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You noticed the boy with chocolate brown eyes and blonde hair. You didn’t fail to notice how he sat in the same place, every day, reading a different book each time.

 You were intrigued by him. You had seen him wandering the halls of the school, emotionless and looking like he wanted to be anywhere else but here. However, he was like a different person in the library. A serene, yet faint, smile played on his lips as his chocolate brown eyes scanned across his latest book. You could tell that reading was his getaway from the horrible world you lived in.

 Plucking up all the courage you had, you decided you had to talk to him, “What are you reading? Looks awfully interesting.” You smiled, taking a seat opposite him.

 His brown eyes flicked up from the page, eyebrows scrunching together in what seemed to be confusion. 

 "Why are you talking to me?“ He rasped, sticking a pastel yellow sticky note onto the page he was on and shutting the book. He stared blankly at you. 

 "I just wanted to know what book you were reading…” You murmured, getting up from your chair, all courage you had draining from you.

 "No, wait! I’m sorry, please sit back down.“ Tate pleaded, mustering puppy dog eyes that you couldn’t resist. 

 Hesitantly you sat back down, placing your own book on the table. Tate smiled before opening his own book and continuing reading. This was the start of something, you were certain.

Imagine #1: Kit Walker

Imagine: you feel a little upset and you go home, to Kit’s warm arms. You straddle his lap when he sits on the couch, peppering his jaw and face in light, gentle kisses. He laughs, wrapping his arms around you and nuzzling his nose into your neck. “I love you,” he says loudly, lips brushing against your skin. You hum quietly, running your fingers through his hair. “I know. I love you too.”
-Lucifer Tate

The things that sucked about season two

Ah yes, the most fun list of them all. Now while there are definitely more than just five things wrong with this season, we’d be here all day if I put more. So we’ll stick with five. All righty, lets go! (Fair warning, this one is a bit longer as far as words go. Just a heads up.)

5. Sanvers: Before you grab your pitchforks, hear me out. It’s not the the relationship itself that I have a problem with, that aspect is fine. It’s more of how they handled it. To clarify, when they announced that Alex was gonna have a girlfriend this season, they treated it like it was the second coming. I mean everyone was so hyped, but when you get down right to it, it’s honestly nothing more than just a regular romance arc. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked it at first. I thought Alex coming out was very well handled and well written, Chyler and Floriana have really good chemistry, and their scenes are nice. But I just felt it didn’t add anything significant to the story. And before you say “oh well it gives Alex someone to love and lean on”, we’ll get to that later. So yea, good relationship, just overhyped. Hence it’s the least of the problems I had.

4. James as Guardian: I’m not gonna lie, this one I’m a little biased on. As I said in my previous list, Im an enormous Superman fan. So that means I have a fairly strong image of Jimmy Olson. I’m not trying to piss on Mechad Brooks, he’s not bad, I’ve just never had much of a Jimmy Olson vibe from him. I mean Jimmy is supposed to represent the Everyman, the little guy. He’s cool because even though he’s just this average guy, he’s best friends with Superman, that is really inspiring. And instead we get this mega hunky, Rico Suave type guy who refuses to go by the name Jimmy. Ummm, ok….. Though I will admit, James actually did grow on me through season one. While it wasn’t my image of Jimmy, I did learn to like and respect this version of the character. But once he became Guardian, that’s what finally pushed it for me. Once again, what does it add to the story? I mean once in a while we’ll see him beat up some bad guys, he’ll help out the team every now and then, but that’s pretty much it. And it just came completely out of nowhere too. I mean he all of a sudden knows martial arts and wants to be a hero? No build up, no hints, nothing. Just slam, bam, thank you ma'am, and now I’m a vigilante. And the funny thing is, James has proven that he can be just as much of a hero just by being himself. Heck, I’d say his more heroic moments are when he’s not Guardian. His scene where he brought Marcus out of his trance was easily one the most powerful scenes in the show, and he achieved it just by being himself, no mask needed. It’s just too random, and too pointless if you ask me.

