Always. // Draco Malfoy x Reader

Title: Always. // Draco Malfoy x Reader

Prompt: Relationship like Lily Potter & Severus Snapes relationship.

Paring: Draco Malfoy x Reader (I swear I only do Draco.)

Warning(s): Sadness. Messy As hell omg. kind of rubbish, but that’s okay??

Ten Years Ago…

Y/Ns pov.

“Come on,” I said running into the field by my home, “Come on Petunia.” I laughed, my red hair flowing in the wind. I looked in a patch of Daisies, “Watch this,” I picked up a blooming daisy, putting it in the palm of my hand, closing it. I looked up at Petunia, opening my fist. The flower started blooming; I looked up with a straight face, a slight smile on my lips.

Petunia hit my hand, making the daisy fall out, “Freak.” She taunted, “You’re a freak, Y/N” she yelled at me as I ran. “I’m going to tell mummy, you’re a freak.” I stood by a tree when a boy with short platinum blonde hair walked out, Petunia looked terrified, she ran down the hill the tree was on, I looked at the boy as he got a leaf, having it flutter my way, I caught it.

Days went by with Draco and I hanging out by the pond, “She’s jealous,” he said, I looked at him, I was venting about Petunia, and how she keeps calling me a freak. “She’s ordinary, and you’re special.” “That’s mean Draco.” I stated, before he made the leaves flutter again, my giggle filling the air.

Time passed, Draco and I were together constantly. I got my letter to Hogwarts, exactly like Draco, he was accepted too. Mummy was proud of me, so was daddy, they weren’t wizards themselves but they thought I was the most special person, I was different. They didn’t think I was a freak like Petunia.

September 1st, was the day we left. Mummy took me to platform nine and three-quarters, she waved as I got on the train, I smiled at her, nerves bundling up inside me. I sat beside Draco, talking about the school, how this could be a change for everyone.

Professor took us through the building before having us go into the Dining room. “The sorting is the biggest ceremony in all of Hogwarts history.” She said, I looked at Draco, smiling at him.

They walked in and Professor started calling out names, one by one, they got under an old looking hat. She said my name, “Evans, Y/N.” I looked around, Draco smiled at me, and I walked up there. Professor put the hat on top of my head, “GRYFFINDOR!” The hat yelled out, I smiled as the house table roared, loudly. I sat down beside a boy with brown hair, I smiled at him, “I’m Y/N,” I said, “I’m James,” I smiled at the boy.

Days went on and Severus and I started drifting apart, we walked down the hall together, when James ran in-between us making my books fall, Draco reached down and picked them up for me, allowing me to hold them once again, I saw Draco glare at the boy.

Six Years Later…

James and I had started dating. Quite amazing was it. He made me happy, as I made him. “I love you,” I smiled at James, “I love you too.”He kissed me.

James was playing his last Quidditch match, I was cheering for him on the Gryffindor side, I saw Draco on Slytherin, I smiled and waved at him, he looked at me before looking away, “That’s weird,” I whispered, before talking to me friends.

Three Years Later…

I sat by Harrys crib, “Harry mummy loves you,” I cooed to my one year old, James had already been hit with a curse, “You were loved so much,” I said quietly. “Stay safe Harry.” I looked at him, a tear rolled down his cheek. I looked up as Voldemort came into the room.

“Avada Kendavra.”  Voldemort yelled. I screamed out in pain, before hitting the groaned.

Third Persons…

Draco ran into the Potters residence as fast as he could, he asked Professor Dumbledore to help protect Y/N, James, and Harry. He promised Dumbledore anything, for her to be safe. He ran past James body, running into Harry’s nursery, “Y/N,” he sobbed falling into the destroyed room. He picked up Y/N, holding her in his arms.
Years went by, when Dumbledore needed to talk to Draco, “You’ve been raising him, like a pig for slaughter.” Draco said simply, “So when the time is right, the boy must die?” Draco asked, “Don’t tell me now; you’ve grown to care for the boy.” Dumbledore said sincere in his voice. Draco waved his wand, a doe came out of the end of it, and the doe ran around the room, before vanishing.

“After all this time?” Dumbledore asked,

Always.” Draco said.

