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Members of the blade of the marmora being curious about Coran. Like this goofy Altean, but an adviser to the royals. There's just something suspicious and also sneaky. oh they're familiar with masks but this is just straaange.

“He’s not… like that all the time… is he?”

Thace looked up from the blaster rifle he was repairing to where Coran, his princess, and Aldri were nearly in hysterics watching Triad try to drag a shrieking Ylva into a particle bath with her tractor beam. “You mean-?”

The younger apprentice -Irechel, wasn’t it?- wrinkled his nose faintly. “He’s just so… not what I expected from the person in charge of all these operations. He acts like a cub.”

“I see. No. No, he isn’t like that all the time.” He clicked the chamber closed and checked the safety, then tested the trigger a few times to make sure it wasn’t still catching. “I suspect he does it to put his closest comrades at ease, since they are very much cubs themselves. I do admit, though-” he added as he looked over to see Coran finally give in and rescue his smaller fellow tech, only for Ylva to promptly climb his back and hiss at Triad from behind him, “the difference is like night and day. I have never seen such a well-constructed mask before.”


Technically, he wasn’t spying. After affirming their loyalties, the Princess and her Advisor had allowed them nearly full-run of the castle.

He was just… observing, that was all.

Kolivan always said that keeping one’s eyes and ears sharp were the way to the truth, didn’t he? 

Irechel nested himself silently in the shadows of the cables of the Lions’ hanger, well above the steel beasts. He had a prickly itch up his back that always made him uncomfortable around them, even when they weren’t looking at him and the other Blades.

Like they were always watching.

But no matter!

He’d overheard from conversations between their spymaster and his Princess that her mother was returning from some important trip to several worlds. If Coran had indeed worked for the previous royals as well, this would be a prime chance to see what sort of mask he used in front of the old Altean Queen.

The hissing of the far control doors alerted him to his quarry’s approach, and he flattened his ears to lower his profile, crouching deeper into his nest as Coran came into the hanger with a cheerful whistling tune.

A blast of air from the bay doors opening suddenly made him regret his hiding place, and he clung to the cables to keep from getting thrown free, glaring down at the Altean who seemed to have no trouble keeping his footing. Gritting his teeth, Irechel resolutely dug his claws in and stayed put, waiting for-

-not the enthusiastic hug he saw, the dark-haired woman from the ship barely touching the floor before she and the advisor were swinging each other around in glee. 

“Ah, Illy, as always, you’re a sight for sore eyes!”

“Hah! You say that now, Red, but just you wait-”

What in the- that was not the behavior he expected the Altean to treat his superior with. The Princess, perhaps, because she was a cub, but surely the old Queen was of his age or-

And just like that, before his confusion had even abated, the two were walking away arm in arm, heads together like old friends… or old conspirators.

Scowling, Irechel crept along the cables, trying to get a better view. 

What he saw almost… frightened him.

Gone were the two cubs at play, and in their places were a pair of war leaders, expressions as stone and serious as the words he couldn’t hear. 

And in a heartbeat, they were… laughing again!

Was this what Thace had meant?

But no! No one had been watching but him and the Lions! And surely they had not known of his presence!

But then…

Then that meant…

Irechel shivered as he watched them go, trying to put this new development together.

Adult Alteans were truly an unnerving species.

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I have a lot of questions about the facebook live and I am going to take this opportunity to express why I actually am quite pleased with it and the direction this may be taking us.

I know this is likely a minority opinion, but I have absolutely no issue with a professional collaboration between Darren and Lea. 

Fact, Darren has 1.6 Million IG Follows. Lea has 4.5 Million.  

Fact, Darren has 1.9 Million Twitter Followers. Lea has 4.7 Million

Me, I like that promotion. That is nearly 3 million people that would not otherwise be exposed to Darren and his music who may now take a peak. And if they like what they hear, just may buy his EP.  

