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Aoharaido chapter 24 some clarification+ updated girls'talk

Some translation clarifications for chapter 24.

Kou says “dammit” when he slumps down behind his door.

Futaba then narrates that she finds it unacceptable in the end. Kou’s sadness isn’t something that can be totally erased, but Narumi’s existence doesn’t even let it fade away. This way, all the effort Kou’s made to start moving forward will again be  halted. This is why Kou must not stay with Narumi. Futaba wants to see his smiling face the day of the summer festival again. 

*Futaba, Shuuko and Yuuri’s conversation: Yuuki asks if Futaba hasn’t talked to Kou since then. Futaba confirms and asks Yuuri how she dealt with it the last time. Yuuri said at first she didn’t talk to Kou, but then she pretended like nothing had happened, and before she knew it, it was normal between them again. Perhaps she was able to do it because she was rejected cleanly which made it easy for her to accept her heartbreak. Yuuri then says Futaba’s situation isn’t the same as her. Surely Kou only has sympathy towards Narumi. Shuuko says that it happens quite often when sympathy turns into feeling of love. She then asks if Futaba will keep on not talking to Kou. 

AHR CH. 24

Okay, this one was SOOOO much better than the last two chapters. Actually, strangely enough, I kinda love this chapter. Sakisaka’s art is absolutely stunning this time around, there’s a good mix of humour, and we actually see the beginning of the aftermath left after the previous two chapters.

1) As everyone else has said, I love that Futaba hasn’t given up on Kou, even if it just means as friends. She realizes why he’s done what he did and knows its unhealthy. I had to cheer; I’m still completely team Kou even after the disappointment (sorry Touma; you’re cute but I can’t *motions to Kou*).

2) We see that Kou hasn’t given up on Futaba either even though he doesn’t show & tell (last frame on pg 7; pg 42; and that blush on pg 36)

3) Yuri in this chapter, oh my goodness. She is back in my good books. I am really rooting for her to keep Futaba away from Touma (sorry FutabaxTouma shippers!) or at least not let him get obsessed with her or something (if that makes sense…). And her and Touma’s friend (who needs a name, Sakisaka! (EDIT: from what it looks like from others in the fandom his name is Uchimiya…)) are now endgame.

4) Only one panel of Aya? Sadness! But glad he hasn’t given up on Kou (…and KouxFutaba by the sound of the early translation)

5) Finally. Pg 43-45. That hit me. How Futaba is talking, in a way, to Kou’s mom and asking if she can just go back to seeing his (natural) laughing face.

As much as I love AHR, I hope it ends within 10 volumes just to keep it from getting long. I think it can be done without being rushed. This chapter reminded me of the older chapters in pacing and leaving me with the feeling of needing another chapter because this one felt too short. Anyways, I’ll go hide until the next chapter comes out.