You know the reason why Roxanne Richie never fell in love with Metro Man?

Metro Man wasn’t a true hero.

All of it was a gimmick and a show. Whenever Metro Man faced Megamind, he was never in true danger and neither was Roxanne, who was so comfortable with Megamind that she spent her entire kidnapping mocking and teasing him.

Megamind couldn’t *hurt* Metro Man, let alone kill him. Nor was the city in any real danger whenever Megamind pulled one of his schemes. What does Megamind do when he finally takes over? He robs the bank and vandalizes the town. He acts like a kid with toilet paper on Halloween and kinda annoys everyone, but he never actually *hurts* anyone.

There was no real danger because Megamind wasn’t evil, just a mild jerk. Metro Man wasn’t brave or strong for beating up a stickman who could barely hurt him, and he knew it. He knew it was just a cartoon and he wanted out.

What’s more, Metro Man was directly responsible for the creation of Megamind. He’s the reason why Megamind was raised in prison. He’s the reason why Megamind was ostracized at school and ultimately went bad.

By contrast, Tighten (lol) exists because of Megamind, and like Megamind, Tighten is a bad guy because he chooses to be. But Tighten is more than a mild jerk: he’s actually evil, stupid, and violent. He is basically everything Megamind is not. When Tighten takes over Metro City, he doesn’t just committ petty vandalism – he chucks people around like ragdolls, sets shit on fire, and terrorizes the city. People are injured and people could die.

When Megamind fights Tighten, the city is in real danger, people’s lives are at stake, and Megamind could really be killed. It speaks to Megamind’s bravery that he goes up against Tighten regardless of his likely death (while Metro Man does nothing) in order to fix his mistakes and protect the people of Metro City from very real danger.

Megamind finally gets to be the good guy, and not just because he chose it, but because everyone finally stepped back, stopped telling him he was evil, and allowed him to be good.

Not only was Metro Man tired of the fake gimmick of being a super hero, he probably also wanted to give Megamind a chance to be a good guy, since he pretty much ruined all chances he had of it back in their school days. Metro Man wanted to make up for his sins. And I say this while in a generous mood, because in reality, I think Metro Man really just isn’t a hero.

In short, Roxanne Richie fell for Megamind instead of Metro Man, because Megamind is the real hero here. /end dork rant

Crazy days… We were off (and offline…) for some days to follow a cool Geocaching trail east of Berlin. You can find 111 (!) geocaches + bonus cache in one long round (~30km).

This trail is located in the nature reserve “Schlaubetal” about 60km east of Berlin - http://schlaubetrail.blogspot.de/ (sorry, only in German).

We had a lot of fun searching for and finding the caches. The landscape is really beautiful, but the weather was a little, well, challenging :-)

And while we were walking through forrests, across valleys and hills and became dripping wet, some crazy things happend here in the tumblr-sphere…

Now we’re back at home drying our clothes and warming our feet :-)


Ahoy, seafaring clans! You have a new Coliseum venue to explore, and some new aquatic familiars to befriend!

Maren Defender / Maren Spearmaiden
Waveswell Sorcerer / Oceansurf Magus
Leopard Coralclimber / Noxious Coralclimber
Tradewinds Gull / Murkbottom Gull
Sandshore Snipper / Riptide Clipper
Mirage Puffer / Daydream Puffer
Mottled Sea Serpent / Highfin Sea Serpent
Dainty Wavehopper / Vivid Wavehopper
Deeprealm Hunter / Spiney Whale

Blackbeard’s Breakfast (Heavy Seas)

Brewery : Heavy Seas
Beer : Blackbeard’s Breakfast
Style : Porter
Variance : Bourbon Barrel Aged and Brewed with Dark Sumatra Coffee from Chesapeake Bay Roasting

8.5 / 10

Ahoy ye landlubbers! I was trying to figure out whether or not this beer was accurate by saying it was Blackbeard’s breakfast but I decided that’s a load of poop deck. I’m pretty sure most pirates just drank rum, ate fish, banged wenches, and ate lemons for breakfast. If you are wondering about the whole lemon thing, it’s to prevent scurvy you scallywag! I was going to try my hardest to keep these pirate references going throughout the whole beer but fuck that, I’m over it. I’m glad that they decided not to go with the Ian McShane Blackbeard for this bottle because I’m pretty sure that all that red coat has for breakfast is tea and crumpets and not grown ass man beer like this one. I’ve always liked me some Heavy Seas and I feel like this beer has finally escalated those feelings to downright love because this is one seriously flavorful brew. This starts with a nice chocolatey sweetness before waves and waves of bourbon crash over the bow of your tongue before a nice light coffee roast-y flavor finishes this sucker up. If you are looking for a super solid alternative to KBS and Bourbon County, this beer is the perfect choice and the best part is you don’t have to give up a chunk of your day waiting for a lottery or a certain release schedule or some other dumb shit to pick up a bottle. For you bourbon lovers, coffee lovers, or porter lovers in general, this is an amazing beer to snag because it really hits the nail on the head with flavor and will please just about everyone out there. As for you newbz, this beer is definitely going to be a bit much for you but I urge you to stick with it and work your way up and you won’t regret it! Yo Ho!