And let’s face it, like her or not. Lea is a beautiful, talented woman who works her ass off to maintain her image and has an excellent work ethic.  For PR purposes, she is a perfect person to get some promotion. And they are equally using each other.

And what I really liked. They aren’t even pretending this is anything but PR. Lea said last night that this was the first time she had ever been to Darren’s house. Granted, we all know that isn’t his house, but the average person watching that Facebook Live doesn’t have a clue. If they wanted to pretend they were Besties and have been hanging out constantly for the past two years, that comment would not have been made. It was quite clear that these two really had not seen each other outside of their dinner with Chord the night before (I love how much they mentioned that dinner and made it seem like it was just the three of them reminiscing about Glee) and of course the Comic Con which was not mentioned but there are photos and video.

On a professional level, Darren has nothing to loose and everything to gain. I am confident that whatever they post today on YouTube will be posted by multiple news sites. And they will mention Lea’s album. And they will mention Darren’s album. Not so sure how that is a bad thing.

But I see this beyond a professional level as well. I feel as though we are heading in the direction of a renewed “friendship” between the two.  And that friendship provides a distraction as we near the end of the PR relationship from hell.  It is very clear to all of us, I think, that we are headed to the end of this horrific nightmare of a chapter in Darren’s life. And that is a very good thing. What I don’t think has been decided, though others will disagree, is exactly how this ends. Staged Break up?  Reveal of her as a beard?  The whole truth? No one knows. And if I were a betting person, I would say negotiations are still very much ongoing to exactly how this completely unhealthy relationship ends. What I have noticed?  The way in which the bearding has been happening lately has massively shifted. They have removed her from virtually all of his professional outings and have contained it to isolated “private but not really private events” that are broadcast all over social media. It seems to me this will continue until the finale is decided.

And Lea is the perfect distraction while all of the behind the scenes negotiations take place.  And further, she is the perfect distraction once it is clear that Mia is no longer the official plus 1.

So as Darren’s new PR friend, she is a person to go to events and parties with. But even better. She is a person that is connected to Chris.  I cannot say this enough. This is so critical right now.  Remember, as I pointed out yesterday, Lea hasn’t just been interacting with Darren lately. She and Chris have also been interacting on social media as well. To overlook this is a massive mistake. So I view this as an excellent bridge to opportunities for these two extraordinary men to been seen in public together again.  And that is crucial. Because again, you and I, we know. We are ready for them to come running out of the closet and broadcast to the world that they are in love and have been for six years. Everyone else? They don’t have a clue. And there is nothing wrong with a little preparation and groundwork.

I won’t lie, I was quite concerned that they were setting us up for Lea as the new beard. And I think I have made my opinion on that quite clear.  A new beard is pointless and will have little to no gain as barely anyone who actually pays attention believes the straight narrative.  But I no longer feel that is the direction- if that was the push, they would not have had their happy PR dinner with the fourth wheel with nothing to contribute and they would not have done the live stream from the PR house (I really cannot for the life of me figure out why they did it from the storage room. Big mistake, but I digress).  So as a PR friend?  I see nothing but positives for Darren. And more importantly, I think it could play a huge role it the eventual truth (or partial truth).

I also would not be surprised at all of we see them onscreen together in a Murphy production soon, whether she is cast in a small role on ACS, they both drop by AHS, or Glee 2.0.

The Maniac Who Stole My Heart (Kai Parker)

Imagine having a child with Kol and another with Kai, and they like to spoil the girls in attempt to prove who is the best father and win your heart.

I sat on my porch, as I held little Sapphire in my lap, as her sister Kenzi ran around the front yard. Sapphire and Kenzi are my daughters, but they don’t have the same father. Kenzi is Kol’s daughter, and Saph is Kai’s. I know how that sounds. That I go for the most homicidal maniacs, but in reality I see the good in all people. However miniscule that fraction may be.