3. Snapper replacing Cat: My biggest problem with this was the fact that they tried to make Snapper a replacement for her, and they just made him annoying. I mean I understand what they’re doing, he’s being a jackass so that Kara can mature as a reporter. I mean the idea itself isn’t horrible, and it is effective to Kara as a character, there is just one little problem with it. They already did all that crap in season one with Cat! It was just repetitive and lazy. Why do mentor figures always have to be giant dickwads? It’s been done a billion times before. Why not have Snapper be a nice guy? It wouldn’t have taken away anything. I speak from personal experience when I say, you can give creative criticism without being douchebag about it. At least when Cat was being a bitch, it was still very clear that she actually cared about Kara and wanted her to grow and succeed. With Snapper, what did we get? “At a girl Danvers” and “I was rooting for you”. Riveting, isn’t it? It just seemed like a wasted opportunity. We could’ve had a new and interesting mentor relationship, and you just threw it away for an overused cliche.

2. Lack of Kara and Alex: Believe me when I tell you, this one came very close to being number one. Kara and Alex’s relationship was easily the best thing about season one. Their relationship was the heart of the whole show. Looking back on season two, I can think of maybe one couch scene that they had (and that’s not an exaggeration, I literally can’t remember there being any more than just one). This is actually one of the problems I had with Alex and Maggie. It seems as though they’re purposely trying to separate Kara and Alex by giving them love interests. I mean having a love interest is ok, if it’s not out of character, and boy oh boy, was she out of character. I mean for starters, there is no way Alex would let Kara be taken to a parallel Earth without her, she would not push Kara to date you know who, and Alex actually ditching Kara on her birthday to go to some stupid concert? Pardon my French, but what the fuck?! What bullshit are you dumbasses playing at? I mean did you forget the entire season of character development you built up for these two? We almost never get any serious interactions with them. The only ones I can think of were when Kara thought about going to Metropolis and when Alex came out. Other than that, nothing. They never had a scene after Jeremiah betrayed them, we never even got a scene after Alex almost fucking drowned! They practically have nothing. In fact, I remember specifically when Alex said she wasn’t slipping away, I actually yelled “bullshit” at my tv screen. Cause that is exactly what she is doing. Did you forget that Alex went into a highly dangerous dream world (cough cough what should have happened in the musical episode) and flew into a space with a decades old spacecraft to save Kara??? Nope, sorry, you are the weakest link. I want them back. I want sister nights, I want couch scenes, and I want them actually communicating like family again. And like I said earlier, this one came very close to being number one. So I’m sure you must be wondering what number one could possibly be. Well to quote Nicolas Cage from ‘Face Off’: “Take one goddamn guess.”

