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Pairing: Kit Walker X Reader
Warning: Cursing, v v fluffy

a/n: Kit Walker imagine where Kit gets into a fight and the reader becomes afraid of him, resulting in a sad and crying Kit.

(I changed it up a bit from the gif just so it’d be cute lolol)

(I tried to make this as fluffy as possible but I’m pretty sure it sucks ass)

“Kit, just leave it please..” You whispered into your husband’s ear, stepping in between him and the incredibly built man that was supposedly looking you up.

You and Kit went for a night out at the bar, and things quite frankly didn’t go as planned.

“No, Y/N. Not until this asshole admits he was checking you out.“ He said, anger very evident in his tone. Kit was always the jealous type. He isn’t fond of the idea that other men can see you the way he does, or make you laugh like he can. He absolutely hates it. He would get upset at the smallest of things. He’d even get over protective if you shook another man’s hand! So when he looked over from a secluded table in the corner you were both sitting at, and saw that the man you were currently talking to looked down your low cut dress as you asked the bartender for two drinks, he became enraged.

The buff man took another step forward, gently grabbing your waist, “Who are you calling asshole? I’m pretty sure this lovely gal doesn’t mind.” He winked, and slid his hand down from your waist to your butt, squeezing it roughly. You scoffed in disgust and tried escaping the man’s grip, causing him to only hold you tighter.

And that’s when Kit snapped. He grabbed you and pulled you behind him as he threw a mean right hook at the man’s jaw, causing him to tumble to the ground. Kit got on top of him and started swinging his fists like a mad man. You watched with terrified eyes as two random men pulled Kit away from the bloodied and beaten man.

Kit spit on him as he got up, “Touch my girl again and you’ll be dead, man. I can promise you that.”

Kit shrugged off the two men and went to go reach for your hand, but you flinched away. You were absolutely terrified. You had never seen him so angry. You had never dealt with anger very well.

Kit’s eyes flashed a look of hurt and realization before grabbing you softly by your waist, ignoring the way you shrunk back as he did and led you out to the car.

The ride home was completely silent and filled with tension.

Once the car stopped, Kit immediately booked it into the house. You wore a confused expression as you entered the house minutes later.

You removed your shoes and got ready for bed, changing into one of Kit’s shirts. You entered the bedroom after brushing your teeth to see Kit grabbing a pillow and a blanket from the closet.

“What are you doing?” You asked him, retreating to your side of the bed.

“Sleeping on the couch..” He mumbled as if it were obvious.

You rolled your eyes, “Kit, don’t be ridiculous, get in bed.”

Kit didn’t argue as he slipped into bed, not uttering a single word as he drifted off to sleep. You turned out the lights and got into bed. You became confused as to why you didn’t feel Kit’s body warmth radiating off of him, until you realized that he was sleeping at the very edge of the bed, farthest from you.

You frowned at this and bent over to kiss his cheek goodnight; as you couldn’t go to sleep without showing him affection, wether he was awake or not. But as you bent over to kiss him, you heard a small sniffle. And that’s when you realized,

He was crying.

Your face fell as you scooted over to lamp and turned it on, before crawling over to Kit. You rubbed his arm lightly, a placed a gentle kiss on his bare shoulder.

“Kit, baby.. look at me.” You said softly.
Kit turned around to face you, his red, glossy eyes meeting yours. You sat the both of you up, before straddling Kit and bringing his head into the crook of your neck, causing him to wrap his strong, muscular arms around your body.

“I’m sorry baby, I shouldn’t have reacted like that.” He cried, his body shaking as you wrapped your arms around him.
“It’s alright darling.” You whispered, nuzzling your face into him.

“It’s just that when I saw him make you laugh like that, and look at you like that, I just..” He pulled away, his grip getting tighter on your waist. You watched as his adam’s apple bobbed and his eyes grew dark. “I couldn’t help it.”

But then, you saw the anger diminish from his eyes, and was soon replaced by hurt and sadness.

“But when you flinched away from me like that.. God, Y/N..” He squeezed his eyes shut as more tears fell, and rested his head against your shoulder, “It hurt me so much. So much more than you think. To have the person you love the most be afraid of you, is the worst feeling of them all. I thought you were gonna leave me because of it.. The look on your face just keeps replaying in my head and I hate myself for it.” He sobbed.

