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Members of the blade of the marmora being curious about Coran. Like this goofy Altean, but an adviser to the royals. There's just something suspicious and also sneaky. oh they're familiar with masks but this is just straaange.

“He’s not… like that all the time… is he?”

Thace looked up from the blaster rifle he was repairing to where Coran, his princess, and Aldri were nearly in hysterics watching Triad try to drag a shrieking Ylva into a particle bath with her tractor beam. “You mean-?”

The younger apprentice -Irechel, wasn’t it?- wrinkled his nose faintly. “He’s just so… not what I expected from the person in charge of all these operations. He acts like a cub.”

“I see. No. No, he isn’t like that all the time.” He clicked the chamber closed and checked the safety, then tested the trigger a few times to make sure it wasn’t still catching. “I suspect he does it to put his closest comrades at ease, since they are very much cubs themselves. I do admit, though-” he added as he looked over to see Coran finally give in and rescue his smaller fellow tech, only for Ylva to promptly climb his back and hiss at Triad from behind him, “the difference is like night and day. I have never seen such a well-constructed mask before.”


Technically, he wasn’t spying. After affirming their loyalties, the Princess and her Advisor had allowed them nearly full-run of the castle.

He was just… observing, that was all.

Kolivan always said that keeping one’s eyes and ears sharp were the way to the truth, didn’t he? 

Irechel nested himself silently in the shadows of the cables of the Lions’ hanger, well above the steel beasts. He had a prickly itch up his back that always made him uncomfortable around them, even when they weren’t looking at him and the other Blades.

Like they were always watching.

But no matter!

He’d overheard from conversations between their spymaster and his Princess that her mother was returning from some important trip to several worlds. If Coran had indeed worked for the previous royals as well, this would be a prime chance to see what sort of mask he used in front of the old Altean Queen.

The hissing of the far control doors alerted him to his quarry’s approach, and he flattened his ears to lower his profile, crouching deeper into his nest as Coran came into the hanger with a cheerful whistling tune.

A blast of air from the bay doors opening suddenly made him regret his hiding place, and he clung to the cables to keep from getting thrown free, glaring down at the Altean who seemed to have no trouble keeping his footing. Gritting his teeth, Irechel resolutely dug his claws in and stayed put, waiting for-

-not the enthusiastic hug he saw, the dark-haired woman from the ship barely touching the floor before she and the advisor were swinging each other around in glee. 

“Ah, Illy, as always, you’re a sight for sore eyes!”

“Hah! You say that now, Red, but just you wait-”

What in the- that was not the behavior he expected the Altean to treat his superior with. The Princess, perhaps, because she was a cub, but surely the old Queen was of his age or-

And just like that, before his confusion had even abated, the two were walking away arm in arm, heads together like old friends… or old conspirators.

Scowling, Irechel crept along the cables, trying to get a better view. 

What he saw almost… frightened him.

Gone were the two cubs at play, and in their places were a pair of war leaders, expressions as stone and serious as the words he couldn’t hear. 

And in a heartbeat, they were… laughing again!

Was this what Thace had meant?

But no! No one had been watching but him and the Lions! And surely they had not known of his presence!

But then…

Then that meant…

Irechel shivered as he watched them go, trying to put this new development together.

Adult Alteans were truly an unnerving species.

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How BTS would react to their s/o stealing their snacks

Seokjin: In all honesty, Seokjin’s had the other members steal his snacks before, so he’s not the kind of person to hold a grudge or make a fuss. Instead, he’d probably joke about it before encouraging you to eat more, reassuring you that the calories didn’t matter as long as the food tasted good. On a side note, you probably should prepare yourself for a sudden onslaught of old man jokes of relevance to theft and food.

Yoongi: Having dealt with dangerous diets in the past, Yoongi would watch you help yourself, smiling contentedly at the sight of you eating well. Eventually, the quantity of snacks in his stash would mysteriously increase and it’d be a while before you’d realize that it was his way of encouraging you to help yourself to more.

Hoseok: Initially, Hoseok would pretend as though he didn’t know, silently taking delight in watching you eat so happily. But if there were to come a day where he’d catch you in the act, he’d probably burst into a fit of infectious laughter, soon moving closer to hug you in glee because “ah, you’re so cute!”

Namjoon: Similar to Seokjin, Namjoon wouldn’t mind you stealing his snacks. On the contrary, simply watching you eat would be enough to keep him going for the rest of the day. After some time, he’d probably start buying extra, just to make sure that the two of you had enough to survive on. But don’t think that this wouldn’t be followed by shy smiles whenever he catches you in the act. 