1. Mon-El: …………Where do I begin? Let’s start with the basics. He’s annoying, he’s a terrible love interest for Kara, he’s a pathetic excuse for a superhero, he has some of the weakest character development I’ve ever seen, he takes up way too much screen time, and he’s about as charming as road kill. But why stop there? He’s also immature, and he never takes responsibility for anything. I mean, he actually had the opportunity to go back to his home planet and make the lives of his people better and thereby preventing the impending invasion of earth that would no doubt kill hundreds of humans and Daxamites alike, and what does he do? Decides to be selfish and stay on Earth where he continued to be a annoying burden. But even that’s not all. I actually described the things Mon-El has said and done to a few of my friends, and I asked them what they would do if they were in Kara’s shoes. They all unanimously agreed that they would kick his ass to the curb. Kara and Mon-El are not a good couple, at all. Their romance is awkward, cringeworthy, and a little disturbing. A relationship should be built on trust, honesty, mutual respect, and compassion. This relationship has consisted of nothing but lies, arguing, straight up vocal abuse, and more arguing. I still, for the life of me, cannot see why they are a couple. I don’t know about you guys, but if my significant other lied to me about their identity since the moment I met them, it would take more than one musical episode later for me to forgive them. And he’s always making up excuses instead of just owning up to his mistakes and actually learning. And btw, using the “he’s not human” excuse is not valid. In case you forgot, Kara and J'onn are aliens too. While yes, they’ve been on earth longer, they stretched his fish out of water storyline way longer than it needed. But for me personally, there is one thing above all that makes his whole characterization one of the most insulting comic to live action adaptations I’ve ever seen. It’s that they took a fun, goodhearted, enjoyable character, and turned him into this unpleasant, unsympathetic, unlikeable asshole. As far as I can tell, him and his comic book counterpart have two things in common, the name and planet of origin. Other than that, they literally have nothing in common. For those who don’t know, Mon-El is not the prince of Daxam in the comics. He’s literally just a regular guy. He’s an explorer from Daxam who crashed on Earth, losing his memories in the process, where he met Young Clark Kent. Given that they shared the same powers (Daxamites have all Kryptonian abilities, not just strength and speed) they figured he must be from Krypton. Hence Mon-El decided to give himself that name (his real name is Lar Gand). But when exposed to lead, he obtained lead poisoning, gaining his memory back in the process, and Clark put him in the Phantom Zone to save him. He was then released by the Legion of Superheroes in the thirty first century, they cured him of his lead poisoning, and he joined them. Now tell me, does that backstory sound even remotely close to the one in Supergirl? No, not even close. I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but I would’ve much rather had the comic book version of Mon-El than whatever Supergirl did. And to top it all off, we see the biggest part of this seasons recurring theme, it was just wasted potential. Honest to God, I mean this when I say, Chris Wood would’ve made a good Mon-El had they stuck to the proper storyline. And bless his heart, it’s clear Chris is trying his best, but it’s still just not working. We could’ve had a fun storyline. I mean Supergirl acting as a mentor figure to a young superhero, a superhero who has never been in live action form that has all of Superman’s powers. It had serious potential, it really did. But instead it was wasted and botched up in place for a stupid romance that should’ve never even been an idea in the first place. All of this is why Mon-El is easily the worst thing about season two.


Title: Content

Pairings: Kit Walker x Female!Reader.

Warnings: Mentions of Grace, Alma, asylum, pregnancy.

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She knew Kit was an amazing dad, even before Julia and Thomas were born. She grew up with him, watched him play with her baby cousins and siblings. Even then, she knew he was destined to be an amazing father.

When Kit was locked in the asylum for a crime he didn’t commit, admittedly she didn’t believe he’d ever get out; there was too much evidence against him. But he proved you wrong. He got out, with two new members of his family with him; Grace and Thomas. Y/N would be lying if she said she wasn’t slightly disheartened. As much as she adored Alma, she couldn’t help but long for Kit; for Kit to be her other half.

Years had gone past and Y/N feared she had lost her chance. Although both Alma and Grace were dead, Kit’s main focus was his kids. He didn’t even give her a second glance.

Until one night, the kids had pleaded for Y/N to sleep over, it had been to long since she last had. The kids were fond of Y/N to say the least, the closest thing either of them had to a mother. Y/N looked at Kit, awaiting his answer, his lips broke out in a grin, his dimple popping into his cheek as he nodded, causing the two children to embrace him in a hug.

The kids had long passed out and Y/N was cuddled up against Kit on the sofa, listening to him talk about his day and how he was glad the kids had someone like her in their lives. Contentment washed over Y/N as she gazed up at him, eyes burning into his own brown ones. He leaned down, pressing his lips against her in a hesitant kiss.

“Stay with me? Forever, please…” he mumbled, eyes squeezed shut in fear of rejection.

Y/N smiled against his lips and moved her lips against his.

Years had gone past and the pair were happy married. Y/N secretly wanted a child, even though she had adopted Julia and Thomas as her own, the thought of another child send her stomach filled with butterflies and a serene smile playing on her lips.