You felt your heart swell as your grip tightened on the crying boy. You felt horrible for making him feel like that, despite his actions.

“I’m sorry baby, I could never be afraid of you. You mean the world to me, darling, and I’d never leave you.” You said, kissing his temple.
You felt his body relax at your words. He then laid you both down so you were cuddling each other.

“I love you, Y/N. So much baby.” He said, putting his head farther into your neck.

You smiled sweetly and gave him a gentle kiss.

“I love you too, Kit. So much more.”



Title: A Drunken Mistake

Pairings: Kyle Spencer x (F) reader

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of Kyle x Zoe, ANGST!!!

Gifs: [x] [x] [x]

Maybe “I gave you my everything… and you don’t even care” w/ Pre-death Kyle Spencer where he & the reader have been dating for awhile & he brings her to another frat party on his birthday but he gets a little too drunk this time & the reader sees him making out with someone else & gets upset w/ him bc like when they first started dating, she was really shy but he brought her out of her shell & taught her that she could trust him & then he ruined it just then and yeah, lots of angst please? Thx

This imagine was inspired by this music video.

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“I gave you my everything… and you don’t even care.” Y/N sobbed, tears screaming down her flushed cheeks.


Y/N had been dragged to a frat party by Kyle Spencer - her boyfriend since sophomore year of high school - and she wanted to be anywhere but there. Kyle had disappeared with a bunch of his fraternity friends to do beer pong and Y/N was left alone - this wasn’t her idea of fun and she wanted to leave, yet she’d only been there a matter of minutes. However since it had been a hot minute since Kyle had been to a party and not with Y/N, she didn’t mind so much.

She weaved through the crowds, the over-powering stench of booze, drugs and sweat invading her senses. She finally got to the kitchen where it was almost empty apart from the odd couple making out and the small huddle of people doing shots. Y/N opened the back door and stumbled out, closing it behind her. She inhaled the fresh air, walking towards the brightly lit pool. She took a seat on the ledge, cross-legged and dragged her fingers through the water, eyes up on the sky, watching as the stars twinkled.

Y/N felt a presence next to her and looked to her left, smiling friendly at the boy beside her.

“I’m sorry, just needed some fresh air.” He grinned adorably, but his smile was nothing compared to Kyle’s.

Y/N nodded, before looking back up at the sky.

“What are you doing out here?” He queried, scooting uncomfortably closer to Y/N.

She could smell the alcohol off his breath, it was almost radiating off of him.

“The same as you, needed some fresh air. I guess I’m not used to the whole… party scene.” Y/N explained, looking at the boy.

His eyes were a dark grey colour and his dark brown hair was pushed up in a quiff. His nose was slightly crooked and his lips were thin and bitten.

“Did your friends drag you here or something?” He asked, stuffing his hand into his pocket and pulling out a cigarette. He offered it to Y/N, but she shook her head.

“No, my boyfriend did, but he’s disappeared somewhere.”

The boy hummed a response, placing the cigarette between his lips before digging in his pocket once more for a lighter. He lit the cigarette and inhaled, taking the cigarette from his lips and holding it between his index and middle finger.

“Well I’m Jackson, and you are?” Jackson introduced, exhaling the white smoke.

“Y/N. It’s nice to meet you, Jackson.”

“Mhm, you too.” Jackson took another drag of the cigarette.

Y/N leaned back on her elbows, uncrossing her legs and stretching them. Jackson glanced over his shoulder as a wave of students came outside. He huffed, taking another long drag.

“Can’t get away from this party, can I?” Jackson chuckled, returning his attention to Y/N. “I’m not really the party type either, my friend said it’d be good to interact with people instead of staying in my dorm.”

Y/N was about to reply when she heard a familiar voice amongst the crowd who had just came out into the garden. She frowned, glancing at every person in the crowd until her eyes landed on Kyle, who was covering his eyes and talking to some girl with straight hair and a beautiful figure. Y/N wasn’t the jealous type, not in away way, but she couldn’t get rid of the feeling that the girl was someone who could ruin their relationship.

Y/N frowned, looking down at her feet.

“Is that your boyfriend?” Jackson inquired, “sorry, I saw the way you were looking at him, so I assumed.”

“Yeah, he’s my boyfriend. I somewhat regret coming, you know, because he hasn’t said two words to me since we got here and seems to be having fun without me.”