Jimin: Having noticed a shortage in his stash of snacks, Jimin would assume that either the boys or yourself were to blame. Nevertheless, he didn’t complain. Instead, he’d make sure to buy extra, eventually attaching little notes with messages like “I hope you eat well” onto the packaging when he realizes that you’re the one to blame. 

Taehyung: Initially attributing the loss of snacks to the maknae and his hyungs, Taehyung would probably perform a little dance of victory at having found you out. Pouting for the rest of the day, he’d eventually confess that he really didn’t mind. Then, he’d settle beside you with more snacks, asking that you feed him to compensate for the loss of food. 

Jeongguk: Still a child at heart, the maknae would proceed to chase you around the room, erupting into a fit of soft giggles and cackles when he succeeds in cornering you. Once he makes you promise to buy him some in return, he’ll tease you for the rest of the day, randomly meeting your gaze with a knowing smile etched on his face. 

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I have a lot of questions about the facebook live and I am going to take this opportunity to express why I actually am quite pleased with it and the direction this may be taking us.

I know this is likely a minority opinion, but I have absolutely no issue with a professional collaboration between Darren and Lea. 

Fact, Darren has 1.6 Million IG Follows. Lea has 4.5 Million.  

Fact, Darren has 1.9 Million Twitter Followers. Lea has 4.7 Million

Me, I like that promotion. That is nearly 3 million people that would not otherwise be exposed to Darren and his music who may now take a peak. And if they like what they hear, just may buy his EP.  

And let’s face it, like her or not. Lea is a beautiful, talented woman who works her ass off to maintain her image and has an excellent work ethic.  For PR purposes, she is a perfect person to get some promotion. And they are equally using each other.

And what I really liked. They aren’t even pretending this is anything but PR. Lea said last night that this was the first time she had ever been to Darren’s house. Granted, we all know that isn’t his house, but the average person watching that Facebook Live doesn’t have a clue. If they wanted to pretend they were Besties and have been hanging out constantly for the past two years, that comment would not have been made. It was quite clear that these two really had not seen each other outside of their dinner with Chord the night before (I love how much they mentioned that dinner and made it seem like it was just the three of them reminiscing about Glee) and of course the Comic Con which was not mentioned but there are photos and video.

On a professional level, Darren has nothing to loose and everything to gain. I am confident that whatever they post today on YouTube will be posted by multiple news sites. And they will mention Lea’s album. And they will mention Darren’s album. Not so sure how that is a bad thing.

But I see this beyond a professional level as well. I feel as though we are heading in the direction of a renewed “friendship” between the two.  And that friendship provides a distraction as we near the end of the PR relationship from hell.  It is very clear to all of us, I think, that we are headed to the end of this horrific nightmare of a chapter in Darren’s life. And that is a very good thing. What I don’t think has been decided, though others will disagree, is exactly how this ends. Staged Break up?  Reveal of her as a beard?  The whole truth? No one knows. And if I were a betting person, I would say negotiations are still very much ongoing to exactly how this completely unhealthy relationship ends. What I have noticed?  The way in which the bearding has been happening lately has massively shifted. They have removed her from virtually all of his professional outings and have contained it to isolated “private but not really private events” that are broadcast all over social media. It seems to me this will continue until the finale is decided.

And Lea is the perfect distraction while all of the behind the scenes negotiations take place.  And further, she is the perfect distraction once it is clear that Mia is no longer the official plus 1.

So as Darren’s new PR friend, she is a person to go to events and parties with. But even better. She is a person that is connected to Chris.  I cannot say this enough. This is so critical right now.  Remember, as I pointed out yesterday, Lea hasn’t just been interacting with Darren lately. She and Chris have also been interacting on social media as well. To overlook this is a massive mistake. So I view this as an excellent bridge to opportunities for these two extraordinary men to been seen in public together again.  And that is crucial. Because again, you and I, we know. We are ready for them to come running out of the closet and broadcast to the world that they are in love and have been for six years. Everyone else? They don’t have a clue. And there is nothing wrong with a little preparation and groundwork.

I won’t lie, I was quite concerned that they were setting us up for Lea as the new beard. And I think I have made my opinion on that quite clear.  A new beard is pointless and will have little to no gain as barely anyone who actually pays attention believes the straight narrative.  But I no longer feel that is the direction- if that was the push, they would not have had their happy PR dinner with the fourth wheel with nothing to contribute and they would not have done the live stream from the PR house (I really cannot for the life of me figure out why they did it from the storage room. Big mistake, but I digress).  So as a PR friend?  I see nothing but positives for Darren. And more importantly, I think it could play a huge role it the eventual truth (or partial truth).

I also would not be surprised at all of we see them onscreen together in a Murphy production soon, whether she is cast in a small role on ACS, they both drop by AHS, or Glee 2.0.

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How old is something before it’s considered history? How long must it sit, buried far from the eyes of time? And why must we dig it up?

