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hoodiedmage  asked:

SO, now that all the Class episodes are out, what is your completed ranking of your favorite to least favorite?

you come into MY house, ask me to choose between MY children

…I’m only half kidding. Maybe a quarter. I HATE picking favourites when it comes to anything like this, when I love them all so much. (Seriously, don’t ask me to name a favourite companion. I’d struggle trying to give a top five, or ten.) But I will do my best here. Okay.

1. Quill (obvs, she’s not my kid she’s my wife)

2. Tanya (my daughter, she is the most important ever)

3. Matteusz (my precious Polish puppy)

4. April (my badass carebear, so brave and good)

5. Charlie and Ram (see below)

To clarify, I adore them all. Charlie and Ram are tricky cos I like Ram more as a person and think he deserves the world but Charlie is such an INTERESTING character from a moral perspective and has so much room to grow and learn that I’m keen to see that happen.

Ram just needs kinder writers and a lot of really big hugs. Seriously, give him a break, he deserved none of this.

Important infos about AHS Hotel:
  • Lady Gaga was the one who asked to be a part of American Horror Story. Ryan agreed and said she has a wonderful acting experience.
  • Angela, Sarah & Evan are the season’s villains
  • Sarah will play a character named SALLY (hypodermic Sally is a nickname).
  • Kathy will be the hotel hostess and she will play a charecter named IRIS
  • Evan will play a character named MR. MARCH
  • Matt will play a character named DONOVAN
  • Angela will play a character named RAMONA
  • Ryan said we will see some characters from previous seasons on Hotel
  • Murphy said that Jessica CAN return on Hotel or SEASON 6 
  • It seems to be a common point of view among the cast that Hotel is one of the best seasons so far 
  • Gaga will shoot all her scenes at once
  • There will be no singing on Hotel
  • Lady Gaga’s character will somehow be related to the fashion world, according to Ryan.
  • Matt’s character will be romantically involved with Gaga’s character
  • Emma Roberts will appear by the end of the season and will have some great thing with Evan’s character
  • Lily Rabe is confirmed in this season and she’ll play a serial killer.