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#99 “I fell in love with you, not them.”

Hello! Could I please have something form the prompt list? Number 99 with Chen 💗 x

OF COURSE, @ilook-soperfectstandinghere14!! I am LOVING these Jongdae requests, so thank you for sending one over! I hope you like it!! 

Genre: Fluff! 

Pairing: Jongdae x You

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thestrangedino  asked:

Henlo Lucas,, I have come from the mother Mush's blog. From everything I've seen about you, you seem gr8 and like a nice person. Also that ILPR animatic with you and Mush was,, 10/10. Long story short, you're awesome and imma stick around your blog for a while. (also yOU HAVE THE SAME NAME AS MY BROTHER-)

aH tysm!!!
(also ma y be i a m y ou r bro t h e er ;0 )


akaashi will kill everyone in the room, and then himself
original post by ayedah :”D

also!! will be accepting commissions real soon! so please watch out for it :)


I have nothing else to say except that its finals season. and also i just wanted leo to yell at me to get my ass to work tbh
bonus  t ak u m i

Hope y’all are taking care!