“Huh,” I huffed as I read the sort inquiry on the brochure. On the front was a photo of the museum that I stood in. So far I found nothing, but a few pieces on the history of my small town. I lived in a relatively city, known to most as Arcadia Oaks. Mostly simple businesses, a hospital, high school, and a wonderful little café not far from where I lived.

But to most of us who live here, we know it as home.

“Alright class, let’s keep moving. We have lots to see and not enough time.” Our teacher, Mr. Stricklander yelled out over the mingling voices of teens. Mr. Stricklander was an odd fellow, or at least that’s how my mother puts it. Though I conquer with her, that’s not how I would put it. More so, he's… weird.

Really I don’t know how to put it. The man seems like a gentlemen, talks like a gentlemen, even breathes like a gentlemen. But there something different about the man. I just feel it. Maybe it’s the fact that he stands 6’, looks like s textbook college professor. From the turtleneck sweater to the men’s shoes, I’m tellin’ you, something about this man screams weirdness.

Stricklander clears his throat rather loudly in attempt to gain the attention of the class. Doesn’t work. So he put two fingers to his mouth and gives off a shrill whistle. Ow… that hurt. Yet, it works. Fifteen sets of eyes meet his.

“Thank you. Shall we?” He said tersely. The large group of students followed on his heels. I stayed to the back so that I wouldn’t be trampled. Since I could remember, I’ve had this frustrating ability to not be seen. I don’t know if people just don’t like seeing me or they simply can’t. And I absolutely hate it. Though sometimes it does have its pros, such as when fleeing from unneeded confrontations.

“Don’t fall behind Ms. Judges, don’t want you to get lost.” Of course my teacher would be the one to see me. I puffed out my cheeks and turned scarlet from embarrassment. “Yes sir.” I nodded.

A couple of my peers whispered and laughed at me, pointing their fingers in my direction. No discretion in their part. I pulled into myself, but followed. I’ve gotten used to it, but still it hurts.

Stricklander led us to different exhibits. Some interesting, some not so much. I was losing interest very quickly, yawning with boredom. But then we came to one of the last exhibits. Suddenly, all tiredness was gone. I piqued.

It was a glass container, in the middle was a teal blue pillow, and on the pillow was a stone. Really, it looked like a cross between a gem and a stone. It was a small tanzanite, barely the size of my pinky nail. Yet, in terms of this gem, that is quite large.

It would seem that I wasn’t the only one who paid more attention here, a pair of boys were spying the gem with a gleeful look. It was Jason and Erik, two of the world’s dickiest people. Numerous times I’ve come home with bruises to both my skin and pride because of them. It always feel like I’m their favorite target.

I pushed my way through the gaggle of students to the front. Coming face to face with the gem, a shiver ran up my spine. I stared at the purplish-blue stone, the longer I stared the more I saw of the gem. I almost missed how the tanzanite seemed to hold a flame in the center of it. Just the way it glistened and shone.

Stricklander grinned at the enthusiasm the class showed at this certain exhibit. “Can anyone tell me what kind of stone this is without reading the sign?” A hand in the middle went up. Stricklander pointed to it, “Yes, Mr. Palchuk?”

Steve smiled arrogantly, “It’s a shiny stone.” And there went all my faith in humans. I rolled my eyes at his stupidity. A student to my left stifled a laugh by covering their mouth. Steve wasn’t the smartest cookie in the tin. In all honest reality, the dude was an idiot. He was your everyday jock. Wearing a blue polo shirt everyday and parting his hay blond hair.

Stricklander’s right eye twitched comically, “Close but not close enough Mr. Palchuk. Anyone else care to try?” A pregnant pause befell the group of teens. No one was going to answer, so raised my hand.

“Go ahead Ms. Judges.”

“It’s a tanzanite. One of the world’s rarest gem due to how sparsely located they are geographically.” I said timidly, but clearly. Oh now you people see me? Stricklander’s eyebrows rose in surprise. I guess he didn’t think I would know that.

Ha! Take that.

My teacher folded his arms, “Care to elaborate in further detail?” Fourteen pairs of eyes snapped to mine. See me now do we?

“Sure. Like I said before, they are extremely rare because they are only found in small part of Tanzania. Before they are cut the stone look mostly like the one you see here, but when cut, they become more of a blue color,” I motion to the glistening gem. “Though it is said that their prices now will go up even more when the mines are stripped.” A couple jaws dropped. What? So I like shiny things, as Steve puts it.

Stricklander chuckled and thanked me. He told us about this particular gem and why it was here at the museum. Apparently, it was found by the founders of the town back why then, but they didn’t know at the time what gem it was so they thought it held magical properties. For a long time it was lost to the eye of the public for fear of it being stolen, only recently it was reopened for the public.

