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A few months ago I picked up an Ah! My Goddess dvd at a thrift shop for three bucks. Inside I found an extra dvd - one of the old Sailor Moon dub-only discs. I can't forgive them for what they did to Haruka and Michiru, but that dub was a great big chunk of my childhood, and these dvds are kind of rare and expensive nowadays. It was an epic nostalgia bomb!

Oh man, I bought and resold some of those not too long ago and made a lot of money.  Those out of print anime dvds are $$$.


“First, let’s free them from their chains.”

Leo & Zo (Da Vinci’s Demons, 2.04)


amy fleming + character tropes

Remember when that video of Gillian getting whacked in the boob with an apple came out

And we all though the S10 Bloopers where gonna be epic and squealed for  a week.

And then it doesn’t even make the bloopers because Gillian and David were clearly having such a blast on set that it’s a miracle they shot any episodes at all.

Yeah. I love this fandom and the bat shit crazyactors that keep it alive :) Thanks Double D and @chewiesgirlfriend for all the lols and making my Monday!

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