“ On Your Mark ” 17 x 22 in.

Murielle Ahoure, Ivory Coast. 200 meters, 2013 World Championships, Moscow, Russia.

Now on view at “BEAUTIFUL MACHINE” at Studio FIVE08 in Santa Monica.


photo by Jeff Cohen / instagram jeffcohenphoto



百 (MOMO - CV: Soichiro Hoshi)

千 (YUKI -  CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana)

Kanji / Romanji / English Lyrics below the cut.  

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The sprint sensation who kept Didier Drogba up all night

She boasts the six fastest times in the world this year for the 60m, is only the seventh woman in history to dip below seven seconds, and has even caused footballer Didier Drogba to have sleepless nights…

Ahoure furore: Murielle’s Olympic efforts sparked a frenzy in the Ivory Coast

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Bad time

Ellengar was in the mansion, eating his last victime, his killer instinct is stronger then his will, no one is save in his part of the mansion at this hour or any ahour. The only person who can calm him is gone, verse 5 of his sephena left the mansion, is there any person who can calm him