Glancing to the two boys staring at the gem I could wonder why.

Finally, Stricklander informed us that that was the end of our field trip. Some of us were in walking distance of home while the rest were taking the bus back to school. However, I wanted to stay a little longer.

Waiting for the rest of the class to disperse and then walking up to Stricklander. “Mr. Stricklander, is okay if I call my mom and ask if I may stay a little longer? There are some exhibits that I saw but we didn’t have time for them.”

“Do you have a way to get home?” He asked.

“It’s not a far walk from here to my house. Besides it would be for me to get some exercise. Please?”

Stricklander looked at me from the corner of his eye, contemplated it, “Very well, but call you mother first. I don’t want you to be left here with out her knowing.” I grinned and nodded enthusiastically. Stepping away, I pulled out my phone. I entered my password and pulled up the dial. Mom was on speed dial so I was soon listening to a ring speaker.

:‘Hello?’: Mom’s voice crackled.

I smiled, “Hey Mom, is okay if I stay behind at the museum? There’s some more I wanted to see.”

I heard her setting something down, more than likely a cup.

:‘Sure. Just be home before they lock you in.’: She joked. I smiled and we said our goodbyes and our I-love-yous. I informed Stricklander of Mom’s decision and he bid me farewell, telling me he’d see me on Monday. Thank god today was Friday!

I watched with glee as the rest of my class went their separate ways, leaving me alone here. “Finally, peace and quiet.” I sighed with relief. A quick once over of the museum, I was surprised to find it empty apart from me. I suppose there were some workers here.

“Now what to do,” I tapped my chin. I settled on wondering around the large building. My shoes made a tapping sound that echoed through the hollow hallways. Just to counteract the silence, I started humming a song. And I let my feet take me.


“Okay now I’m lost.” I admitted. Doing a 360’, I didn’t recognize a damn thing. White walls rose up all around me, columns and arches created shadows signaling that it was late. Probably time to get my behind home. If only I can… Ah ha! With glee I rushed to a door that had an 'Employees Only’ sign on it. Maybe I can ask for some directions.

Just as I gripped the cool metal handle a crash came from down the hall. Down the dark hall. I slowly let go of the handle and silently made my way to the location of the crash. Being cautious with my steps, until they were nothing.

When another crash sounded, I pressed myself against the wall. A column was shielding from view. Someone was yelling. Boy did they sound mad! I held my breath at the sound of footsteps. They were a haunting sound.

“I swear those things are the most idiotic beings ever!” Wait, I recognize that voice! Air got stuck in my throat as Mr. Stricklander walked out from the room directly in front of me. The one that was only separated from me by the thick column.

If I was a animal, I’d be pinning my ears to my head in an attempt to hide better. But I was up against a wall.

Stricklander was acting odd, odder than normal. He was pacing and ranting on about some bridge. Was he thinking of becoming an architect? Could be doing some landscaping. Then something freaky happened. He turned to face me, but not see me, and his eyes were freakin’ glowing!

Straight up night lights! Unlike their normal green eyes with the whites they were now yellow, like headlights on a car. There went the neighborhood.

A chill went up my spine. What. The. Hell? What was he?

He grumbled something under his breath before stomping back into the unknown room. I scrunched up my face, did my teacher just throw a fit?

Wait. He’s my teacher. Monday’s gonna be weird…

Mom used to tell me that I got into the most trouble when I was little, said it was because I was so curious. I wanted to know everything and why. Still do get into trouble, but not as much due to the angel on my shoulder.

But I guess my angel wanted to know what was in that room just as much as I did.

Drawing up as much as my fleeting courage, I peeked my head around the column wearily. At first I didn’t see anything other than more walls and columns, but then a light came from the room Stricklander walked into.

I had to see what was in there.

So far I hadn’t been seen, so I peeked out a little further. I saw a little bit of the room, mostly just coverings on the walls. Taking a step out from the behind the column, I saw more. Just I don’t think I was supposed to. Because the moment I saw what looked to be a pile of stone, I noticed Stricklander exchanging a conversation with something that looked like a lovechild between a mountain and a bigfoot.

And that lovechild saw me.

He said something to my teacher who snapped his head to me. I will never forget Stricklander’s expression. A mix between shock and… fear? He yelled something out, but it was too late. I turned foot and ran.

“Shitshitshitshitshit…” I cussed and I ran. The word almost serving as a chant, telling to get my shit together and ran like hell!

I slid around a corner, almost falling, would have if not for stabilizing with my hand. I could hear the lovechild on my heels. Dude sounded heavy.

Dear god, is this how I’m gonna die? Death by evil villain who was corroborating with my weird teachers? Could be worse.

