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I’m glad that some phase of production — be it the writers themselves, the producers/directors, or even just the D&C level of what works and what doesn’t for their characters — sat down with that script and said:


I’m not upset. I’m not, really. It’s just that I’ve spent years trying to work out where you end and I begin, and you’ve waited until now to tell me I’m an island.

Gavin Free: Don’t tap me! We’ve gotta have equal taps! No, no, you’ve tapped me twice, so I need to tap you one more time.

Michael Jones: I’m gonna tap you with my sword next!

Gavin Free: Yeah, but I need to tap you one more time.

Michael Jones: Imma tap you with my sword, next time you hit me.

Jack Pattillo: Stop tapping each other…

Geoff Ramsey: Jesus Christ, just bang and get over with it.

Ray Narvaez, Jr.: If you guys can… please fuck, you’d make a lot of people happy. 

Michael Jones: Fuck yeah! Michael/Gavin!

Geoff Ramsey: You’d make Tumblr so happy.


how it happened
  • Chris as Kurt:Are you telling me I had the option of saying no?
  • Darren as Blaine:I did not manipulate you into getting engaged.
  • Chris as Kurt:Yeah, you - *laughs before regaining composure. Tries to be serious again* Yeah, you did. ...Ok wait. Let's do that again. I'll try and get it right this time.
  • Director:...
  • Chris:*takes deep breaths* Okay. I'm ready.
  • Darren as Blaine:*fakes tears* I hate you. I hate you- *starts laughing with Chris* Okay really who wrote this bullshit...
  • Director:How about we just edit that part out?
  • Chris:How about it.

Yumoto Version
Since the Yumoto one got enough notes last time (I don’t want to spam the tag with stuff people don’t wanna see) here’s the Ryuu one! If nobody kicks my askbox in and demands that I do Akoya or Kinshiro or whoever right away, I’ll just continue in the order of their colors. Two bonuses (plus one stupid crossover) this time because I can‘t decide and because the green eyes Wombat had in ep 9 look absolutely gorgeous on Ryuu :