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Deleted scene from Hannibal, S01E02, Amuse-Bouche

Will stands over comatose Abigail in her bed, holding her hand, feeling responsible. He is silent.

Inspired by this post made by @this-is-my-decline – check out their cool recaps! :)

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hereforethecake  asked:

As youve now given us the deleted scene AH THANKYOU BTW!! do you think that it'll come up between oliver and felicity?? because he used their feelings as a way to get her the vial of the cure, i mean its smart but was felicity hurt by it at the time?

I don’t think Felicity was hurt.  Not in the slightest.

jumping7salmon  asked:

From what I saw in the httyd2 deleted scene. I think Hiccup is pretty capable in hand to hand combat. Just in his own Hiccup way, he dances around and could deliver heavy hits. More airbender, less fire or earth bender.

Ah, this deleted scene. Yes, I did gush about that once and say Hiccup’s athletics were like “parkour for spiders in puberty”

I continue to stand by that.

He’s also been compared to using airbending avoidance tactics, and I agree, though I would argue with less confidence and more “sheer, dumb luck” as McGonagall would say.

Hiccup can fight, I’ve said it before. But in comparison to other vikings his combat tactics are less about dealing damage and more about “Not gonna die today, sorry!”