Damn asthma… my chest was already burning. Breathing was getting harder and harder to do. But I pushed past it, my will to stay alive was stronger.

I didn’t know where I was going. I was taking random corners hoping to throw the creature off. But it still kept on my ass. At this point I was tempted to stop and quit. Never was a big runner.

However, I saw an exhibit that I recognized. It was the tanzanite! Which meant the entrance wasn’t far, maybe once I was outside I could loose this lug! With renewed hope and determination I hauled ass to the door.

So close! So close to freedom and life!

I was about two feet from the door handles when the lovechild dropped down from the skies, blocking me. I yelped as I collided with its stone hard body. Ow… that’s going to leave a mark. If I live…

Everything was fuzzy. I must have hit my head.


It was laughing at me. Laughing at me! I gazed up with a dazed look at the creature. Even with the daze, I could see some key features. Such as the yellow and red eyes, dude, those are brighter than Stricklander’s! The creature’s main color variation was black and grey. It hand small tusks that jutted out from its bottom jaw, making me assume it had an underbite. Two horns curved down and in from its head. One looked like it had been broken off, the tip was gone.

Two straps made of something I didn’t recognize crossed over its chest, they met at a kilt like cover. It had its cover decorated with skulls of unknown creatures. On its right forearm is had a band. And two… swords?

It was also buff. Like… REALLY… buff. If I wasn’t so dazed, I’d say it wasn’t bad lookin’. Better than some humans I’ve seen.

I met its glowing orbs and wasn’t scared. Woah. I must have it my head pretty hard. I blinked and tried to push myself away from the creature. But then it spoke.

“Keep running. I like a good chase.” Oh. My. God.

With a voice like that, I’m good right here. Dear lord I sound like a hormonal teenage girl, oh wait, I am one. I giggle drunkenly at my joke. The creature furrowed its brows in confusion.

“Help me up and I’ll get back to running.” I huffed.

“Why would I help you when I’m just gonna kill you?” It asked snarkly.

I stuck my tongue out at it. Fine be that way, then I wont be going anywhere with you. I shakily got to my, thinking I was doing it gracefully like a deer, in reality, I looked like a newborn giraffe. When I started to tremble, I boldly put a hand on tall dark and stone.

Now stabled, I took some steps. Only to fall back on the ground.

“You know this ground is actually comfier than it looks. I think I’ll go to sleep right here.” I yawned and curled into a ball.

A pair of footsteps came running in mine and the creature’s direction. I was too tired to see who it was. All I wanted was sleep. And damn it, I was gonna get some.

“What happened?!” Oh it was Stricklander. He sounded exasperated, maybe from running? The creature leaned over my curled up form. I hummed and rolled over to look back at it.

“This fleshbag’s still alive… I’ll grab her.”

“Don’t eat her, Bular.” Stricklander’s voice was commanding. Even more than he is in school. He’d been holding out no me, I feel so offended.

Wait. He said the creature’s name. Bular… actually that’s a cool name. Cool name to go with a cool creature.

“I won’t.” Bular stated as he leaned closer to my face. His features were shimmering away in black particles, along with everything else. Slowly, my sight turned dark.

Chemistry - Moon Bin x Reader

Originally posted by arohauniverse

Title: Chemistry
Author: Haru.
Pairing: Moon Bin x MC
Summary: “We have so much chemistry together!” “You mean the class, right?”

The set-up for the lab was a lot more…. complex than most of the labs they have done previously. “You have nice handwriting right?” Asked her teacher, walking up to her as the senior student walked into class, books - her notebook, textbook, pencil case with various office supplies galore and calculator - at her seat on the lab bench on the far right of the room. She placed her books down and nodded, “Yeah, kind of, yes.”

“Great,” He then handed her a pad of lined paper and a black white board marker. He then walked over to a metal push cart piled with chemicals, various sides of beakers and gloves. He then fixed his red safety goggles on his face, straighten out his bright white lab coat - okay since when were lab coats this clean? Seriously! Everyone gets theirs dirty while the teacher’s looks so pristine - and pushed his cart to the first station. “Label those beakers,” He placed a white container with a lid on the table and looked over at the girl. “Label this one as waste bin,” Which she complied as she popped the cap off the marker and, in her best handwriting, wrote what she was told to write on the lined paper. “And then, tape it with this,” He handed her a roll of scotch tape and pushed his cart to the other stations as the girl followed and labelled what had to be labelled - chemicals and the waste bins. “Once you’re finished, keep following me around the class so that we can label everything else.”