A/N: Okay this is kind of all over the place but I like it. I don’t know. it’s kind of sad, but it’s different. I haven’t seen anyone else do this so(((;;; send me owls and ships.

Thoughts on Veronica Mars 2x08 Ahoy, Mateys!

Here’s the thing: I don’t really like Meg. And I feel really bad about it, because part of the reason I don’t like her exists mostly on the line between show/character/canon stuff and real life production issues.

Most of the time all we hear about is how Meg is Veronica’s only 09er friend, how Meg is really kind and saintly. Duncan’s dream (leaving aside the hazy Madonna/whore thing that others have spoken about at length- hazy not because the symbolism is anything other than so super obvious that even I can pick it up, but because it’s complicated by the second dream, one in which Duncan does seem to show sexual/romantic feelings toward Meg, breaking from the Freudian definition of Madonna/whore complex that I looked up on wikipedia just now) at the opening of the episode is supposed to emphasize that divide between Meg the innocent and Veronica the dangerous. But if Meg’s really the greatest, where the hell is she?!

(I’m not talking about now, here in season 2. I’m talking about before. Read on.)

Meg appears five times in the first season: Like a Virgin, Ruskie Business, Betty and Veronica, Weapons of Class Destruction, and A Trip to the Dentist. And in a lot of ways, when she’s not just there to be Duncan’s new love interest, she and Veronica are sweet and friendly to each other (Meg giving Veronica clothes in 1x08, dressing her up for the dance in 1x15, complimenting her hair in 1x16, the line about Hemingway-related narcolepsy that I always laugh at in 1x21). But (and here’s the part where my craziness and difficulty suspending disbelief come in) rather than telling us that Meg is really nice to Veronica, why not show us more than one scene where she sits with Veronica when Veronica is sitting alone (1x18)? I understand that Alona Tal can’t be in every episode and that they can’t talk about her all the time and that the character probably wasn’t conceptualized long before her appearance in 1x08. However, Veronica was bullied and harassed in a focused way for over a year, and it’s literally not mentioned that Meg is still her friend except when Meg is on the screen. Meg is supposed to represent all that’s good about Neptune, but her invisibility seems to represent the lack thereof (although with all the terrible stuff we know about Neptune, plus the sleazily casual way Mr. Fuller hits on Veronica in 2x07, I believe that might be the case). (I especially find this sharply contrasted by Mac as Veronica’s sidekick/partner in this episode.)

Duncan is criticized for the fact that he “stands idly by.” Meg has a similar pacifistic attitude, a maintenance of the status quo. She remains with the 09ers even when she knows what they are doing is wrong. From 1x08:

PAM: Better make sure she washes it [Meg’s cheerleading uniform that Veronica is borrowing].
DICK: I’d boil it if I were you.
MEG: We fear what we don’t understand. Veronica’s cool, you guys, really.


(I don’t understand why I just got angrier about that than anything else I’ve discussed in these recaps. I don’t dislike Meg that much.)

She also saw the salt lick at Shelly’s party and didn’t step in. She told Cole that “we can’t leave her like that,” but once someone (and Meg did not know who that person was) got Veronica, Meg was okay leaving. She doesn’t tell Veronica about it after or check to make sure that she’s okay, and when Veronica asks about it in 1x21, she is wary and avoid-y, saying of Veronica’s lack of memory “maybe that’s a good thing.” She refers to it as “your big high school related embarrassing moment,” and tells her that “you got to let it go. You’ll make yourself crazy.”

So maybe Meg thought that Veronica had gotten drunk and just been used as a salt lick before being rescued by a kind stranger. Maybe she thought that this was a minor thing that Veronica was laughing about after. I’ve spoken before about the possibility that Logan didn’t realize that others wouldn’t have the same concepts and limits for rape and consent that he did, so I don’t want to be unfair to Meg, who might have believed that they wouldn’t have taken it farther than that already uncomfortable level. But unlike Logan, Meg has this star-spangled reputation. Meg is represented in this episode in white and candle-light, granted as part of Duncan’s simplistic imaginings, but it plays on and just polarizes past characterizations that I feel are rough and at least partially unjustified.

