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this boy makes me want to scream


my poor bb deer his lil face when the chain breaks is so cute


my parents look so cute next to this picasso esque art piece i did that was in jersey city museum! now though, its at the medical center

anonymous asked:

I'm ready for sex but I'm a virgin, the guy who I'm going to have my first time with isn't and has slept around, he's also 2 years older than me, what do I do?

first make sure that you’re ready for it. no one should be forcing you or daring you to do it. because if you have done it already, you can either be happy with it or regret it in your whole life. the guy should be someone you trust too. he must be caring and gentle. the fact that the guy had done it, he can guide you through it. be responsible of your actions too because whether you like it or not there would be consequences xx

tsunamiwolfprince asked:

How long did it take you to get use to color pencils? It sounds like I will have to travel through several struggles to get use to them.

Lets see…

I first attempted them in March 2014. Then I attempted them 7 more times before I felt like I was kinda starting to get it. It wasn’t until my 14th attempt that I would say I did a successful color pencil portrait. Then my next piece after that was the drawing of Laurent from Les Twins, the guy in my first pic in my photoset that you saw me drawing, with the afro lol. 

I surprised myself with that portrait…really…it was so overwhelming cause that was when I realized just how talented I was and I was gonna cry..it was such a weird but good feeling lmao.

So my 15th attempt was when I got good, and I’d say I mastered it by my 22nd attempt in November with my Marley drawing. So about 8 months. Thanks for the question, I never even thought about how long it took me to get good at color pencils. You’ll get it if you practice regularly. Don’t quit if it gets frustrating, cause I was TERRIBLE at first. You should see my first try, it looked like a baby scribbled all over a coloring book. Just be patient :)


@ baekhyun & Kai: chill tf OUT