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Winter Sounds | JK [S]

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“Y/N -ah have you even been paying attention?”

Truth be told. You weren’t, you were too engrossed in finishing this -important- task at hand, to give one fuck about something your roommate was screaming about, again.

“If you would’ve listened to me once maybe you could’ve found yourself some good fucks” she huffed sitting beside you on the bed almost tipping the palette that you had placed ever so carefully atop your white sheets.

“You and I both know that’s not what I want” your response was nonchalant, picking up your brushes and paints, placing them on the other side of the bed.

“Yes miss ‘art is my only escape so I will give my all to it’ but for once I was being serious” she scoffs, “Listen to me” Yoojung exclaimed practically jumping on you in the process “ Jeon Jungkook is coming to our campus tonight. I repeat Jeon Jungkook”

If you were any less ignorant, you wouldn’t have known who he was. But the rows of books lined perfectly almost like a shrine, purely because it holds books by -the one and only- writer. Jeon Jungkook

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Es una forma de ciclismo como otra cualquiera…

Bonito spoiler de la imagen previa

Ah y vedlo sin sonido y con esto

No One Loves Like Gaston

Pairing: Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) X Reader

Request: I see that now you are writing more than Hamilton, in light of the new movie ,and your new banner (!), could we get some Gaston/Luke Evans love and feels up in here? Please and thank you I love your writing. :)  - @leapslaps

Go LeapsLaps I guess . Dang that was fast

Word Count: 750

AU: None

Warnings: None, I don’t believe there is even cursing.

You were walking through the marketplace, minding your own business, when a loud, male voice boomed from your left.

“Ah, good afternoon Y/n.” Said the voice, the confidence that oozed from the figure immediately giving away the culprit.

“Good afternoon to you too, Gaston.” You said shortly, turning to face the smirking man beside you. You looked up to meet his eyes as you spoke, as it was polite although he towered over your frame. “How are you today?” You asked in an attempt to be polite.

“Well, better now that I am looking at a very beautiful girl,” responded Gaston, offering to you his signature mix of smile and smirk. He winked, and you decided to mess with him a bit as you knew of his distaste for a particular trio in pink.

“Oh, are the Bimbettes around here?” You ask using your nickname for them, sounding serious although a hint of a smile began to play across your features. A combination of panic and annoyance showed in Gaston’s blue eyes before he quickly composed himself again. You let out a small laugh as Gaston responded.

“Of course not Y/n, I was talking about you.” You blushed in spite of yourself, and to cover it you feigned surprise at Gaston’s words. Gasping and putting a palm to your chest in a joking manner, you smiled and hid your blush at the compliment.

“Why Gaston, you are so forward,” you say jokingly, brushing the blush off as you can not help but blush no matter who compliments you.

“I know,” replied Gaston cockily, either not noticing or choosing to ignore the heavy sarcasm lacing your tone. Although Gaston was usually only boastful and full of pride and confidence, his demeanor seemed to falter for a moment before he spoke again. “Y/n, are you busy tonight?” He asked as he used his hand to rub the back of his neck. The move showed his muscular arms off nicely, and he didn’t even notice. For once, he was showing off unintentionally.

“No, I don’t believe so. Why do you ask, Gaston?” You ask, his nerves going right over your head.

“Well Y/n, I wanted to know if perhaps you would like to have dinner with me tonight. At my house of course, provided by yours truly.” Asked Gaston, who for once sounded entirely honest and sincere. For a moment you stopped in your tracks, shocked into a moment of silence. Yes you and Gaston would flirt with each other sometimes when the two of you were talking, but it had never meant anything. Or did it? You figured there would be no harm in going either way. Besides, free food can never be bad. Unless it’s moldy.

“It would be my pleasure, Gaston.” You say with a smile. 

Gaston returned the smile as he spoke, “that’s wonderful. Will three hours from now be a suitable time to pick you up?” He asked with a grin still traced with a smirk.

“Three hours from now sounds perfect.”

The two of you walked in a comfortable silence the last minute or two to your small cottage. As you began walking up the stairs to the doorway,, Gaston grabbed your smaller hand in his large one, bringing it to his mouth to kiss it in goodbye.

“I’ll see you in three hours, Y/n.” He says with a dashing smile, all the while not letting go of your hand.

“That you will, but for that to happen I will have to go inside and get ready.” You say, trying to hint at him to let go of your hand. Although you had never thought about it before, now that your hand was in his you did not want him to let go, but you knew that to get dolled up in time he would need to.

“But darling, you already look so beautiful.” Compliments Gaston. The compliment itself made you blush, but butterflies erupted in your stomach with the ‘darling’.

“Thank you, Gaston,” you say softly with a smile. You enter your cottage and shut the door behind you, a blush dusting your cheeks and nose as you begin to prepare for dinner tonight with Gaston. Surprisingly, you felt amazingly giddy. Then it hit you. 

Do I have feelings for Gaston?

