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anonymous asked:

I'M DYING OF CURIOSITY, BECAUSE I REALLLLY WANNA KNOW WHATs IN THAT PICTURE 😫 what do you think is in that picture actually?

Ah I feel you, Anon. I’m curious about that, too. I still think it’s likely that this photo is connected to the 2CT and could show Ciel’s twin. I mean, it’s a family photo. So what else could be there that would shock Agni like that?

Unless it’s some sort of note…

Need New Blogs

I went on an unfollowing spree and I need new content that isn’t homestuck.

Please reblog or like if you post the following (Gunna be a big list):

> Heathers
> The Book Of Mormon
> Hamilton
> Little Shop Of Horrors
> La La Land
> Grease
> Bugsy Malone
> Rocky Horror Picture Show

> Orange Is The New Black
> 13 Reasons Why
> American Horror Story
> South Park
> Stranger Things
> Shadow Hunters

> Horror
> Overwatch
> Aesthetics (Any)
> Music