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I find the aspect of ‘career building' fascinating; as a creative, I’ve always been told that I should network to get my career on the roll, I will have to spend money to make money, and have to learn to work with people from a business perspective. It makes me wonder how many creatives spend their lives pushing to make other people happy? to keep up to a portfolio deemed worthy enough of fame? I also find the concept of fame and money just as fascinating. I have heard of so many famous photographers, but I always wonder what makes them so 'famous’. What is fame? At the end of it all in my opinion creative fame is mainly measured by your rank in the photographic industry, and how much money you make - but who makes this rank and why is so important? I can’t stress how much this whole topic boggles my mind into oblivion. 

I feel like it is almost a waste of time putting so much effort into crawling your way to the top - when really my photographic journey began because of my passions for it, not my passion for money or fame. I think it is disheartening that we spend such a large majority of our lives working to please a man-built ladder when we only have one earthly life. I personally love working with higher end creatives, but they are still people who where once in the same position as me. They are no different in my eyes. 

This has come to light because I’m now at a point where it is time to choose my paths in life. My path will always be a creative one, but I often wonder if I’m cut out for the, what feels like an over exhausting, road to being a great photographer. I’m always going to have a camera in my hands, but I don’t believe that it is necessarily that important to be recognized if I’m still creating work that I love - work that lets me feel like I have expressed myself and accomplished something.

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I don’t know how many of you lovely ladies and gentlemen know that I’ve taken the long journey back to my home town of Halifax from the lovely south. I got back officially today and it feels bizarre to be back on my old street in my old bedroom around accents I haven’t heard for four months!

I’m now taking bookings for commissioned photography work for the next few months.

Prices start at £75 and I have portrait shoots at a reduced rate of  *£99 & I am available to travel

Email me for details and enquires - anniaharrup@hotmail.co.uk

*normal price of £150

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