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in the trash family AU, do Anakin and Padme have a second wedding/vow renewal thing after the Empire's been taken care of? to make up for their first secret ceremony that their friends & family couldn't attend. What I'm getting at is: does Padme smash cake in Anakin's face? Does Obi-Wan give a best man speech filled with embarrassing stories about Anakin? And most importantly, does Han somehow and completely on accident end up catching the bouquet?


I’d never thought about this before but it’s actually wonderful and needs to happen and and and

OKAY. It’s not an official wedding, with assigned seating and guests and cake and pretty dresses. It’s not even semi-planned as a wedding, and Padme scoops up wildflowers from one of the big bushes surrounding the Ewoks’ treehouses and they never had rings to begin with but at one point they made rings from old scrap during their Rebellion Days, in secret, just for kicks, and Ankin’s like NOW WE CAN OFFICIALLY EXCHANGE RINGS! even though “officially” means “with Obi-Wan and our kids and a bunch of half-drunk Rebels and Ahsoka and we don’t even care that there are Ewoks everywhere because we’re so happy, and Anakin’s still recovering from their stint on the death star and Leia’s arm is wrapped in a bandage and it is so impromptu, but they get down on their knees and perform the ceremony the way they would on Tatooine, by putting their hands over each others’ and tying the sash from around Padme’s waist over their wrists and literally they don’t even have an officiator they just renew their vows and have Luke and Leia tie the sash around their wrists and there is lots and lots of dancing.

I’m not sure what traditions there are in the sw verse re: bouquets and weddings in general and I’ve not had enough time to think about specific tatooine vs naboo wedding rituals yet, (or, hell, even alderaanian vs corellian wedding rituals, I just took the easy way out and had them elope) but I can imagine there being lots of dancing and at one point Padme shoves the wildflowers into Han’s hands because he’s standing there conveniently and she needs to put them somewhere so she has full use of her hands, and he’s really exhausted so he just accepts this and stands there watching everyone dancing without realizing that he’s holding Padme’s bouquet until Leia pops up at his side like “getting married, flyboy?” and he’s like “wha’?” and she laughs and plucks the bouquet out of his hands without a second thought and tells him he looks utterly ridiculous and would he like to dance, yes, I know we’re both about to fall over from exhaustion but I’d rather fall over together in the middle of everything than fall over here in the corner, wouldn’t you? And Han’s just sort of like “yeah, sure, I -” and then it fully really registers what she said and what he was holding and he’s kind of like oh okay. And can’t stop thinking about the possibility for the rest of the night.

(also Anakin and Padme totally go from dancing to cheerfully necking behind one of the trees to celebrate their “official” marriage because they’re apparently still teenagers and Luke’s like NO, MOM AND DAD, and Leia laughs and laughs and laughs and then winks at Luke and drags Han away with her and Luke’s like “this is literally ridiculous, my entire family is made of randy jerks, Wedge please give me another drink”)

(this is so incoherent but I can’t write anything eloquent today so yeah)

Oh, and yeah, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka defintely tell 934573094 embarassing “your secret marriage was like the least secret thing in the universe” stories

Ahsoka+Blaster Head Cannons

As requested by zenkid100

Rex once tried to teach Ahsoka how to use a blaster. These were the results:

  • -Echo and Fives screaming cuss words at the top of their lungs
  • A wall literally riddled with holes
  • Anakin doing an olympic gymnastic  worthy jump  to avoid getting hit
  • Jesse slamming into Kix and Tup so they wouldn’t get hit

But in the end, Ahsoka could use a blaster with strong accuracy. The 501 was very proud.