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did a sketch of him with his greasy lookin black hair


can i just say  V I S U A L



wanted to draw a DjWifi comic but got carried away too much (mostly with coloring, omfg) 
its also partially Volpinino? (or how is it called??) i guess…. this awkward moment when you think that one superhero is as hot as your girlfriend and you hate yourself for it

*goes away*

ah, no, theres bonus:


Rose, Belina and Olivia Model Sheets (From S01E11 “Step Right Up”)

Here are the designs of our three favourite orphans : Rose (a.k.a “Lil Iris”), Belina (a.k.a “Lil Talia”) and Olivia (a.k.a “Lil Auriana”). It was kind of fun creating these three characters, and making the three of them different from their “favourite LoliRock”. 

Ah, and as a bonus, the model sheet of Talia without her jacket and shoes, as it was asked a few times. :)

This episode was the first one to be storyboarded by Anaïs “Noon” Chevillard, who’ll also storyboard episodes 15 “Stitches”, 24 “Smart”, and in second season episode 24 “Forget You” and music video 10 “Never Give Up”.

◎ - finds the other injured (w/ doctor!jin)

Although Seokjin was in a profession that involved him needing to save lives, that doesn’t mean he isn’t prone to getting hurt. If anything, the amount of times you found himself getting injured would be shocking for someone in the medical line (especially if his juniors found out, the look on their faces would be priceless because of how much Seokjin chastises them for getting a ‘paper cut’).

Hey, but what happens at home, stays at home.

Seokjin was a great boyfriend. Not only was he great at what he does (and loves), there came with a plus point when he’s adventurous with food. In both processes of eating and cooking - which benefited you in terms of your love for eating.

Another bonus mark?

“Ah, shit,” A hiss can be heard from where you’re seated before you glance over your shoulder to see Seokjin sucking on the side of his middle finger. He has the knife set to a safe distance away and you chuckle, ditching your magazine to waltz your way into the kitchen where Seokjin stands. As he tends to rinsing his finger, you’re quick to situate yourself beside the counter where he’d need to come face to face with you as he wipes his hands.

He’s unfazed, merely blinking at you when you enter his line of sight and you hop on the white marble surface before beckoning him over with a hand you have on his shoulder. He moves without a word, allowing you to situate him between your legs as you remove the bandaid with much expertise. Seokjin can only conjure up a meek thank you when you tend to the small cut and plant a kiss after.

Tilting your chin up, your smiles link and Seokjin uses the same hand you handled to lure you in with a light cup by your temple to kiss you in gratitude. He leans back to see you sheepishly grinning at him, legs swaying as they thump gently against the cabinets that it replicates the sound of his heartbeat to being content with you.

Then it picks up the pace slightly, jumping in joy when he says: “Thank you, doctor,”

That cues you to fold your arms with a nod and the proud push of your lips forward, “You’re welcome, fellow citizen. A tough job, but nothing too big for me to handle,”

Seokjin plays along, more so when he knows he gets to see that smile on your face linger for a longer time.

“Oh, my dear saviour. What would I ever do without you?”

You send him a wink with a chuckle, and Seokjin returns it almost instantly, both hearts elated as they bask together in the peaceful Sunday afternoon.

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heyo i don't know if you've done this yet so sorry if you already have, but could you do a top 5 bungou stray dogs characters?? you don't have to, but id really like to see your favorite characters!! thanks b!

rip making this list was way harder than I thought.

1. Chuuya Nakahara. Who would have thought, right? It’s not a mystery that Chuuya is my favorite character in bsd, he stole my heart the very second I saw him. I love everything about him: his unique character design, his chili pepper personality, his strength, his confidence but also his dark, sometimes twisted side. But, most of all, I love him for his heart. Despite being raised in the darkness, he’s still so kind and caring, in his own way. I just want to take him away from the mess he’s in and spoil him with expensive wine and designer clothes. I wish I could give him the whole world, but he deserves so much more than that.

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2. Edogawa Ranpo. My adorable lazy son was the very fist character I fell in love with. It was a mix of his brilliant mind, his gorgeous eyes, and that incredibly relatable attitude. He’s my ultimate bias, he could come into my house and rob all my snacks and I’ll probably thank him. 10000/10 highly recommend. 

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3. Atsushi Nakajima. I’m so glad he’s the protagonist of this story. He suffered so much, he’s emotionally scarred and psychologically damaged, but still he managed to keep his heart of gold safe and beating. My heart broke into so many pieces when I read the extent of the abuses he suffered in the orphanage. Honestly, what the actual fuck. He’s not perfect, and that’s alright, because he’s growing and becoming stronger each day. He just doesn’t give up on people, no matter which side they are in, and the world truly needs people like him. He’s officially my son™. (also his reaction faces give me life)

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4. Akutagawa Ryuunosuke. Speaking of sons, here’s the other one. I’m honestly so proud of him, he’s hands down the character that went through the biggest development in the series. He started as a heartless mass murderer and now he goes around saving people and caring about their past and their emotions. Also, he’s incredibly self-aware and he knows he has issues to resolve, strings he needs to cut, and I’m sure he will. I’m rooting for you Aku <3

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5. Fyodor Dostoevsky. He’s gorgeous and terrifying. He’s a terrible person but at the same time a perfect villain. He’s that kind of villain you hope the creators would find a way to keeping in the story…forever. Even if he’s the bad guy, I enjoy immensely the way he outsmarts and tricks people (especially Dazai), and I find myself looking forward to seeing his genius in action and to know more about his past. Just….give me all the Fyodor, I need him.

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- bonus: Ah, Dazai. I have such a complicated relationship with him. There are days in which I legit hate him, I can’t stand him and his constant smug expression. There are days in which I think about what he has done (and keeps doing) to Aku and to Chuuya and my first instinct is to slap him with a burning pan. But then I remember the face he made when Oda died, I remember how much hell he himself has been through. I remember he has a heart, I remember he’s capable of love, of emotions, of truly caring. I remember that, as incredible as it sounds, he’s probably the most selfless character in the series. There are days in which I truly love him, and I hate it. And I hate him. And then I love him…again. 

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