ahs spoilers

I just finished ahs s6 in under 12 hours and I am. so disappointed. it wasn’t even horrifying it was just gorey and uncreative ESPECIALLY when they turned the chens, the only asian characters in the whole season, into grudge rip offs. don’t even get me started on how little screen time evan peters got I’m still salty over that 

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Strange question, but what would it be like to be the Guardian Angel of the Evans? (Like I got this idea randomly and can't stop thinking of it so I had to ask lol I don't even know)

Tate: Just give up now. Like, he produced the anti-christ. I don’t think there’s anything you can do honestly. Just give up. 

Kit: You thought your job was so easy guarding the sweetest little human ever. Except no. Fucking aliens had to come and fuck shit up. There’s a reason the aliens don’t capture Kit until he’s about to die. You’ve been fighting those bastards off for ages.

Kyle: Heartbreaking. There’s only so much you can do and it pains you that this wonderful human has to suffer so much when he doesn’t deserve it. Then again, maybe it was you that convinced fate to change his life around so that he’d meet the coven and escape his abusive home. But also, you done fucked up bro. You managed to get your human killed and you’re probably gonna get in trouble for that later.

Jimmy: Even worse. You try so hard to make this boy go on the right path but stuff keeps getting fucked up. And he probably even gets drunk and angrily shouts at the sky/god and you can’t help but take it personally. You’re in a constant war trying to get him away from the bad thoughts he has and most of the time he wins

James: “James, how about you don’t kill that person?” “Okay. But consider, maybe, I SHOULD.” “JAMES NO”

Rory: Wow! Look at that, you got him an acting job, a smoking hot older woman, everything is looking up! Guess you can take a break for a while! Wait…. what happened??? You looked away for a second and HOW THE FUCK DID HE GET STABBED AND IN A TREE fuck you’re gonna be in trouble