Like many others, Meg didn’t step in at Shelly’s party, but they’re blamed and she isn’t. She didn’t break with her friends or even criticize them particularly harshly over their treatment of Veronica, but she’s still portrayed as sympathetic toward her, as Veronica’s hero amongst their set. Meg is one of the few characters on the show who is rarely disapproved of or criticized (except for the pissy- and frankly, despite what we’ll learn later, excessive in a kind of OOC way- manner she treats Veronica in 2x01), and I don’t think that’s fair. Down with double standards!

The Moments That Made Us

A/N: Thank you for 400, you guys!!! I hope you can accept this as a token of my appreciation! First writing post as 1781styles!!! Whoooo!!!

 Prompt: “You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?”

 Pairing: Jordan x reader

Tag list: for @burninglaurens and @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens  some of the most loyal Jordan fans I know. And @femilton and @always-blame-jefferson you’re both so amazing.

 Masterlist | Request!

You and Jordan had been best friends since he moved from Alabama to Virginia in first grade. You spilled paint all over your new sweater and started crying. Jordan saw how upset you were, so he put a big stripe of red paint on his Spider-Man t-shirt. In that moment, you knew he was going to be your best friend. From there on out you two were inseparable; you did everything together. You went trick or treating together, you two went to prom together—your parents even let you two pick out your first cars together.  

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me personally tentacle monster is always the best, but ahot one right now is nagas. then again u wrote a gr8 drider that i wouldnt say no to

huh, i may have, um, started to write a tentacle monster fic ages ago. Here’s a passage:

…“Yeah, I have to hunt, just like you do, probably. Did you want some tips or something?” Ryan shook his head, and Michael, at a loss, pulled the fish he had caught out of his knapsack. “These?” Again Ryan shook his head. “Uh, me?” Michael guessed, pointing at himself.

Ryan smiled, and the coldness of the cave crept into Michael’s bones, chilling his blood.

“Oh, no. No, no, no. Fuck no!” Michael backed up to the far end of the cave. “You are not eating me! Go eat Gavin or some shit.” But Ryan kept giving him a confused stare, like he was trying to piece together what was being said. “Do you fucking understand, you asshole? Get away!”

“Not eating you,” Ryan said, slowly. “Not Michael.” Michael could hear himself pant harshly, his wet skin sticking to the rough stone wall that he was pressed up against. Ryan continued to get closer to him, the scent of salt making his nose wrinkle. Ryan’s tentacles stopped just short of touching Michael’s sodding leather boots.

“Then why am I here?” he said, in a manner he hoped was intimidating. He could make out the small water droplets that ran down the side of Ryan’s face.

“…Lonely,” he said. Michael watched Ryan’s hand, even paler than his own, reach for Michael’s. He crossed his arms, keeping them together and inaccessible in front of his chest. Ryan stared at the interlocked arms and brought his hand down again. “Saw you,” Ryan started again. “Not… for eating. For…” Ryan squinted, biting at his impossibly red lips. Slowly, Ryan brought his arms up, both this time, and leaned forward, leaning down so that his head was resting on top of Michael’s as arms wrapped around his back in an embrace.

Michael stood still, feeling the creature’s cold skin against his own. The tentacles – oh God – were wrapping around his calves. “Really?” he muttered, trying to push past the faint smell of seaweed the other was exuding. “You wanted a friend so you fucking kidnapped me?” There was a ‘Little Mermaid’ joke somewhere in this situation, but he couldn’t find it, not when he was getting bear hugged by an octopus.

We Used To Be Friends Part 6 - Luke

Thank you for requesting this ❤️❤️ you’re all very lovely the next part will be the final part!

I can’t add the other parts because the Internet is awful here and I can’t find themselves! They’re not too far down my blog though, and I’ll add them to my masterlist tomorrow night.


You ignored the light coming from your phone. The light caused by the constant messages from Luke. It was a kiss with a stupid boy, you tell yourself repeatedly, forget about it and move on. But you couldn’t. You couldn’t forget him. This stupid boy has got under your skin. You thought you were over him, he’d broken your heart the day he’d let go of your friendship. You thought you’d moved on, and then you let him back in again and he still managed to hurt you. You weren’t expecting him to be celibate, waiting only for you, but you also didn’t expect him to jump into bed with another girl, only two days after he’d kissed you, and told you he’d do anything to make things right with you. Your head was all over the place, and until you figured out how you felt, you wanted to stay away from Luke Hemmings.

