mexico City)

The thing people don’t seem to understand about an oppressed people turning to violence/rioting/chaos is that it is very different than people with power throwing a tantrum after their team loses. 

When all those white college kids went nuts and destroyed property they did so knowing that IF anything happened to them it would be a slap on the wrist and they’d move on. They would have to face no justice for their actions. Many people reported on the event as just kids being kids, wild college years, etc.

When people who are in the midst of oppression fight back, when people who are being hunted by their own police force turn to violence and riots, they do so with the knowledge that they will face consequences. 

People are getting angrier because people that look like them and live like them are being hunted and killed. They react KNOWING that they don’t need to step out of line to be next. They are making themselves even more pronounced targets and they do. not. care.

this is not violence in reaction to violence. This is anger that has been building up for far too long and thankfully the release is focused on property. because we are not the hunters, we are not savages. We are angry and tired. 

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two months ago, today

before i kissed you

i asked if it was okay

you said, “do whatever you feel is right”

so i kissed away

two months ago, today

i cried against your strong body for hours

and you whispered, its okay

i felt safe in your warm arms

hold me tight

just like you did on that glorious night

two months ago, today

i realized how i felt about you

i decided i never want to leave

you make me happy

you keep me safe

and today

i love you

thank god you love me too.



3 - Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.


5 -  Who/what inspires you?

I love to see the work of lots of artists online. I have tons and tons of images saved for different reasons (for the clothing they draw, the coloring style, the atmosphere…) that I look through when I need that inspiration push to finish works. If anyone is interested in an inspiration map or something I could list some artists that I love/who inspire me a lot ‘v’

7 - will answer later in a post of its own!

9 -  Favorite thing to draw?

Animals. Let me draw all the animals please.

12 - Answered here!