“This,” He picked up a beaker which another student that had helped set up, place and looked down at the paper he had taped on the desk previous to the lab at the type of chemicals he needed to provide for the students. “Is hydrochloric acid, or HCl,” he then grabbed some silver, metal ribbon and placed it into a smaller beaker along with some wire clippers which was laid to the left of the beaker. “Also label this as magnesium ribbon.” And with that he pushed his cart to the next station. Since when did Science labs require this much work? “He said it was a carousel type of lab,” The girl muttered under her breath as she uncapped the white board marker and labeled what she was told on the beakers and on separate lined pieces of paper. “I thought carousels were supposed to be fun.” The senior student taped the paper to the desk and continued to follow her teacher like a lost puppy and obeyed his instructions.

“Alright students!” The teacher stood in front of the class, standing behind his desk in front of the room. “Before we start the lab I need you all to grab safety equipment,” The students eagerly stood up, making the professor in the front clear his throat. “After you clear your lab benches, tie up your long hair and take off your hoodies.”

“But it’s cold,” One of the students groaned as they hugged themselves to preserve their body heat. “Can’t I keep it on, sir?”

“If you’d rather risk your life and get chemicals on your hoodie,” He popped the collar of his white lab coat to emphasize his point. “Which is probably the type of material which will allow liquid chemicals to seep into it and come in contact with your skin and severely injure, not only yourself, but someone else as well.” The student, who was unable to refute against their teacher’s argument - ah, since when did Chemistry class turn into Debate class? - stubbornly took off her hoodie and folded it messily before stuffing the damn thing into her lab bench cubby. The rest of the class laughed as they continued to follow the rules - tying back long hair with an elastic band and hoodies off their person - and walked over to the rightmost wall of the room where plastic, clear, rectangular organizing boxes were filled to the brim with safety goggles and lab aprons. “Make sure to grab the goggles which over around your eyes,” He took off his bright red safety goggles and gestured to the grey silicon covering around it with his index finger. “So that nothing, and I mean nothing, gets into your goggles and contaminates or destroys your eyes. We are working with chemicals, and even though I know most of them aren’t as harmful as some you might use in University, it’s always good to be cautious!”

Most of the class began to pair up with their friends for the group of two carousel lab, and since their class was an odd number of students, one of them was left out - Moonbin, one of five other boys who were the school’s pride and joy, ASTRO, the school’s award winning glee team… That is, if you actually cared about Glee. “Binnie-ah,” The teacher leaned over his desk and rested his chin on his palm which was propped up by his elbow. “No partner?”

“No,” The boy politely replied, looking around at the other groups of two in the class. Why couldn’t his friends take Chemistry with him? Oh, right, they signed him up for this class since his crush, the decently popular (Y/N), was in it. “I can do it alone.”

“Labs require you to have a partner,” The teacher replied, trying to find a group who wouldn’t mind another joining them. “How about you join them?” He then points to a group heating a small, wire  of copper over a bunsen burner with tongs - Station B. To his luck - he couldn’t tell if the fates were trying to hint at something - the group consisted of his crush, the beautiful ball of stars herself and another student he swore he shares music class, 3rd period, with. “Sure.” The boy held in his delight as he made his way - more like skipped - over to his assigned group.

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Imagine Your OTP - 85 Parent Writing Prompts

Prompts for your OTP as parents. Quotes are either directed towards or about their children at whichever age. There are only a few for infants but you could simply modify another number to suit it so it’s fine. I’m also taking requests on these.