“You” a harsh voice interrupts your thoughts. You thought you were safe from your spot in the library, clearly you were wrong.

“Can I help you?” You sigh, before looking up to the girl towering over you.

“Stay away from him” Chloe narrows her eyes, “he will never be yours, so stay away from him.”

“You’re very dramatic, aren’t you?” You chuckle.

“Don’t play dumb with me” she sits at the empty seat next to you, “Luke is mine.”

“You’re making him sound like a puppy” you pretend to read the book in front of you.

“I’m telling you to stay away from him” she closes the book on your hand.

“Will it make you leave me alone?” You calmly reopen the book, mainly to annoy her. Chloe realises she’ll have to change her tactic. You’re not scared or intimidated by her as most people seem to be.

“I don’t understand what it is with you” she taps her fingers on the desk, “no offence, but you’re hardly anything special.”

“Saying ‘no offence’ right before saying something offensive, doesn’t make it less offensive” you chuckle, amused by her bluntness.

“You’re just a challenge to him, you know that, right?” She figures out how to get to you.

“In what way am I a challenge?” You try to feign uninterest.

“You play hard to get” she shrugs, “Luke isn’t used to that. He’s never had to work hard to get a girl into his bed, until you.”

“I’m not playing hard to get. I’m just not interested.”

“Course you’re not” her scoff tells you that she doesn’t believe you, “you and him used to know each other or whatever, and now he’s telling you what you want to hear so get what he wants. You may have known 8 year old Luke, but I know him now.”

“Chloe, I don’t care about you and Luke. I don’t care about him, okay? He’s yours. You are welcome to him.” You finally face her, willing to say anything to make her leave you alone.

“You need to tell him that” she speaks after a pause.

“What do you mean?”

“Tell him that you’re not interested and you never will be. Tell him he’s wasting his time. Tell him to leave you alone, because you’ll never want him back in your life.” Chloe stares at you, as if she can hypnotise you with her eyes.


“He was your best friend, right? I know the story, he tells me everything.” She adds, unnecessarily, “he hurt you. He didn’t want to be your friend, he chose us over you and you really think that he’s going to choose you now? Over me? You’re something to pass the time. He isn’t interested, but I thought you’d want to save face. Get in there first and tell him that you’re the one to walk away this time. You know that you and him will never work out.” She gives you a patronising smile before standing up and leaving you alone with your thoughts.

Although you know what she’s said isn’t entirely true, you’re now finding yourself doubting what you were certain of before. You thought he wanted you back in his life, but now were questioning why. Why after all this time he’d decided he needed you back as his friend, why he had kissed you. You knew his reputation with girls. You knew they were a game to him, you just never thought you may be one of those girls. Now, you didn’t know. Luckily, you aren’t alone with your thoughts for long.

“What’s wrong? Why do you look sad?” Alex sits next to you.

“So everyone knows about my secret library spot then?” You groan.

“Yes” Dan nods once.

“Where’s Mia?”

“God knows” Alex rolls his eyes, “you look really sad, Y/N. Do you want an Oreo?”

“Do you just carry an endless supply of sugar around with you?!” Dan’s open mouthed as Alex pulls the food from his bag.

“It’s for emergencies!” Alex defends himself, “you look in need of a double stuff…ooh that sounded wrong” He frowns at his own choice of words.

“I’m fine” you insist, but take the cookie anyway.

“He’s a dick” he offers Dan an Oreo, already knowing he’ll refuse.

“He made a mistake” Dan turns down the cookie, as expected.

“He’s made a lot of mistakes now” your laugh is hollow.

“Jess is nice though. We can thank him for introducing us to her, she can join our squad” Alex muses.

“Don’t ever say the word 'squad’ again” you take another cookie.

“There, hasn’t Al made you feel better?” Dan grins.

“His Oreos have made me feel better”

“Y/N, talk to Luke. Properly.” He tilts his head.

