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yes hello. just. i love demon!zoro and zolu and ur blog so ye aaaaaaand. yes. wanted to ask. what if zoro could at least sometimes see spirits, like bellemere or corazon??? sorry this is weird but (SORRY)

omg no don’t apologize!! thank u!! 

AND ALSO OOO THAT’D BE SO INTERESTING, it’d also help him with like FIGHTIN FOR KUINA cuz he could see her before he left and ooo with cora that’d be really cool bc he’d probably be lookin over law :’)

I honestly don’t know how I made it so far or how so many of you found my blog and followed me, but thank you so much for the unending support!  Its still a shocker I hit 900 of you, but I’m so happy that this blog I made on a whim let me meet so many of you!  I suppose I should say more; however, I’m not the best when it comes to this sappy stuff.  I’m more of an internal screaming ball of derp when I hit milestones.  Anyway, I digress!  I’m going to list blogs I look up to and adore from afar!  Cause that’s cool!  Yeah!  Also loooong post ahoy!  

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shinjutori asked:

Just imagine Joel pretending to be the guy that some rival gang leader paid for and he's all dressed up in a skimpy sailor suit and saunters up to the guy, his hips swaying and just winks and says "Ahoy there sailor~!"

alright but please also imagine this gang leader being geoff and geoff telling him that he wasnt a sailor ffs he was a photographer


Finally got to take some pics in the adorable sailor outfit Miko got me! I didn’t like the tiny hat it came with so I wore my legit one.
Also don’t feel like wearing a thong so you’re stuck with my daisy panties.


Ooookay you guys!  Here’s one of my pieces for the AHOY! show that’s coming up on the 28th! I had such a blast working on this piece. 

A Captain’s “Memoriam Photo” who was lost at sea to those pesky mermaids.  I still need to finish the other painting tho… woops!

If you’d like to know more about the show, and are in the area, then check out their very helpful site HERE

Himaruya be like
  • Hetalians:Hima-papa you haven't updated in like 4000 years and how dare you imply that our fave nation is dying in a weird scribble comic
  • Himaruya:Well uhm let me just state that, FOR THE RECORD--oh hey have some male nations having their clothes ripped off in no context whatsoever
  • Hetalians:!!!! Bow down to the dark lord oh my we forgive you 5ever
  • Himaruya:*runs away for 4000 more years*