Kit didn’t show any interest in having any more children and every time Y/N brought it up, he’d say that they already had two amazing children. But Y/N earned for more.

The news came as a complete surprise. Admittedly, Y/N and Kit hadn’t used rubbers in years, but she didn’t expect to actually get pregnant. She was apprehensive, as would anyone. She worried Kit wouldn’t want the baby, considering he already had two. But she would rather leave Kit than get rid of the baby inside her. It was part of her.

She sat Kit down that night, once the children were in their rooms long asleep and she broke the news. Kit was completely silent, anxiety bubbled up inside her as she bowed her head, tears brimming in her eyes.

“A baby?” Kit rasped, not believing his ears; had they deceived him?

“Yes.” Y/N whispered, blinking back tears furiously.

A grin broke out in Kit’s face as he grabbed Y/N and pulled her into his embrace, a giggle spilled from her lips as happy tears streamed down her face.

“Oh my god, a baby.” Kit laughed, smiling fondly at Y/N as she pulled away.

“Yeah… I didn’t think you’d want another, but I’m glad you do.”

“We have to tell the kids.” Kit jumped to his feet, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

“Hey, Kit, calm down. They need their sleep; we’ll tell them in the morning, alright?” Y/N chuckled at his eagerness.

He nodded, sitting back down next to her.

“I’m just so excited.” Kit admitted, a faint tint of pink rushing to his cheeks

“Me too. Kit, serious question; will you still find me beautiful when I’m the size of a whale?“

Kit doubled over laughing, clutching his stomach, making Y/N frown and her cheeks flush. “Are you insane? You’re beautiful all the time, even when you’ll be the size of a whale. I’ll find you beautiful always.”

Imagine #5: Kit Walker

Steam came off the water in gentle waves. Kit looked visibly sick, refusing to step any closer. “I…” he swallowed. “I don’t think this is such a good idea…” You bit your lip, understanding where his terror was coming from; the asylum had done a number on him. Not even baths were relaxing anymore. You stripped, stepping gently into the tub and leaning back.
“Give me your hand, Kit. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to get all the way in. Just baby steps, alright?” He nodded at your gentle words, allowing your soft hand to take his calloused one. You lowered your hands gently into the water, lacing your fingers with his. “There…” You spoke softly, as though trying to console a frightened animal. Which, you supposed, Kit was. Especially with his big doe eyes. “Not so bad, right?” He shook his head and, soon afterward, had joined you in the bath. You leaned back against his soapy chest, fingertips drawing lazy circles on the back of his hand.

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can you please do an imagine where you are in the asylum ( season 2 ) and you meet kit and like the two of you are like always together?? :) 😂

Title: Newbie

Kit Walker x Female!Reader.

A/N: Sorry it’s really short.

Warnings: Implied smut, swearing.

The Asylum was lonely when you didn’t belong there. Y/N didn’t fit in; she wasn’t like the others. She wasn’t a murder, she wasn’t crazy; she was normal.

Y/N had been there for six weeks before Bloody Face was admitted to Briarcliff. Y/N had yet to see him, but she didn’t participially want to. She was curious, but her fear outweighed the curiosity.

Y/N slumped against the couch, a cigarette between her lips yet she was too captivated by the stranger across the room to light it. He was in his mid-twenties, his hair pushed upwards in a charming way and his eyes were the warmest shade of brown she’d ever seen. He didn’t seem to belong here either.

Y/N waved over Sister Mary Eunice, stealing quick glances over at the mysterious newbie.

“Who’s that, Sister?” Y/N asked, glancing at him once more.

Sister Mary Eunice followed her eyes, a small gasp escaping her lips.

“That’s the lady murderer.” Sister Mary Eunice answered with a judgemental tone.

“Bloody Face?” Y/N gasped.

Sister Mary Eunice nodded, eyes casting over to the man. Y/N sighed. He didn’t look like he was capable of murdering anyone, but one should not judge a book by its cover.