Written by: Steve B.

anonymous asked:

Hey man I know this is probs weird so I'm sorry and I know you have been feeling down lately and I wish we could do something to help and we're sorry that we can't do much ahoy hat but we hope you'll be okay and we hope that you know that you're great and all and we appreciate everything you do for this blog and you're a great person and we care about you and so do a lot of people

Thank you so much for those words, anon, it means everything to me that people actually may feel this way towards me. I appreciate that you’re all here for me, and i appreciate this very much ❤

Steps ahoy! (and other shit)

(You’ve been warned)

Ha! Disneyland makes me a Fitblr again. Sorta.

3/3 on days with 10,000 or more steps. Because day 1: Disneyland, day 2: Disney California Adventure, day 3: JFC, I had no idea the fucking hotel lobby is nearly 1000 steps away from our room, and we wandered around an outlet mall today (BRAS FROM TORRID WOOO) and played mini-golf at the hotel and took Mum and Dad to the airport to send them home. Tomorrow is Legoland, which I’m assuming will be another 10k+ day. And then Sunday we want to track down a beach. Bubba says he wants to make sandcastles. I want to steal sand. We’re thinking Newport Beach or Huntington Beach because it’s halfway between Legoland and Universal. Then Monday is Universal, and Tuesday is the LOOOOOOONG drive back down from LA to Anaheim and home.

So… the trip has had some awesome ups, and then some fierce downs. Mum’s pain was totally unmanageable last night. I was on tears on the phone with a doc I’ve never met before at 10:30 at night trying to sort pain control out. Dad was busy booking flights home for he and mum while I did that. Mum was refusing to hear a thought about us coming home too. I was trying to send emails to our travel agent to sort out the rest of the hotels, and help Mum sort out us paying and and and. It was awful. It culminated in me watching my 72-year-old father have an anxiety attack this morning.

When we got back to the hotel this afternoon, Hospice called me to ask me what all I knew about what was happening, and I had to put on my nurse hat and relay orders to the charge nurse from the doc last night, and then burst into tears on the phone and said ‘she wouldn’t hear of us coming home early too, so please don’t let her die before I get there.’ In the middle of fucking glow in the dark mini golf.


Anyhow, she’s texted me a couple times. I know it’s her texting, and not Dad because nothing is making sense (the pain med she is on fucks her up cognitively in a HUGE way). But she’s at least in Vancouver, on the Canadian side of the customs counter, and she should be home and readmitted to Hospice by midnight. And I know they can take excellent care of her. And I know by Dad will be able to breathe. And then I also will be able to breathe.

Sir Terry Pratchett awakens. A skeleton stands at his bedside, wearing a long black robe. He sits up. “Well, hang on, let me get my hat,” he tells it.

The skeleton reaches into its robe. From abyssal depths it produces a heavy book bound in sheets of lead and night. It is the kind of book that gets stolen by a rugged adventurer from a temple with more spike-traps than the average house of worship contains. It is the kind of book to which the word “tome” might properly be applied. Frost forms on its pages from the lingering chill of the void. 

The skeleton coughs once and holds the book out to the man sitting on the bed.



noconceptoflife submitted:

An angry pirate arguing with a PTA mom about the morals of selling store-bought goods at a bake sale.

Marcia, how is this going to look to the other schools in the district

‘Ahh, we kinda…got off on the wrong foot there soo..let’s start over?… Hi, My name’s Ruby.’

‘Hello Ruby, I’m Sapphire. It’s so good to finally meet you. I think our future together will be very bright.’

‘Haha! How would you know? Well..whatever! I think it will be too!’

(I’m just over here counting the days till this episode Im SO. EXCITED.)


After weeks of long hours working on this AU series I am finally done! And just in time to order prints for the artist alley. I’ll be debuting these at San Japan so be sure to stop by and get the Voltron pirate crew together!

((Also big shout-out to @shotapopkupkake for reminding me how damn important pirate AUs are and for consoling me during the creation of these pieces. Even when I was a mess of feels in an art coma under my bed))

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