ahs judy

“I want more than that...”

Author’s Note: Smut/NSFW Up ahead

At some Alley, Nick was pinning Judy agaisnt the wall, Judy was blushing and looking down, Then she looked up to face nick and closed her eyes as she tip toes up to him and about to kiss him.

But Nick chuckled as he put his finger on her lips to stop what she’s trying to do and said, “Ah ah ah~” he said teasingly.

Judy opened her eyes and pouts, then she slowly smirked as she licks the tip of Nick’s finger.

Nick’s ears flatten and blushed lightly as he tried to pull his finger away from her lips, But Judy wouldn’t let him, She grabs his paw and kept his finger on his lip, then she slowly sucks his finger.

Nick blushed when she does that, “Ca-Carrots?” he stuttered as he looked away.

Judy pulls away from his finger, leaving a saliva on his finger, “Hmmm~?” she hummed as she tilts her head cutely.

Nick turn his head to looked at her, “Don’t do that…” he said as he pull his finger away from her lips, ‘So Cute tho…’ He thoughted with a small smile on his face.

Judy frowns and pouts as she grabs his tie and pulls it making him close to her face, “Then kiss me already~”

Nick rolled his eyes as he slowly smirked, “But let my tie go before we can kiss.” he said.

Judy sighed as she let goes his tie, Until Nick pushed her and pins her agaisnt the wall, Judy gasp in surprised about it, then he slowly lifts her up and put his arm at her waist, making her legs put on his waist, so she won’t fall, while the other arm was on her back,“Ni-Nick!” She stuttered as she held onto shoulders and her cheeks becomes bright red.

Nick chuckled and said, “Just shut up and enjoy this~” he said as he kissed her immedietly and closed his eyes.

Judy eyes wided when he immedietly kissed her, then she kissed him back as she slowly close her eyes and her ears drops down.


After a second, Nick pulls away from the kiss, leaving her mouth a bit open and leaving a trail of saliva.


Judy closed her mouth, blushing in embarrassed when she leaves her mouth a bit open, “Ni-Nick…” She stuttured as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Nick blushed as he chuckled, “Yes Carrots?” He asked, he put his paw which it’s on her back, up to reach the back of her head.

Judy nuzzled his paw which it’s on the back of her head, “I want more than that…” she said as she blushed bright red when she said that.

Nick gives her a look, “Really now fluff?” he asked as he chuckled once more and smirked.

Judy nods blushingly, then Nick pushed her head towards his as he kissed her once more, but this time, Nick’s tongue slid into Judy’s mouth, making a territory, Judy wasnt expecting that, so she just let’s him and kissed him back.

Nick starts frenching judy as he moans quietly, and Judy was enjoying it for the rest of her life, as she licked his tongue back and moans softly.


After for a minute, Nick and Judy pulls away from frenching then they pants, “Satisfied now~?” Nick asked her as he smirked a bit as he nuzzled her nose, Judy nods and smiles a bit as she nuzzled back, “Sly Fox~” She said as Nick chuckled and said, “Dumb bunny~”

Author’s note: Okay…I should stop now…*chuckled nervously* because Gigz was going to do something if I continued…

This line is perfection