  1. “Nooo, don’t put that in your mouth!”
  2. “This is the most precious gift I could ever receive.”
  3. “This is my child. I’m actually a father/mother.”
  4. “Help me understand baby gibberish.”
  5. “You are so beautiful/handsome.”
  6. “I’m proud of you.”
  7. “Let our child go!”
  8. “Disgusting.”
  9. “No more scary ghost stories?”
  10. “Let’s go little buddy.”
  11. “Please don’t make a scene!”
  12. “I kinda wanna sleep tonight, so can you keep it down for me?”
  13. “You got the stuff? Diapers, wipes, tissues, baby food, all that?”
  14. “I gotta sing this little bug a lullaby.”
  15. “Come look at this!”
  16. “I love it! It’s a wonderful gift.”
  17. “That’s um… really interesting?”
  18. “Where are you going?”
  19. “That’s a bit inappropriate.”
  20. “You’re grounded.”
  21. “I’m disappointed in you.”
  22. “How dare you speak to me like that!”
  23. “I should really beat your ass.”
  24. “I really do love you.”
  25. “I’m at work!”
  26. “My kid(s) are fully capable of bringing me a beer from the fridge, that’s why I appreciate them.”
  27. ”Son/sweetie, help me hide this.”
  28. “You’re going out in that?”
  29. “Do you know how unsafe that is?”
  30. “Please calm down.”
  31. “You live in a weird generation.”
  32. “No matter what happens, you’re my kid, I don’t care.”
  33. “We were about to call the police!”
  34. “You can run, but you can’t hide!”
  35. “I don’t like this new boy/girlfriend of yours.”
  36. “Kissing my ass won’t get you out of trouble.”
  37. “Why would you do that?”
  38. “What the hell did you do to my house?”
  39. “C’mon, be a bit more social. Put yourself out there.”
  40. “That’s my kid.”
  41. “You’re all grown up.”
  42. “Ask your father/mother.”
  43. “Don’t go fucking everything with legs.”
  44. “Cherish your youth.”
  45. “You are evil.”
  46. “You’re honestly being so rude.”
  47. “I did not raise you like this.”
  48. “We’re going on a road trip.”
  49. “Don’t do anything illegal without me.”
  50. “I should get a picture that says ‘we kick ass in this house’ and put it in the living room.”
  51. “You’re in trouble, son/girlie.”
  52. “Absolutely not.”
  53. “If you haven’t seen Mean Girls, you’re too young.”
  54. “We’re about to fight.”
  55. “I’m sorry, son/sweetie.”
  56. “I’m starting to get worried about them.”
  57. “You can’t go that far away.”
  58. “Don’t walk away from me!”
  59. “You came out of my vagina and into the world, anything’s possible.”
  60. “And that’s how you pop the cap off of a champagne bottle.”
  61. “Eat shit.”
  62. “I’m about to block my own child on messages.”
  63. “Don’t give up.”
  64. “Just admit it, you love me/us.”
  65. “I don’t have emotions. I haven’t had them since you were born.”
  66. “I’m talking to you!”
  67. “I remember when you would do this. You were the weirdest baby ever.”
  68. “I’m not letting you leave this damn house.”
  69. “That’s great, now where’s my damn potato chips?”
  70. “No way! Really?”
  71. “This is a huge deal.”
  72. “I’m scared for our kid.”
  73. “Not a word to your mother/father.”
  74. “I’m so glad you’re safe.”
  75. “You’re not gonna win this.”
  76. “I’m supposed to keep you protected, fed, clothed, and loved. That’s why I’m a parent.”
  77. “I really don’t like you.”
  78. “I can’t believe you’re actually going to college.”
  79. “They grow up too fuckin’ fast.”
  80. “I’m not gonna let you go. You better give me a hug right now.”
  81. “I would never give up on you.”
  82. “Answer the phone already!”
  83. “Shut the hell up before I cry.”
  84. “I love you.”
  85. “Welcome to the family.”

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- DiagnosedBlog <3

First Listen Friday: Sectionals


Mercedes is so so so awesome.  This is a giant moment for her and I would have liked to have seen more of these throughout the series because Mercedes is so so so awesome.

Why didn’t they do this one on Glee Live??  Ah well, at least we get this number back again and the Amber Riley version is even better.

Too bad Mercedes’s songs get stolen by the other choirs because I really want to see her shine outside the choir room more.  And I in no way believe that Mercedes doesn’t also have plenty of numbers in her back pocket to pull off at Sectionals.

Anyhow, Rachel does fucking crush this number and it solidifies her character becoming who she has longed to be in a really powerful way.  I don’t really want to pit these two women against each other (like the show does).

Oh man does Rachel look young here.

I like how the Glee Live version is just like Sectionals (with a bigger crowd).

The Maniac Who Stole My Heart (Kai Parker)

Imagine having a child with Kol and another with Kai, and they like to spoil the girls in attempt to prove who is the best father and win your heart.

I sat on my porch, as I held little Sapphire in my lap, as her sister Kenzi ran around the front yard. Sapphire and Kenzi are my daughters, but they don’t have the same father. Kenzi is Kol’s daughter, and Saph is Kai’s. I know how that sounds. That I go for the most homicidal maniacs, but in reality I see the good in all people. However miniscule that fraction may be.

Both Kol and Kai spoil the girls, and honestly I find it adorable, but I just don’t want them to grow up, thinking that I am a slut, but I’m not. When I had Kenzi, I loved Kol, then he died for a few years. I was heartbroken, but when he came back, he stayed in New Orleans, and messed around with a witch. Then I fell for a certain homicidal witch named Malachai Parker, once he was released from the 1994 prison world.

I’m not sure when it happened, but it did. It might have been when he used his magic that he stole from the Mystic Falls barrier to save Kenzi when she ran out into the road.

Also, right as he got out of the second prison world, he came straight to me, and found out that I was pregnant. I had been reluctant to tell him, thinking that he would be angry, but he was actually happy for me, for us, but he said that I had to take Kenzi and go, because things were about to get bad. That was two years ago. Now Kol and Kai visit regularly to try and become their favorite, or rather my favorite.