“Why are you so insistent of me and Luke being friends again?” You don’t understand why Dan is so supportive of it.

“Because he loves you, and you love him. That’s obvious. You’re more…you…around him.” He responds.

“Dan’s right” Alex shrugs, “Hemmings isn’t so bad, and he’s nicer around you. He loves you, and you love him, that much is clear.”

“I don’t want to be in love with him” you whisper.


“Told ya you were a fucking idiot” Calum shoves the pizza into his mouth mid-sentence.

“Helpful. Thanks.” Luke tosses his food back into the plate.

“I don’t like Chloe” Calum seems oblivious to the look on his friend’s face, “I like Y/N.”

“Stop talking”

“Maybe if you apologise to her, she’ll forgive you for the 17th time” Cal finally notices Luke’s expression “fine, I’ll shut up now.”

“She won’t talk to me”

“Do you blame her? You love her, you’ve made that clear, you kissed her, told her that kiss meant everything to you and then she found out you’d been fucking another girl all this time?” There’s not a hint of sympathy in his voice, “that, with the way you’ve treated her in the past? You’re lucky she’s just ignoring you.”

“I’d ended it with Chloe. Not that there was anything to end, it was just sex, but I ended it because I realised how badly I wanted Y/N, and I thought she felt the same way” Luke’s shoulders slump, “We kissed and sh-she pulled away, left without a word, then wouldn’t talk to me for days. She wouldn’t answer her phone. All I wanted, all I want, is her and I thought she was saying no. So the night after, we were at that shit party, I got stupidly drunk and Chloe was there. I thought I didn’t stand a chance with Y/N, I thought I’d ruined it so what did it matter?”

“Well, you’ve definitely ruined it now”

“I know” he runs a hand through his hair, “but I’m not giving up. I’m not losing her again, Cal. I can’t lose her again.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m so ridiculously in love with her, she needs to know that. I’m going to make this right” Luke decides to make sure you know just how important you are to him.


Punishment [Jimin Smut]

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Hot cum started to sputter against every wall on the inside of your mouth. You moaned, swallowing every last drop, even licking the sides off his shafts to make sure there wasn’t any left. 

You groaned again. You wanted to taste that hot cum inside your mouth again and feel it spatter all over your breasts and stomach. You were too impatient…. But Jimin had mentioned earlier how he wouldn’t mind being punished. 

Jimin was leaning forward slightly on the bed panting, trying to recover from your skillful tongue. You were still on the ground on your knees, what a perfect view for him. A sadistic smile crept it’s way onto your face as your crawled closer to Jimin. First you simply placed your hands on the top of his thighs, causing Jimin to give you a questioning gaze. Your smile only grew as you slowly crept your hands up his thighs, finally placing the atop his balls. Immediately you started to massage them, only at a medium pace at first, but within seconds you were now roughly toying with them, tearing your fingers in with no mercy.

“Jagi, what are you doi- aishhhh…” Jimin let out a loud hiss leaning backwards from the sudden impact. Seeing that your special massage hadn’t been enough you shifted your hands to his shaft, roughly pumping him up and down. “Y/N,” he started, trying to reason with you. “You know I haven’t recovered ye- AISHH…” 

His pleading only made you sadistic desire rise. This time his yell was even louder and more frantic as you began to pump him even harder than before, even harder than when he was at his climax just moments ago. 

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N…” Jimin threw his head back slightly quivering. Now placing all of him in your mouth, you hollowed you your cheeks and pumped, gagging slightly in the process. You knew he was bound to recover within minutes, but something about toying with him when he wasn’t ready excited you. Jimin’s grip on the bed sheets loosened and the pained expression on his face transformed into one of gasping pleasure. Your smile turned more genuine as Jimin settled into the blowjob, almost at full recovery. You took him out of your mouth and chuckled a bit, switching to pumping him with your hands again. You glanced up at him

“Are you finally ready for round three?” Jimin, now biting his lip to keep himself from being as loud as he was before, simply nodded.

Turn me on.

Summary: Y/N is a songwriter and singer that dates Chris Evans. She invites him to one of her acoustic shows in a small café. One song is an open invitation to Chris.