Jackson nodded, handing her the cigarette. She frowned and shook her head.

“It’ll help relax you, I promise.” Jackson smiled, a friendly smile.

Y/N cautiously brought the cigarette up to her lips and took a small drag, pulling the cigarette away from her lips she exhaled, the white smoke leaving her. It wasn’t as bad as she had anticipated. She handed it back to Jackson and closed her eyes, feeling slightly at ease.

“Better?” Jackson laughed, soaking in her relaxed appearance.

Y/N hummed, laying down completely. Jackson laid down next to her, staring up at the sky. The noise of the crowd around them seemed to fade out, just a small buzz. Y/N allowed her eyes to flutter shut completely.

She was disturbed from her peaceful state when someone jumped into the pool, water flying out and hitting her, soaking her legs. She stumbled up, as did Jackson, but his eyes weren’t on the pool anymore, but in the crowd. His eyes wide, lip clamped under his teeth.

Y/N brushed most of the water off her legs before following his eyes, wishing she hadn’t almost immediately after. There was Kyle and the girl, full on making out, his hand on her ass and her hands tangled in his blonde hair.

“Oh.” Y/N rasped, feeling her heart sink into her chest before shattering into millions of pieces. She couldn’t fight the tears forming in her eyes and Jackson was quick to notice, he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to his chest. She let out a small sob.

“What happened?” An unfamiliar voice said behind Y/N.

“Kyle happened.” Jackson growled, stroking his hand up and down Y/N’s back to attempt and soothe her sobs.

“Kyle? As in Kyle Spencer?”

Just hearing his name made her cry even more. People were starting to huddle around the crying girl, eager to find out what had happened.

Kyle detached from Zoe, smiling lazily at her. His daze was cut short when he noticed the crowd had moved else where, the pair were too caught up in the kiss to notice. Kyle glanced around, finding the crowd instantly.

“We should probably join the crowd.” Kyle drawled, but Zoe shook her head, insisting she had to look for someone.

Kyle was about to offer to help when he saw Y/N being dragged out of the crowd by one of Kyle’s fellow fraternity member. Y/N was clinging to him for dear life and her eyes were red and blood shot. The buzz of the alcohol inside Kyle died down as soon as he saw her. He sobered up instantly. He inwardly cursed at himself for being so stupid before darting after her.

He finally caught up with her when she was outside the property, head pressed against her car window.

“I think I’m going to be sick, Jackson…” She murmured, eyes squeezed shut. Another wave of sobs crashed over her and her back shook.

Kyle’s heart squeezed as he staggered towards her.

“Y/N, baby, I’m sorry…” Kyle rasped, getting in arms reach of her until Jackson shoved him back.

“Jackson, can you give us a moment?” Y/N asked, finally looking up.

Jackson complied reluctantly before going back into the party. Kyle raced towards her, grabbing her in a hug and holding her close, but just being close to him made Y/N want the ground to swallow her whole. She didn’t want him touching her, but at the same time she needed to feel him so she knew that this wasn’t just a terrible dream.

“I’m sorry, baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you. It was a drunken mistake.” Kyle rambled.

Y/N was quick to cut him off, “I gave you my everything… and you don’t even care.” Y/N sobbed, tears screaming down her flushed cheeks. “You made me the person I am today, i trusted you not to hurt me, to love me and be there for me. But then you shoved your tongue down her throat, a drunken mistake…” Y/N laughed, shaking her head at her foolishness. “You wouldn’t have kissed her unless you really wanted to. Have you ever kissed anyone at these parties and never told me? Did you do more with her in the past?”

Kyle shook his head, his own tears cascading down his cheeks. Y/N pulled away, pressing her back against the cold metal of her car.

“Never, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I ruined this, but give me another chance.” Kyle pleaded, prepared to get on his hands on knees to grovel for her forgiveness.

“No, Kyle, I can’t. You’ve hurt me, the way you promised you wouldn’t when we first started dating. Kyle, I think you should stay at the party, but I’m going home. We can talk about this another time.” Y/N whispered, throat sore and eyes red. “All I ever did was love you with all my heart, Kyle.”

“As did I. I love you, I always will, Y/N. I’m sorry.”

Y/N just nodded and got into her car, wiping her eyes before driving away.

That night the bus flipped.

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