Life is tough when your swimmer’s build suddenly becomes that of a beached whale! ESPECIALLY when one of your job requirements is being able to fit into the provided uniform. Looks like proffessional beach hunk Ahoy is going to have to get a new job for the summer…

At least he still has his upper body strength?

quick’n dirty doodle. poor Ahoy…at least he’s not a whale anymore

Seattle Friends: join me tomorrow evening, Wednesday July 22nd, for a night of nautical exploration through art. I’ll be showing my newest body of work, which explores the theme of lightwave interaction with oceanic creatures, at the Piranha Shop from 6-10pm. The show includes work by Solace, Levi Hastings, Megon Shoreclay, Joe Vollan and Ego. Costumes are encouraged and there’s an after party at the Octopus bar, 11-2am.