Author Note: This ain’t my first smut text, but it’s the first I write in english, I hope you enjoy it. Also, this is ahot based on “Turn me on”, a song by Norah Jones (love that woman) and I’m thinking of making a mini serie involving her songs. But I’d love to see what do you think. Please keep sending requests I have two left, but this is an idea I came up with.

Warnings: smut,  oral sex. I don’t know.


I looked at the small group that it’s the most amazing crowd for my acoustic show. There are about 30 people, including Chris. He’s sitting in the first table by himself, he’s the very first to clap at the end of each song. He’s just so fucking amazing.

“So, this last song is something I wrtoe a few days ago, this is the first time I actually play it to someone, this is ‘Turn me on’“. My fingers slipped through the guitar strings. My mouth doesn’t reach the microphone, this is just a sweet melody that involves less singing than playing.

Like a flower waiting to bloom
Like a lightbulb in a dark room
I’m just sitting here waiting for you
To come on home and turn me on”

I looked at Chris who had the back of his hand as human support for his chin. He had that smile that made me absolutely crazy. I looked down at my guitar and kept singing.

“Like the desert waiting for the rain
Like a school kid waiting for the spring
Im just sitting here waiting for you
To come on home and turn me on

My poor heart it’s been so dark
Since you’ve been gone
After all you’re the one who turns me off
You’re the only one who can turn me back on

My hi-fi is waiting for a new tune
My glass is waiting for some fresh ice cubes
I’m just sitting here waiting for you
To come on home and turn me on
Turn me on”

At the end of the song there wasn’t anybody but Chris and I, the whole people had disappeared. I could even look at the naughty sparkle in his eyes. The applauses took back to the reality. I stand up and thanked evyerbody. Some of the people came to take pictures and I signed autographs. Slowly, the crowd left. I took my guitar into its case. My manager talked to me but I wasn’t paying attention. I, basiclly, was too busy making somersaults from my request disguised as song to the reaction I was avoiding for not much longer. My manager said goodbye and I looked around the empty place, there was just one table occupied. Chris’s fingers were around his beer. I walked calmly toward him.

“Hey” I said sitting in front of him “Did you like it?”

“I kinda like everything about you” he replied with his deep voice “I love watching you while you do your job, you know?”


“The whole crowd can tell how passionate are about what you do… or you want to do” he added.

“Can you tell?” I inquired.

“I’m thinking that this is the kind of situations where it’s better to show it than explain it, so, shall we?” I nodded, he grabbed my case and held my hand, our fingers entwined. We walked in silence and we got in the car. 

“So…” I tried to make conversation, he just rose his eyebrow and denied with his head. “Seriously, babe, I’m not giving you any clue.” 

“I didn’t ask you for anything, am I?” 

“Well, no, but…-" 

"It’s ok, love, I can play this game too”. 

“What are you talking about?” He gave me a little grin.

“Well, no, but…-" 

"It’s ok, love, I can play this game too”. 

“What are you talking about?” He gave me a little grin.

“Nothing. You know? I feel like I want to keep singing, do you mind?” his hands were in the steering wheel, I could tell he was curious.

“No, of course not”

And then, I started again with that last song. I decided that part of my little car performance, would include not looking at him, I knew that’d drive him yearning.

I’m just sitting here waiting for you 
To come on home and turn me on 
Turn me on”

“Do you wanna know a fun fact? I’m gonna tell anyway, so here it goes. The person I wrote this for is just the hottest man but also the sweetest. At the beginning I wasn’t thinking about something full of desire and obviously my mind didn’t picture two sweaty bodies rubbing each other, I neither thought of moans. I just was… thinking of that person that could actually come and bring its light to my life, the small sunshine that would’ve change the way I loved and being loved.” I sighed.


“And… what?”

“You said that you were thinking about a person, did you find the person?”

“I did, I actually did.”

“That’s disappointing”

“Why?” for the first time I looked at him. He parked into his garage.

“I was about to turn you on, but you have that guy” he said looking, apparently, sad, but I knew it was part of his game.

“Hypothetically, what would you do to turn me on?”

“Come on, y/n, I’m a dude with honor, I wouldn’t be all over some girl that has someone, even if she’s the most amazing and wonderful woman I’ve ever met.”

