ahs: s1 e8

Here are all of the emetophobia warnings (i remember those best because i have emetophobia so when i see something triggering i remember it forever but when i’ll watch the episodes again i’ll see if i can see other triggers ok)

101 : in his office, Healy asks Piper if she needs to v* several times but she doesn’t

108 : very triggering in general because the episode in general is about the whole prison having the flu; you can skip it and read a summary but if you really want to see it here are the most explicit scenes:

- at the very beginning after Susan takes her pill, daya runs out of line to v*

- in the middle of the episode, there is a long scene in which Tricia looks like she wants to v*, but she doesn’t

111 : a very triggering scene that you can skip in which Daya v* multiple times, it’s at the very beginning right after Red says she is going to take care of Tricia’s box

204 : in the car after rosa got her chemo, Lorna asks how it went and Rosa v* right after, it’s very quick but very graphic, i suggest you colse your eyes for a few seconds then you’ll be fine

208 : while in chemo, the nurse teases the boy about v* with very explicit terms but he doesn’t v*

210 : there is a very short v* scene that comes without a warning, at near 51:00 after red hugs Nicky

that’s it! there are also several barf jokes in other episodes but they arent very explicit

anonymous asked:

i'm annoyed at how there was that whole episode dedicated to rwby and jnpr killing the death stalker and nevermore and it was a really big deal and like a breakthrough moment for both teams but then in the s2 final coco killed like 3 nevermores and a deathstalker in 2 seconds and i know she's obviously an upperclassmen with more training than rwby and jnpr at the time but it wasnt much of a skill thing she just plain shot them and they died straight off (cont)

and it was like whats the point like i loved that s1 episode but now it feels kinda meh when a single huntress in training can do in 2 seconds what it took the 8 person combined force of jnpr and rwby like 8 mins of screen time to do. it just cheapens the whole thing for me you know what i mean

I don’t feel the same way about that in particular.

Season 1 the teams were all new, weren’t even teams yet really. They had basic training enough to survive but I don’t think other students had to deal with giant grimm the way the main 8 did. Ruby went and specifically got that Nevermore to travel, I mean, I don’t think other students would do something that dangerous. Jaune personally woke up and enraged that Deathstalker- it was completely their own fault that they had to deal with these giant grimm as little babies just starting out.

They are younger, weaker, inexperienced as teams, and this may have been the first large grimm encounter they dealt with.

It’s like telling a freshman to solve a difficult word problem that they have a slight idea how to do, but it takes discussion among a group in order to figure out the answer. Meanwhile, older students have seen similar problems before and they don’t even need to discuss with each other to solve it, everyone gets the same conclusion in a short amount of time.

CFVY are more experienced and their literal last mission- 2 days before- was dealing with a grimm infestation. A mission that sounds like they stayed longer to completely deal with and finish. These 4 upperclassman dealt with a grimm infestation alone, without other students to help. They are going to be pretty experienced and know what they’re doing.

The fight was very lackluster and all, but CFVY + Emerald were really cool and it makes sense they would be as strong as they are. Although the rwby crew needs to be on top of power growth and how dealing with grimm would affect things over the years. It’s just laziness.

Quick iZombie reaction post for season 1 episode 8 “Dead Air”

Oh no! My darling Ravi! What happened to the chain mail for the hand? You know, he really should have gotten Liv to test it. What kind of doctor is he? Oh yeah, tall, great hair, British accent, his attractiveness is just the icing… Uh… where was I? Right, does this mean he’s going to have zombie blond hair and beard? I would like to see that. Last but not least, please don’t die!