AHS American Horror Story Hotel Room Inspired Key and Lock Dangle Copper Gold and Silver Colored Steampunk Earrings

And well… this was my 2013 halloween’s makeup. It took 2h and half to be done, and since i just received the photos i decided to give that a shot. Here you go. Hope you like it :)
I used: - white makeup cream - black makeup cream - black eyepencil. 

Ebbene questo è il mio trucco dello scorso halloween. Mi ci son volute 2 ore e mezze e tante bestemmie per farlo completo, quindi tanto valeva dargli una seconda vita qui su tumblr. 
Ho usato: - crema bianca e nera (tipo tempera apposita) per il viso - matita nera


two versions of my “she’s a witch” set…i couldn’t decide which one i liked more so i made two versions…both catch parts of a on going story im writing out now, i was inspired by the idea of the newest AHS (season 3) possibly taking place in Salem…and its since grown out of control….i plan on doing more of these, i chose my cast based partially off of prior AHS stars so we will see who i can fit in there and who i cast originally :)

which do you like more?