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me: hey remember how tony had an entire movie where his anxiety and PTSD were discussed in explicit terms in a way that no other mcu character has

me: and then we found out he’d spend millions of dollars on therapeutic technology to help him process some of the shit he’s been through, shortly before he was subjected to More Traumatic Shit that was Directly Connected to his pre-existing issues

me: and then people still acted like he had absolutely no reason to have acted even the tiniest bit emotionally to watching his parents being beaten to death directly in front of him after not sleeping the past few days because he was trying to help the people who had been hiding this from him. remember that

me: remember how tony stark has had the most on-screen explicit discussion of his mental health of any character in the mcu and has been canonically seeking help and trying to find ways to cope for years and is Somehow also Coincidentally the one people judge the most for every single emotional reaction and emotional motivation he has had and could possibly ever have. isn’t that interesting. isn’t it interesting how the character whose mental illness is discussed most explicitly with the most frequency is also the one everyone irrationally hates the most and the one whose motivations are criticized the most despite his character arc’s similarities to his teammates’

A Bunch Of People: how dare you say this. do you not remember Bruce’s Suicidal Ideation. How Dare You Not Mention Bruce

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What is your fave hq!! Team??????? (Is it shiratorizawa?????)

Nope, it’s Nekoma!!!


“ Do you think I’m poor because I want to be? Do you think I’m jobless because I hate working? I thought someone should have mercy on us after so many tries. Why is it always 100 against 1? What am I supposed to do? I did everything you told me do. What am I supposed to do when it’s not working out?”

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A/N: I included Quicksilver in this so let me know if you have more requests for him! Oh and this is gender neutral :))


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Let’s not forget that dead or alive, Tate is a teenage boy. Since you two met when you moved into the murder house you have both sort of liked each other but didn’t say anything. When he walked into you room one day to see you touching yourself he smirked and immediately got flustered, the tightness in his pants betraying any hope he had at playing it off as something else.


What do you get when you put Kit Walker (a lad with a pretty high sex drive) and an extremely attractive person who happens to be pleasuring themselves together? You get a very turned on Kit and a VERY satisfied person ;) He wouldn’t even hesitate when he found you, not that you minded.

-Pre-death Kyle-

He would be a total cinnamon roll at first and cover his eyes, until he got too tempted and had to peek while you were pulling yourself together. It wouldn’t lead to anything but he would be clingy for the rest of the day and always have you near, mostly sitting on his lap.


Not. Subtle. At. All. Literally traps you on the bed/couch in his caravan (you were staying there) and starts kissing you. “Sweet cheeks, you know you don’t have to do that yourself.”


James is actually pretty pissed that you wouldn’t include him in your little rendezvous. “Darling, I thought I asked you that only I was permitted to make you feel such things, looks like I’ll have to punish you.” He doesn’t get too rough though because even though he won’t admit it, the sight of you got him pretty horny and he needed some relief.


Literally doesn’t seem phased at all. After a while he looks at you and smirks but he doesn’t move. You eventually get frustrated and straddle his lap, noticing that he’s extremely hard but was waiting for you to initiate it because he likes it when you get dominant.


Haha not sure what to say. Nina (the nb girl) is mine and Rene (trans boy) is Tiamat’s OC! They’re in love.

I think we said they met one day when Nina beat up Rene’s bullies. Because she loves to fight, saw an occasion, and took it! From then they become friends and started dating at some point.

I’m too tired to explain better! Here the post where I present Nina [x]