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My Ten Year Old Brother Watches Teen Wolf 2x01 – “Omega”

Ever since my little brother sat down to watch the last episode of season one on Christmas Day, he’s been very eager to watch season two. (Note: He covers his eyes during sex/gory scenes, which I tell him to do, I also mute the tv)

My brother does not know who I ship; all he knows is who my favourite character is -Stiles.

Quotes from my brother about tonight’s episode:

“Why is Stiles at the hospital? Lydia doesn’t even like him, where’s Jackson?”

“Ha, Stiles broke the vending machine!!” *turns to me* “That’s something you’d do.”

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“Ugh, why is Lydia’s bath water dirty? Ah..There’s hair in it!!!” *covers his eyes* “I’m never taking a bath again!!!” *looks* “Oh, she was imaging it, but now she’s gone outside naked…weird.”

“Why does Stiles know all these things about Lydia? It’s creepy…he doesn’t even know her.” (Ha my brother is ten and he’s already hating on Strdia…hehehe)

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“Are Allison and Scott together, like boy and girlfriend?” *I nod* “Good, they are really cute….they don’t die do they?” *I shield my face, so he doesn’t find out Allison’s death*

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“Jackson is a werewolf!!! Wait, no he isn’t? He’s dying!!!! Derek, stop being a weirdo!!!”

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“Why does Stiles care about Lydia so much??? I thought Jackson was her boyfriend” *I explain that they broke up and Stiles went to prom with Lydia* “Well, I like Jackson and Lydia, like Allison and Scott.

Guys my brother ships Scallison and Jydia!!!

“Who do like together?” *I don’t mention seasons past the ones he has watched*

My answer: I like Allison and Scott, I like Stiles and Derek.

“Stiles and Derek…..interesting, they talk more than Lydia and Stiles, I like it too!!”


“Allison’s Grandpa is strange….if it hurts Scott, I’ll kill him” - he’s protective over his favourite character

“I loved this episode, but WHY WAS THERE NO LACROSSE???

Part 2 is up now!!!