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OMG I ACTUALLY FINISHED HER O_o ???!!!! SHE KILLED ME GUY’S. ALL THOSE DETAILS SERIOUSLY KILLED ME! Everything is hand drawn including the patterns (I wanted it to look like an overdone costume). Knowing me, I will pick up on something stupid later in the week and tweak it, I’m never happy >:/ I shall now go to sleep forever. 

Either way, hope you like it, and also Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely American fan’s out there :) sadly my country don’t celebrate it ;_;

Dating Tate Would Include...

(Post Death)

  • Meeting in the murder house. That should be the basis of this whole thing. Be careful.
  • He would literally be like a pet waiting for you to get home every day.
  • “You’re home! I waited for you. What did you do today? Are you hungry? I made you some food…”
  • Lots of cuddling
  • Tate is the little spoon. Practically always
  • Music listening.
  • “Here, listen to this. None of that new shit.” “Oh my god, you are an old man, Tate.”
  • Him literally just sitting around watching you as you go about your day, doing work, chores. etc.
  • He is an actual cat?? (including the evil personality)
  • Very insecure so you’d have to constantly reassure him he’s amazing
  • Dirty talk all the time
  • Sex everywhere
  • Halloween becomes the only holiday you care about. Going to movies, places, traveling to places that you can go and come home in one day.
  • He’s kinda overbearing.
  • Super protective, even the mailman is kinda freaked out to talk to you tbh
  • “Tate, leave him alone.” “What?” [cue shit eating grin]
  • Sarcastic jokes, teasing constantly just to get a reaction out of you
  • So much sex
  • Dealing with Tate’s split personality
  • Being afraid of who he is, but standing up to him. This makes him snap out of it but he feels guilty every time.
  • Lots of apologizing.
  • Makeup sex.
  • Making love.
  • Keeping each other sane while living with the other ghosts
  • Tate introducing you to Nora
  • Nora thinking of you as the daughter she never had
  • Tate calming you down if the other ghosts make you start to question yourself and your morality
  • Hiding from everyone else together, listening to each other’s heartbeats
  • Knowing you’re complete with each other
  • Sorry, but….. Tate doesn’t age…. He tries to kill you so that you’ll be together forever. Make with that what you will.

sam’s possible reactions to learning that dean and cas are in a relationship:

  • “finally”
  • pulls out his phone, starts typing. when dean asks what the hell he’s doing, he says, “texting everyone who owes me money.”
  • starts laughing for like an uncomfortably long time
  • “wait, you mean you weren’t dating before now?”
  • doesn’t look up from his computer screen, simply nods and says “yeah that’s great, dean, so this case in indiana–”
  • squints and mouths “destiel” like it’s some kind of revelation
  • “oh my god is THAT who you were sexting the other day OH MY GOD DEAN”
  • sits dean down to have a very serious discussion about his and cas’ relationship and how unhealthy it could be for them and exactly how they need to stay safe and support each other and then he tells him that if he hurts cas he’ll kill him

I would like to thank denvercalled for this AMAZING idea!! I can’t get the link to load right now, but out is from their fan line for Monster High called “Punk is Dead” and I feel in love instantly ~~~ I would love to do the rest of the line (and more, if ya wanna send me some ideas that’d be splendid~~~~)

For some reason just Purrsephone posted before???? Wydowna and Frankie now there!!