A car pulled up in the driveway, and I recognized Kol, he had his normal smirk on his face. I used to love that smirk. Now it just annoys me. I don’t know why, maybe because it took him a while to even call me. A little while longer to even show his face.

A few seconds later, Kai pulled up. Oh dear. This is about to get extremely awkward.

Kenzi ran up to Kol, and he gave her a little charm bracelet. How adorable. When Kenzi saw Kai, she ran to him, and Kol looked slightly upset. He walked over to me with his normal arrogance, and held out his arms for Sapphire. She looked wary, but I handed her to him nonetheless. He gave her a little doll, and she clapped her hands in glee. Ah. Little manipulative Saph, my little angel, truly Kai’s daughter.

“Hello, Lissa. How are you darling?” Kol asked.

“I’ve been better.” I said, annoyed. I stop up, and walked over to Kai.

“How are you?” He asked, but he was glaring at Kol who was holding his daughter.

“Not looking forwards to this.” I said to him, as I gave him a quick hug. I could feel eyes on me , and I turned my head to see Kol glaring at us. Well, mostly Kai. Is he really going to try and fight with the leader of the Gemini coven? How idiotic can he get?

“Your friend over there, is not happy.” He said.

“I’m aware of this, Malachai.” I snapped, as I picked up Kenzi, and I walked over to Kol, and I knew Kai was right behind me, in case I had a fit. Or as the doctors call it, a severe series of muscle spasms that is similar to a seizure, that can be caused by stress.

“Kai, I’m fine.” I said to him.

“I’m not taking my chances, Lissa. You’ll drop Kenzi, and you could get hurt if you’re not restrained properly.” He said.

“Kai, you only know this, because you were at my doctors appointments, and most of my occupational therapy appointments.” I said.

“At least I was there.” He muttered. I shot him a look, but I knew it was the truth. Despite all of his evil tendencies, he’s always made sure to be there for me. Kol on the other hand…

“Lissa, let me hold my daughter.” Kol said. Kai grabbed Sapphire from him, and I handed Kenzi to Kol. I was grateful, because I began to feel my muscles tighten.

“I need to sit down.” I said. I grabbed onto Kai’s arm quickly, because he was the closest.

“Kol, hold Sapphire.” Kai said, and quickly handed his daughter off.

My muscles contracted, and I almost fell over once they relaxed. Almost. I didn’t because Kai caught me. Kol looked confused.

“Fit.” Sapphire said in her adorable baby voice. It’s said that a two year old knows what is going on, but the man I once loved had no clue, but he should since it was technically his fault. When he and his brother got into a fight, Kol pushed me out of the way, and I fell down the stairs of my old house, and I damaged my nervous system, as well as parts of my brain.

“Would someone please tell me what the hell is going on!” Kol demanded, but I began spazzing in Kai’s arms, and he lowered me to the ground, and straddled me, and held my head , then placed his elbows down on my shoulders. I kept jerking, and it was becoming painful.

“Kai!” I cried out.

“Get the kids in the house!” Kai barked. I’m not sure if Kol listened, but at the moment I didn’t care, because I couldn’t focus on anything.

“Lissa, grab onto my shirt.” He said. I somehow brought my hands to his shirt, and I fought the spasms in my hands. He interlocked his legs with mine, to completely restrain me. Then I felt the ebbings of calm slowly coming over me due to a spell. I felt my muscles relax, and it left me exhausted, embarrassed and wary.

Kai got up, and picked me up, cradling me like a small child, knowing that I would be too tired to move. Kai truly understood me. He wasn’t a complete sociopath, he never was. He was just withdrawn emotionally, because of how he was outcasted by his entire family, then locked away instead of someone trying to help him.

I was that person. I met him before he merged with Luke. I had been through it all. He never once tried to harm me, so that made me a target for Damon and the others. Especially once they found out I was pregnant. Elena had been the one to stop them all from killing me, because she knew how it was to love a ‘monster’ and be human, to be able to see through all of the evil and darkness. So I basically owed her my life, as well as Kenzi, and then I realized Elena only did this to get information about Kai, and this nearly got both me, Kenzi, and little Saph in my womb killed. So Kai ended up killing her. That’s why he told us to go.

Kai carried me into the house where Kol was playing with the children. “How did this happen?” Kol asked.

“You.” I said tiredly. I heard Kenzi sigh, and pick up Sapphire.

“You hurt mommy really badly, and she got injured. She said that you were fighting with your brother, and you pushed her down the stairs. Kai never hurt mommy. Leave.” She said, and Kol sat there dejected.

“You can still see them, I’m not going to keep you from that.” I said. He nodded his head, and left, leaving me, Kai, Kenzi, and Sapphire. All one family. All with my lovable homicidal maniac.