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As soon as you closed your locker door you noticed that Stiles was standing there just staring at you. Not expecting him to be there you jumped in surprise.
“Hey Stiles didn’t see you there” you smiled. Stiles opened his mouth to respond but no words came out.

For a moment you two just stood there awkwardly. You had a feeling Stiles was trying to tell you something so you just waited for him to continue.
“H…hi” Stiles finally stammered “I ah w…wanted to a…ask you s…something”.

“Okay” you nodded.

“Well ah do y…you ah…” it was both sad and cute to watch Stiles stutter and fumble over his words but eventually you had to interrupt.

“Stiles whatever you want to tell me just say it. It’s fine" you laughed placing both hands on his shoulders.

Stiles gulped then nodded.
“[Y/N], would you… like to ah… go to the dance with me?”.



akaashi will kill everyone in the room, and then himself
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Not witchcraft, ~*~MAGIC~*~

I could combine BATIM with SPG for stupid comics all day xD I’ll also stay up until 3 AM making said comics and be exhausted - WORTH IT THOUGH.

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