The Taste of Italy

Request:  #38 w/ got7 jb
38 - Pasta Sauce

Pairing: Jaebum X Reader
Genre: Drabble, Fluff
Words: 723
Summary: Italian food may or may not be the best option when feeding seven idols.

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The sound of squeaky shoes and loud music became apparent as you stepped carefully down the stairs towards the practice room. You were carrying two large bags full of food and a large pizza box, enough to feed an army. Or seven hungry men. You opened the door to the practice and stepped in, almost colliding into Youngjae.

“Oh-ah! Sorry Y/N I didn’t know you were coming,” he stopped his aggressive dance practice to hold open the door for you. You smile at him and look around the practice room. Almost all the members stopped dancing when Youngjae stopped to help you, save for Yugyeom and Jaebum who kept dancing to the song. Jackson ran towards you,  yelling “Y/N-ah!” as he helped carry the food in your arms over to the break room table. 

Jaebum looked up when he heard Jackson yell out your name, his eyebrows raising in surprise as he loosely continued to dance. When the music stopped, the maknae collapsed on the ground as Jaebum walked towards you, happy but confused.

“Hey babe, I wasn’t expecting to see you until later today,” he said, holding your arm as he kissed your temple. 

“What are you talking about?” You blink up at Jaebum, “You were the one who texted me to bring Italian food for the boys.”

“What!” Jaebum’s grip on your arm hardened as he swung around to look at the members separating all the dishes. They all paused for a few seconds when he yelled before going back to choosing what to eat.

“Yah, which one of you took my phone?” All the boys looked up at the leader with innocent eyes, Jinyoung discreetly pointing at Yugyeom. “Yugyeom-ah, was it you?” 

His eyes turned to slits when the youngest shook his head, slapping away Jinyoung’s accusing finger. You sigh, loosening Jaebum’s grip on your arm as you replace it with your hand. “It’s okay, oppa,” you smooth out, “Let them eat, you should eat too.”

Jaebum grumbled but gently swung both your arms, his thumb rubbing against your own. “You must have paid a lot of money though-”

“Exactly!” You cut him off, lightly giving his jaw a kiss. “You can repay me when you win an award for your song.”

Jaebum instantly relaxed after your kiss, pulling you towards the table to pick up his meal. “Alright, let’s eat,” he says, sitting both of you at the table. “You shouldn’t have bought Italian, these kids get very messy.”

You smile at him, but your focus now turned towards the food. You take your container filled with pasta and slurp it up, listening to the boys talk about video games and answering questions when they asked for your opinion. It was a mostly silent lunch, until Bambam let out a squeal.

“Ah, this is my favourite shirt!” A red line of pasta stained his top, the young man pouting as Mark gave him tissues to clean up. Jaebum shook his head beside you, muttering “I knew things would get messy…”

The boys ate very quickly, cleaning up their mess as they returned to the practice room. Only you, Yugyeom, and Jaebum were left eating the last bits of food. You were starting to feel a little full and sleepy. You didn’t realize how sloppy you got until the now-cold pasta sauce dribbled down your chin.

“Aish,” you grumble, looking around for a napkin but Jaebum beat you to it, gently tilting your head towards him as he wiped away the sauce. You grinned when he let go of you, sweetly saying “Thanks, baby.”

“No wait, I forgot to clean over here.” He scoots closer to you and gently turns your face towards him again, smiling a bit before kissing your lips. You kiss him back, your eyes closing as you enjoy the feeling of his tongue teasingly poking your lips. 

“Ah! At least wait until I’m gone!” 

You both separate in shock, blinking at the youngest you both forgotten was still in the room. Yugyeom picks up his empty dishes while cringing, one hand shielding his eyes from you and Jaebum.

You find your breath again as soon an Yugyeom leaves the break room, glancing at Jaebum as you both let out soft chuckles.

“I told you things would get messy,” he grins, leaning over to kiss you again.

Los desastres de Casper

Algunos ya saben que de vez en cuando me pongo a husmear en los tumblrs de los seguidores, entonces llegue a este donde un chico estaba contando como conoció a su novio, que se enviaban mensajes por esta red social y sus seguidores lo felicitaban por que su relación era muy bonita y yo me quede como….

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No es que no me alegre por el, lo que pasa es que no entiendo como pasa eso, ya he visto varías historias similares. En cambio yo les envió mensajes a los blog que me gustan o que llaman mi atención y pasan dos cosas: Me ignoran o me responden, pero a mi se me olvida revisar. Jajaja 

Creo que es genial que en medio de todo el porno, la depresión y los gatitos que hay aquí en tumblr surja el amor.

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solo quería contarles eso, ah y que cuando ando de chismosa les envió mensajes y la verdad no reviso si me responden pero si lo hacen, gracias por tomarse el tiempo de leerme.

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Anonimo ha detto: don’t know if you’ve already done this, but what about a “dirkjake on ice” cross over? (a.k.a. you think it’s gonna be all gay and perfect but dirk is clinging to the railing and scared for his poor life while jake’s landed face first on the ice and can’t get up)

so pretty much “dirk n jake go ice skating, they suck but still try” :’^)