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Jessica Lange learns of people noticing a comparison between herself and Caitlyn Jenner.

The Daily Beast’ went on to speak to Queen Lange over the phone, they then broke the news to her that she was trending on Twitter. Her candid response was simply: “What does that mean?”

After letting out a hearty laugh—at herself for not knowing what trending meant—she reiterated, “You have to explain what that means to me.”

We gave a quick tutorial on what it means to be trending, and explained that it was because so many people thought Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover looked like her. We also clarified that this was a good comparison, as the overwhelming response is how beautiful Jenner looks on the cover.

“Oh, really?” she said. “That’s so wonderful. Well, now I’m going to have to look for that picture.”

She giggled as she tried to process what all of this trending talk meant. “Trending on Twitter because Caitlyn Jenner is on the cover—you see I don’t do any of this stuff, the Internet,” she said. “So I have no clue when people use this terminology. I have to repeat it to understand.”

We gave her one more rundown of what exactly was going on: loads of people are tweeting about her because of the similarity between Caitlyn Jenner’s styling on the cover of Vanity Fair and her own look, and in a completely flattering way.

“All right,” she said. “That’s an interesting bit of information.”