ahs circus

The Tumblr Circus Community

If you’re a Circus blog, or a Circus lover you should get in touch.
There’s some really wonderful people in this corner of Tumblr.
Blogs you should follow:

Traditional Clowns:
circuspsycodoll (A Perfect blog for Circus Lovers)
littlemissadventurous (High quality posts, does cool Harley Quinn cosplay)
the-wynclowns (Nice vintage style pictures, very cool)
kagetomari (Childish, family friendly blog)
foolscompany (More dedicated to Jesters than Clowns)
sektorr (Mostly Jesters)
gothic-circus (As the name implies, lots of gothic posts)
snoopsie (Very traditional, bright colours)
clownpunks (Clown fashion) 
thecircus-ofdreams (Night Circus blog)
thehalflightcarnival (Carnival blog)

Harley Quinn Fanblogs:

Sexy Clowns: 
kitziklown (NSFW, Lovely Person)
thatmissquin (NSFW, Also a very nice person)
bblgmpink (Slightly NSFW)
silenceclowngirls (some NSFW)

Blogs Not Strictly Circus Themed: 
rivan145th (Home of the Circus Of Namtas Webcomic)

If some of you circus lovers reblog this, it would be very helpful In spreading the good word about our circus community.