Both Kol and Kai spoil the girls, and honestly I find it adorable, but I just don’t want them to grow up, thinking that I am a slut, but I’m not. When I had Kenzi, I loved Kol, then he died for a few years. I was heartbroken, but when he came back, he stayed in New Orleans, and messed around with a witch. Then I fell for a certain homicidal witch named Malachai Parker, once he was released from the 1994 prison world.

I’m not sure when it happened, but it did. It might have been when he used his magic that he stole from the Mystic Falls barrier to save Kenzi when she ran out into the road.

Also, right as he got out of the second prison world, he came straight to me, and found out that I was pregnant. I had been reluctant to tell him, thinking that he would be angry, but he was actually happy for me, for us, but he said that I had to take Kenzi and go, because things were about to get bad. That was two years ago. Now Kol and Kai visit regularly to try and become their favorite, or rather my favorite.

A car pulled up in the driveway, and I recognized Kol, he had his normal smirk on his face. I used to love that smirk. Now it just annoys me. I don’t know why, maybe because it took him a while to even call me. A little while longer to even show his face.

A few seconds later, Kai pulled up. Oh dear. This is about to get extremely awkward.

Kenzi ran up to Kol, and he gave her a little charm bracelet. How adorable. When Kenzi saw Kai, she ran to him, and Kol looked slightly upset. He walked over to me with his normal arrogance, and held out his arms for Sapphire. She looked wary, but I handed her to him nonetheless. He gave her a little doll, and she clapped her hands in glee. Ah. Little manipulative Saph, my little angel, truly Kai’s daughter.

“Hello, Lissa. How are you darling?” Kol asked.

“I’ve been better.” I said, annoyed. I stop up, and walked over to Kai.

“How are you?” He asked, but he was glaring at Kol who was holding his daughter.

“Not looking forwards to this.” I said to him, as I gave him a quick hug. I could feel eyes on me , and I turned my head to see Kol glaring at us. Well, mostly Kai. Is he really going to try and fight with the leader of the Gemini coven? How idiotic can he get?

“Your friend over there, is not happy.” He said.

“I’m aware of this, Malachai.” I snapped, as I picked up Kenzi, and I walked over to Kol, and I knew Kai was right behind me, in case I had a fit. Or as the doctors call it, a severe series of muscle spasms that is similar to a seizure, that can be caused by stress.

“Kai, I’m fine.” I said to him.

“I’m not taking my chances, Lissa. You’ll drop Kenzi, and you could get hurt if you’re not restrained properly.” He said.

“Kai, you only know this, because you were at my doctors appointments, and most of my occupational therapy appointments.” I said.

“At least I was there.” He muttered. I shot him a look, but I knew it was the truth. Despite all of his evil tendencies, he’s always made sure to be there for me. Kol on the other hand…

“Lissa, let me hold my daughter.” Kol said. Kai grabbed Sapphire from him, and I handed Kenzi to Kol. I was grateful, because I began to feel my muscles tighten.

“I need to sit down.” I said. I grabbed onto Kai’s arm quickly, because he was the closest.

“Kol, hold Sapphire.” Kai said, and quickly handed his daughter off.

My muscles contracted, and I almost fell over once they relaxed. Almost. I didn’t because Kai caught me. Kol looked confused.

“Fit.” Sapphire said in her adorable baby voice. It’s said that a two year old knows what is going on, but the man I once loved had no clue, but he should since it was technically his fault. When he and his brother got into a fight, Kol pushed me out of the way, and I fell down the stairs of my old house, and I damaged my nervous system, as well as parts of my brain.

“Would someone please tell me what the hell is going on!” Kol demanded, but I began spazzing in Kai’s arms, and he lowered me to the ground, and straddled me, and held my head , then placed his elbows down on my shoulders. I kept jerking, and it was becoming painful.

“Kai!” I cried out.

“Get the kids in the house!” Kai barked. I’m not sure if Kol listened, but at the moment I didn’t care, because I couldn’t focus on anything.

