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The fake blog posts in TST

So, I took a closer look at each of the “blog posts” that appear on screen in the beginning of TST and looked up the key words, names or places to figure out what the bloody point of them is. Because, there’s gotta be a point. There must be hidden clues in these weird fake beginnings of blog posts, they included them for a reason. And I stumbled upon some interesting things.
Didn’t get all that far with what I found out though, so if you’ve got any theories and ideas I’d love to hear them!

“His body was recovered from the sea near Falmouth…” 

Now listen to this.

“The Falmouth Docks were developed from 1858,[12] and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) opened Falmouth Lifeboat Station nearby in 1867.”

RNLI? Why does that sound familiar again? 

Ah yes, the teaser. I immediately had to think back to when we went mental over every single detail in the background of that clip. And good thing we did.

I also had to think about this scene from TST.

Water obviously plays a huge role in Sherlock, that’s old news. But we also get quite a bit of ship and harbour imagery. So how’s that going to be relevant? Sailing the sea of emotions? Being in charge and control as long as there is no big storm in sight? And being utterly defenseless and vulnerable and exposed when a tidal wave comes crashing in on you? 
Life boats to come to your rescue? What’s up with RNLI, does it have any specific significance??

“Mr Hatherley […]”

Ok, so here I looked up Hatherley.
There is an Up Hatherley and a Down Hatherley, both are civil parishes and suburbs in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Now listen to this. There is not much to find on their Wikipedia pages because these places are tiny (Down Hatherley literally has 419 inhabitants).
Just a few lines about the history and some notable residents etc. and their churches.
Up Hatherley’s church is called Saint Phillip and Saint James
Down Hatherley’s church is called St. Mary.

Saint fucking James and St. Mary

Coincidence? “The universe is rarely so lazy…”

I thought that was rather good. But there’s another thing that I want to mention although that might be completely insignificant. It’s stuck in my head though so I’m gonna add it anyways.

The main thing that comes up when searching for Hatherley, is the Hatherley Manor Hotel

Which immediatley made me think of this. 

Now, I don’t really think this means anything, the buildings are quite different after all, but still, there is a resemblance and I just can’t get it out of my head.

“Dennis Parkinson” 

Now, the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Parkinson is Parkinson’s disease, I suppose. It’s also the main thing that comes up if you search for it, so I started digging for something familiar. I didn’t find very much that I thought might be a clue except that there is, yet again, the name James involved. James Parkinson.
But then again, James is a common name.

I don’t know, it’s all getting a bit blurry and unclear now, but let’s just go through the last few.

The Circus Torso in Waterloo station and the Canary Trainer Andrew Wilson.
I’m not really getting anywhere with these. Any help? 
Again, a James and someone with J.W. initials in the history of Waterloo station, but I’m getting a bit off track here. 
Canaries? Wilson?
Andrew W. - Andrew West parallel?
I looked up Andrew Wilson and there are a lot of them out there, but I didn’t really find anything that seemed significant.

What I want to know is, why are these two cases shown on the screen together? Is there a point to this? A connection? There must be.

"Joel Fentiman […]” 

I did actually find something remotely interesting and possibly important here.
“Fentimans is a botanical brewery based in Hexham, Northumberland, UK.”
Northumberland? That sounds familiar. 

Captain John Watson, Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers.

And there is something else.

The Sherlock Holmes, if you didn’t know, is a Victorian era themed public house, which is located in 10 Northumberland St, in St. James.

James is everywhere.

It’s like… the name is following us. Almost like…

He is somehow involved in every bloody case that Sherlock solves. 

John: “… A jellyfish?” 

So, this bit has already been analysed quite a bit and much more coherently than I could ever do, so I won’t really go into this. Just…

“[…] a potential assassin lurking near by.” (Hi, Mary) 

And then the jellyfish in the place where Mary “dies”? 

There was a really good post about the possible connection to the canon story “The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane” where the murderer turns out to be jellyfish, but I can’t find it anymore so if anyone has the link and wants to add it, I’d be grateful!

Also, if you’ve got any thoughts and ideas to add to my incoherent mess i’d love to hear ‘em!

PLL should AHS us.
  • Pll should send out loads of teasers for 7b ...some real but most fake. Imagine a shot of AD pulling down his hood and it's Mona. Then another where it's Caleb. Then another where it's Veronica. And a scene of all the girls drinking wine. Then another of them looking over dead Spenny in a casket.
  • We'd have 8 months of random ten second clips. Not knowing what's true or false. Pure chaos. Pure genius.