Y/N hesitantly perched down in the seat next to the infamous Bloody Face. Her hands trembled slightly as she lit her cigarette and offered him the flame. He nodded, placing it between his lips and leaning forward so Y/N could light it. His lips curled in a smile and Y/N wondered how he could’ve possibly done anything to harm anyone. He leaned back, taking the cigarette between his index and middle finger and exhaling the smoke. Y/N copied.

“Did you do it?” Y/N asked. “Did you kill all those ladies?” She couldn’t help herself.

“No. I promise I didn’t. I was abducted.” He sighed, staring across the room.

“Abducted? Like by little green men?”

“Yeah. But these weren’t ‘little green men’ they were the size of a man, their skin the colour of ash and smoke and their eyes, dark and uninviting. It was cold, ya know? They were cold.”

“Like in a nightmare?”

“Exactly. When I ‘returned’ my wife, Alma, was gone and I was accused of murdering all those ladies.”

Y/N glanced at him, cautiously placing a hand on his thigh.

“I believe you.” She knew he wasn’t lying, something deep down told her so.

He smiled, turning to look at Y/N. just looking at her, Y/N felt weak at the knees.

“I’m Y/N.”

“I’m Kit, Kit Walker.” His Brooklyn accent almost making Y/N swoon; he would surely make Y/N’s life more eventful.

Y/N laughed, watching Kit stumble over his feet towards her. Her laughter stopped as soon as she saw the state he was in. His upper lip cut and a purple bruise across his cheek.

He cautiously sat down, flinching when his bruised ass touched the uncomfortable seat. Y/N jumped up, grabbing the pillow beside her and placing it under Kit’s ass.

“Why’d you get punished?” Y/N asked, eyebrows knitting together in sorry as she stroked his cheek. She sat beside him, taking his hand in her own.

“Got into a fight.” Kit mumbled, looking down.

“And Sister Jude punished you?”

“She has it out for me, I swear.” Kit grumbled.

“I’m sorry, Kit. You don’t deserve to be here. I’ll get you out, okay? We’ll get out of here.”

“That’s a nice idea, but I’m never going to get out as long as they think I’m Bloody Face.”

“Then I’ll prove you aren’t. I’ll get us both out, Kit, even if it’s the last thing I do.”

And that’s exactly what she did.

Kit spent was let out as the real Bloody Face was found; Oliver Threadson. Y/N was let out before him and she cleaned up his house for him, cleaning up the mess from the abduction.

Kit embraced her in a tight, bear-hug as soon as he got home, lifting her off the floor and spinning her around. Y/N’s laugh echoed through the air as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Live with me? Please.” Kit asked, placing her down.

Y/N nibbled at her lower lip. It was no doubt she had fallen for Kit and she indeed had no where else to go, considering her family wanted nothing to do with her after she was sent to Briarcliff.

Y/N nodded and Kit couldn’t stop himself, he leaned down and pressed his lips against hers, wrapping his arms around her waist. Y/N moved her lips against Kit’s as Kit lifted her into his arms. Y/N wrapped her legs around his waist and loosely hung her arms around his neck, holding him close. He stumbled slightly into his room, dropping her onto the bed.

“I’ve wanted to do this since the day we met.” Kit admitted, cheeks tinting slightly.

“Better get on with it then.” Y/N smirked.

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Imagine #3: Kit Walker

Hugs. The one thing Kit Walker loved the most. Specifically, your hugs. You were warm and kind and smelled like that soap he liked so much. What was it? Vanilla mint? Anytime he came home after a stressful day, you would be there at the door waiting. You would pull him into your arms, running a hand up and down his back, moving one into his hair to pull his head down to your shoulder. You’d sway slightly, whispering sweet words into his ear as he held you like you were his lifeline.
“Don’t leave me,” slipped past his lips before he could think to catch them. You mean so much. Kit doesn’t deserve you. How could you-
“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Your voice was warm and steady, as though you knew what he was going to say.
Yes, Kit Walker loved hugs. But only if they were yours.