“Lissa, grab onto my shirt.” He said. I somehow brought my hands to his shirt, and I fought the spasms in my hands. He interlocked his legs with mine, to completely restrain me. Then I felt the ebbings of calm slowly coming over me due to a spell. I felt my muscles relax, and it left me exhausted, embarrassed and wary.

Kai got up, and picked me up, cradling me like a small child, knowing that I would be too tired to move. Kai truly understood me. He wasn’t a complete sociopath, he never was. He was just withdrawn emotionally, because of how he was outcasted by his entire family, then locked away instead of someone trying to help him.

I was that person. I met him before he merged with Luke. I had been through it all. He never once tried to harm me, so that made me a target for Damon and the others. Especially once they found out I was pregnant. Elena had been the one to stop them all from killing me, because she knew how it was to love a ‘monster’ and be human, to be able to see through all of the evil and darkness. So I basically owed her my life, as well as Kenzi, and then I realized Elena only did this to get information about Kai, and this nearly got both me, Kenzi, and little Saph in my womb killed. So Kai ended up killing her. That’s why he told us to go.

Kai carried me into the house where Kol was playing with the children. “How did this happen?” Kol asked.

“You.” I said tiredly. I heard Kenzi sigh, and pick up Sapphire.

“You hurt mommy really badly, and she got injured. She said that you were fighting with your brother, and you pushed her down the stairs. Kai never hurt mommy. Leave.” She said, and Kol sat there dejected.

“You can still see them, I’m not going to keep you from that.” I said. He nodded his head, and left, leaving me, Kai, Kenzi, and Sapphire. All one family. All with my lovable homicidal maniac.

What will happen on AHS: 6

Finn Wittrock and Evan Peters will play each other

The main three cast will all live to the end of the season

Unless there’s a dumb twist where they’re all actually dead

There will be awesome visuals that will get lackluster/inadequate/no explanation

Evan Peters will fall in love with somebody.

Probably Emma Roberts as a ghost pilgrim, that sounds about right.

Angela Bassett will shoot people, only to find that guns won’t work on them

The Pig thing will probably get resolved mid-season.

Kathy Bates will make us all sad

When Lady Gaga shows up we’ll be plagued with gifs of her for months

There will be a flashback to the original Roanoke Colony, before it at went to shit.

Several episodes will be dedicated to prior tenants of the house in different decades, because Ryan Murphy loves period pieces but hates committing


And that’s what you missed on Glee.

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Melanie Martinez
Troye Sivan
Panic! At the Disco
Arctic Monkeys
The Smashing Pumpkins
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Tegan and Sara
Jimmy Eat World
Marianas Trench

Dan and Phil
Dodie Clark
Jenna Marbles
Carrie Hope Fletcher
Miranda Sings
Jon Cozart

Percy Jackson
Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Perks Of Being a Wallflower
Harry Potter
The Hunger Games
D.C. Comic books
Romeo and Juliet
The Mortal Instruments
John Green books
The Breakfast Club
Tv Shows:

Doctor Who
Teen Wolf
Skin Wars
Secret Life Of An American Teenagers
Gilmore Girls
Stranger Things

Musical Theater
The Sims
Female Empowerment/Equality

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with the yoi bit he was talking about whether or not they actually kiss onscreen and if they didn't they can't just say it happened offscreen so it's canon but there are other gay animes where they do kiss (and maybe fuck) so dan was basically debating whether it was queerbaiting or censorship and that's what you missed on glee


American Horror Story: Roanoke

-Shelby pulled a Negan.
-Agnes literally cannot die.
-No one has seen scooby doo.
-Sidney was brutally murdered.
-The real Lee is getting eaten alive.
-Dominic Banks is a fucking asshole.
-Matt is “in love” with the woods witch.
-Those cannibalistic hillbillies are sadly back.
-The real Roanoke tribe is back and pissed af.
-Edward Mott is not just bitchy but a homicidal maniac.

And that’s what you missed on Glee!