ahren schreave

the schreave kids in the car with maxon: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!

maxon: there’s food at home

the schreaves, muttering: i fucking hate this family

the schreave kids in the car with aspen: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!

aspen: [pulls into drive thru]

the kids: [cheering]

aspen: one black coffee please

the schreave kids in the car with america: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!

america: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!

Selection headcanon

Ok, I’ve been thinking.  Maxon probably knows Spanish because of course Amberly Schreave would not want her child to grow up not knowing Spanish, and America knows Spanish because she mentioned in the first book that it helped with singing, and it was still used in some parts of Illéa.  But here comes the fun part.  I have this headcanon that whenever they were at huge formal events and such after they were married, they would have secret conversations with each other in Spanish when they either wanted to talk crap about obnoxious people or when they just didn’t want anyone to eavesdrop on them.  And of course, they made sure their kids learned Spanish too, because Maxon felt that Amberly would have wanted them to, and this means that Eadlyn and Ahren do the exact same thing with each other.

America Singer Week 
Day 5: America & Kids


America & Eadlyn

  • Eady was always a Daddy’s girl because she needed to step into his shoes one day and spent most of her days following him about but when Ames comes in for mother-daughter time, it was the best thing ever. 
  • America calls her Kitten just like Shalom used to call her. 
  • Ames was the one who taught Eady Spanish. She taught her daughter  lots of things, how to play the piano - though Eady cannot carry a tune to save her life - and without realising it, Ames got Eady into fashion. 
  • One day as a little girl, Eady was sneaking around in her mother’s room when she sees the maids going over dress designs with America for an event and it sparks her interest. She then follows the maids to the needlework room to see them bring the dresses to life. 
  • She goes back to her mother’s suite with an awe-filled expression on her face and Ames sees this and asks about it.
  • After finding out, Ames is the one who gets Eady her first sketchbook and colour pencils. 
  • Most of the time, their life is a bed of roses but even they can’t be all perfect so of course, there is going to be fights. Eady is just as headstrong as America and we know that Ames always clashes with headstrong people like her (Magda, Aspen, Clarkson) 
  • Just like all mothers and daughters, they get into fights over the littlest things and Maxon is left to clean up after their blazing trails of tempers. 
  • The important thing is that at the end of each fight, they always make up.
  • Both America and Eady are so excited when Kerttu comes out being a redhead because Ames has always wanted a little redheaded girl and Eady loves how her daughter looks just like her mother. 

America & Ahren 

  • While Eady is a Daddy’s Girl, Ahren is a classic Momma’s Boy. His first word was literally Amedica! (yes that is an intentional typo) because he hears Maxon yell that a lot of times when Ames gets up to her usual trouble.
  • Her petname for him is Angel because before he got his golden locks, he used to be have really pale blonde hair that circled his head making it look like a halo. 
  • He literally goes to Ames for everything; girl trouble, piano, violin lessons, ballroom dancing lessons to impress Camille with. Ames is the one who teaches him French as well.
  • Ames was the first one he turned to when he realised he liked writing. It started as a small interest because he wrote Camille. Later he realised that it was his passion and he couldn’t breathe when he wasn’t writing.
  • She gets him his first personalised notebooks and stationary. She helps him seek out local writing competitions and asks him to submit for every one of them. 
  • Ahren doesn’t want to win on the account of being a Prince so Ames and him come up with a pseudonym which is so obvious, they are surprised that no one figured it out. 
  • It was Aaron Singer. 
  • Throughout his whole life, he has always turned to his mother and told her everything. There was no secrets between them. That’s why Ahren’s departure and elopment was such a huge blow of betrayal because there was literally no warning. It was the one time she didn’t know what was going on in Ahren’s head. 
  • She felt so lost and the shock of it all almost killed her. (THANKS A BUNCH AHREN!)
  • Of course she doesn’t blame him when he finally does come crawling back to ask for forgiveness. 
  • Because he will always be her Angel and even angels make mistakes sometimes. 

America & Kaden 

  • Kaden is also a Momma’s Boy but isn’t as dependant on America as Ahren is. Kaden has always been independant.
  • Especially with his studies which is how America came up with the petname Smarties after their favourite candy to share together and on the account of him being so intelligent.  
  • Ames was the one who introduced him to Gregory’s diaries. Since then he spends all his time in the secret archieve library, he even tries to work out how the computer works. (Spoiler alert, he ends up manufacturing computers and making them a norm again). 
  • While she is closer to Ahren, she does check in on Kaden in the library occasionally. They always end up on the floor reading something together. She also helps him with the computer.
  • She is also his fencing partner, she taught him the violin and he mastered both Spanish and French just like his mother. No one knows this but he is the real singer in the family after his mother. The other Schreaves can’t carry a tune to save their lives (Eady could to a certain extent but is nowhere as good as Ames or Kaden). 
  • Ames is the happiest when Kaden married Josie because at one point or another she genuinely thought her baby boy was going to build a robot girlfriend at one point or another. 

America & Osten 

  • Everyone would think these two would be the closest but no, they are too alike which makes them clash all the time. She calls him Mini Me because of that. 
  • She lowkey hates that she produced a mini version of herself because at this point she knew how problematic she used to be and now it’s reflected through Osten who is twice as active because he is boy. 
  • But she loves how smart and devious he is  because he could hold his own for a boy his age. 
  • So while they do clash sometimes, they also get along marvelously especially if they have an agenda against something. Which is why everytime Daphne visits, she loses a piece of jewelry right till she has to go back to France and then they mysteriously show up in her car seat that is leaving for the airport. 
  • She is always proud to see that Osten is becoming a fine young man, possibly better than she was at that age. He knows how to have fun but also knows his limits. 

EDIT: I was just too happy to be done with this long ass headcanon list that I forgot to tag my dear friend @not-your-dear who helped me figured which of the Schreave kids would lean more towards America and which would be closer to Maxon


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