Some Fantastic Beasts’ sketches from my twitter

  • Sirius: Are you okay? You kept making those weird faces the whole night.
  • Remus: Those weren't weird faces, those were my sexy faces.
  • Sirius: Really? It just looked like you were having gas pains, or something...
  • Remus: [dejected] Great....
  • Sirius: I mean if you want a few lessons on how to be sexy I'm sure I can give you 'private' lessons... *winks*

{Fake AH Crew ; Brawler}

The last of Ramsey’s attack dogs, and certainly the most underestimated. This is not a fight that you would want to pick, because this is certainly a fight you were born to lose. It’s hard to see him coming, and he packs twice the punch of even Mogar himself. The first to call to a fight, this fighter will do anything to protect his crew mates, and should you hurt one of them, ten times the amount of pain is about to be inflicted on you.


Psycho Pass or Tokyo Ghoul requested by @ah-luna​​