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volvoltron  asked:

i always thought kallura would be cute, but never really actively shipped it until the let's voltron interview went up and all of a sudden there was all this passive-aggression about it everywhere and then i just kind of. jumped on board half out of spite. and now here i am

My friend ships it so they’d mostly converted me before the podcast, but in a very lowkey way. Then yes the SPITE made me ship it 1000x harder, it made me really think about it and then I finally saw the light and realised that they have so much more potential than I’d first thought <3 So thank you anti-kalluras for bringing this excellent vintage ship to my attention *raises my glass of kallura to the antis*

Important infos about AHS Hotel:
  • Lady Gaga was the one who asked to be a part of American Horror Story. Ryan agreed and said she has a wonderful acting experience.
  • Angela, Sarah & Evan are the season’s villains
  • Sarah will play a character named SALLY (hypodermic Sally is a nickname).
  • Kathy will be the hotel hostess and she will play a charecter named IRIS
  • Evan will play a character named MR. MARCH
  • Matt will play a character named DONOVAN
  • Angela will play a character named RAMONA
  • Ryan said we will see some characters from previous seasons on Hotel
  • Murphy said that Jessica CAN return on Hotel or SEASON 6 
  • It seems to be a common point of view among the cast that Hotel is one of the best seasons so far 
  • Gaga will shoot all her scenes at once
  • There will be no singing on Hotel
  • Lady Gaga’s character will somehow be related to the fashion world, according to Ryan.
  • Matt’s character will be romantically involved with Gaga’s character
  • Emma Roberts will appear by the end of the season and will have some great thing with Evan’s character
  • Lily Rabe is confirmed in this season and she’ll play a serial killer.