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Oh my god OH MY GOD OKAY IT'S HAPPENING OMG. o.M.F.G. I'm the one having a heart attack right fucking now. Froi. And Yuu. Together. Daddy and son. With Marie. And-oh wait, daisya gonna be in the story too ? :D Whatever : I'M CRYING TIEDOLL IS HERE AND ALIVE AND BUCKY GONNA BE ALL JEALOUS AND YUU ALL TEARY AND- *Calm down. Calm down.* I am like Yuu right now. I look forward to the next chapter because, Damn, bless you, i love you and this chapter's end is- sadistic. You are a sadist. Goddamn.

*cackles maniacally*

Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to this for a while - they’ll be so cute together, gosh, I love Tiedoll and Yuu. And yes, Marie - ah, Marie. *smile*

Daisya won’t ever be in, sadly - it’d be fun, but would serve no purpose and this story Does Not Need any more characters.

Yes, I am sadistic. I’m surprised it took you this long to notice. *giggle*

I’m glad you liked it, and see you next week!

This face.

This is the face of a man who knows and understands the pain his friend is going through.

He knows exactly what is the meaning of losing the love of your life.

He knows what his friend would end up to be if he lost her.

He knows because he’s already at the bottom.

He knows because he’s already lost.


Angela Bassett as Marie Laveau, as featured in American Horror Story: Coven 
coming December 2016 From Integrity Toys!

[IT announced these dolls like two years ago–just as AHS: Coven was wrapping up. Retailers are finally taking pre-orders on the 6 dolls in the series. The dolls all have new face sculpts modeled after the actors who played each character, which helps explain the long delay in release! The edition sizes range from 600 to 900, depending on the character. I’m (more than) a little mad that Angela Bassett’s doll is the smallest edition size–even the Evan Peters doll has a bigger edition size than hers!?–but believe this means I’m gonna get my pre-order reserved ASAP-tually! –MOD]

My school day In AHS-style.

When my alarm clock wakes me. ↑

My classmates, when I walk into the classroom.  ↑

When I see my classmates. ↑

This is my Teacher. ↑

My class, when our Teacher is sick. ↑

When I eat lunch. ↑

When school is over and I walk home. ↑

When I am finally at home. ↑

When I must do my homework. ↑