ahrjeyarts replied to your photoI am Terumi, it is me.

omg no wai i knew it- Ignore these guys; they don’t have hobbies or talents and try to make themselves look good to absolutely nobody they will ever impress in real life.

lol i take everything he says with a grain of salt. I know whos doing it, but it’ funny because he still persists to try and convince me that it isnt him

…and tries to pretend the terumis are multiple people

… so yeah its kinda funny to dick with him. >_>

ahrjeyarts replied to your post: I’ve been on the fence about getting Pokemon X but…

I haven’t played myself, but I watched a friend play. You’re into the story/RPG games like Mass Effect so I think you’ll enjoy the witty banter amongst the characters in Dragon Age :)

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been told so far. I haven’t played a lot of RPGs, but I loooove Mass Effect and a lot of people that like Mass Effect also seem to like Dragon Age. And I’ve been meaning to try a new game series soon anyways.


A project that I have been working on for the past 2+ months on and off. I made a xenomorph cosplay from scratch for this year’s Dragon*Con! It won the Hall Costume Competition “Most Popular Woman” award, based on attendees’ votes! I used this guide as a great way to figure out what materials I could use to create this.

I plan to wear it again for future events and maybe do some touch-ups and improvements along the way!

My friend amesadoodle is awesome and took a couple of these pictures here. She’s the one in her homemade Mass Effect cosplay, and this isn’t even showing off all of her cool armor! The top pic is from the front page of AccessAtlanta!


This is an older tutorial I made that I decided to upload.

It is for BEGINNERS in shading and with a very simplified explanation of cel shading. I use Photoshop here and some basic layering.

Even though the art is old and outdated I hope this message still stands true for many young artists: don’t hold back and be scared to shade! You will mess up (like I did) and it’s okay! Just keep practicing and experimenting!