ahs judy

“THIS IS WHAT TRUE LOVE LO-oh god dammit you know what it is”

 Page…what page is it? 39?

alright, I’ll bash in the next page right tomorrow I hope! worry not, it’s right around the corner somewhere.


<: https://sprinkah.tumblr.com/post/160555582251/this-is-what-true-love-looks-like-pg-39


here have some wildehopps

this is how I usually color some zoot stuff, pretty much a basic stuff using clipping and stuff. it’s still flat colored bcs i suck at shading

‘ha! lazy fucker’

*shut up you grumpy fox*

anyway, have a good day, or night, or afternoon or eve

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American Horror Story: Asylum (2012)

Six reasons why this season is my favorite 

me: *doing math homework, which is pretty important*

brain: do you remember this song?

brain: The nameee gameee

me: pls no

brain:  Judy! Judy, Judy bo Budy Banana Fanna fo Fudy Fee fy mo Mudy, Judy!

me: oh no

This line is perfection