AHS Theories

So its that time of the year again where I start to make my AHS predictions and with the new trailers released I think I have the title figured out.

So it would appear that this season is either Farm(house) or Slaughterhouse

The first clue is the very obvious farmhouse looking building in the first trailer with the wheat waving in the wind.  The smoke gives it a very factory like feel so slaughterhouse and the atrocities that could happen in one is evoked.  Next the mobile scene gives the most clues for this theory.  The objects include a hand shaped tiller (farming tool), a hook very much like a meathook used in slaughterhouses and meat lockers, a carving knife for meat, and a sickle (tool for harvesting wheat) making up the question mark.  The last trailer is the hands under the stairs and this could just be to show the idea of many people being farmed and trapped within the farm. 

The biggest hint from season one, which is where Ryan Murphy said the clues are hidden, is the organic farm logo that is shown to be from where Constance get the different body parts of “animals” for Vivienne to eat.  One can only assume she was eating humans from the very farm in season 6.

The last thing I have, being very much a stretch, is that when Ryan said the season would include children it may not necessarily be about children but a reference to the classic horror film “Children of the Corn” which takes place in a cornfield with obvious farm connections.

More theories to come as the months progress!

UPDATE: Three more trailers released showing a person being staple on the head, possibly a way of branding. The next is a family of three all with glowing eyes, I’m not quite sure what this could be but their clothing looks to be very much farm/ranch like. The last is a millipede crawling over someone’s head which has me very baffled but the woman’s eyes are a bright green kind of like that glowing in the other trailer so maybe some sort of specifically bred human.