“Let’s respect your honor, Mr. Evans”. We walked inside his house and I laid on the sofa, I was on my own, just trying to figure out his next move. Suddenly he showed up. He sat next to me.

“But, hypothetically, and if you want to close your eyes to imagine, it’d be great” I did it “as I was saying, I’d begin running my fingers trough her neck, then I’d kiss her right here”, he added, but after each description, he actually did it, his lips were in my collarbone. “The next thing I’d do is to lick the valley between her breast and wrap her right breast as my lips enjoy the left one.” He took off my dress, leaving my chest exposed. His fingers went over my bra and removed it. He did exactly what he said. “Then, I’d do it with the right breast”. I moaned when he bit my nipple. His hands were the man hands and with that I mean that had some roughness.

“It’s like, 4D”

“Yes, it is.” Suddenly, his tongue was on my belly button and his hands under my dress, making its way to my pussy, would you mind if I skip the talking and I just…do?”

“You tell me, I’m just here being the body where you explain how would you turn her on” he laughed, but at the same time, the back of his hand rubbed my pussy.

“Fine.” My eyes were closed, but I felt how he wasn’t next to me, he has right in front of me, I felt his breath against the fabric of my panties, he kissed my thigh. Both of his hands were in each boob. They made its way and took it off, my legs were open, I was exposed. He made short the distance of his lips and my pussy, his beard was the best aphrodisiac ever. The man knew what he was doing, his tongue running up my clit, made me gasp. His hands were back to my boobs, his fingers were pinching them.

“Oh, Chris…”


“Do you think I’ll turn her on with this?” he asked after our orgasm. He kissed me; I felt my taste in there. My legs were in his, we were cuddling.

“I bet so”

“Well, ruining this little game I… I hope you were talking about me with that song. Because I do love you, y/n. And you don’t need to say anything; I just wanted you to know that I hope to be that light you need, because you are the fucking sun to me.” I ran my fingers through his face.

“I love you for that and many other things. You are the only one who can turn me back on…”

Euskara is fun!!: Basque religion in Basque words

In nowadays Euskara there are still traces of the very ancient Basque beliefs. For example, when talking about the weather, no impersonal sentences are used because “somebody” is in charge of the weather. Let’s see:

Euria ari da – It’s raining (impersonal) –> WRONG
Euria ari du – Someone is making rain –> CORRECT
Atertu egin da – It cleared up (impersonal) –> WRONG
Atertu egin du – Someone cleared it up –> CORRECT

Besides, there are some elements that work as if they were people and not things. Some examples:
Loak hartu nau – I fell asleep (literally: Sleep caught me).
Hotzak dago – (S)He’s cold (literally: (S)He is in the cold).
Mikel ibaiak hil zuen – Mikel died in the river (literally: The river killed Mikel).

One god in particular has survived and he’s still present in some words: the god of heaven and thunder, Urtzi or Oste.
Ostadar = Osteren adarra (Oste’s branch / horn) = Rainbow
Oskarbi = Oste garbia (Clean Oste) = Blue sky
Oskorri = Oste gorria (Red Oste) =  Dawn
Ostarte = Osteren arte (Between Oste) = Bright spell
Ostertz = Osteren ertz (Oste’s edge) = Horizon
Ostegun = Osteren eguna (Oste’s day) = Thursday
Ostots = Osteren ahots (Oste’s voice) = Thunder

“Hey hey.” My older brother said, stepping into my room.

“Hi Lex.” I said, taking out an earbud.

“Have you been alright?” I rolled my eyes and nodded. “You sure, no breakdowns?”

“Alex, if I had had one, wouldn’t Rian or Zack have said something already?” I asked.

“You’re right. Sorry.” He came over and kissed my forehead.

“Did you eat?” He asked.

“Yep, Rian got me a pizza.” I said.


“I always do.” I said.

“I know, I’m proud of you. Jack is going to take you to therapy tomorrow alright? I have to go the studio.”

“M'kay.” I said. Alex headed downstairs. You see, I’m border line Schizophrenic. I found out about it when I was 10. That’s when it was really bad. I had breakdowns at least three times a day. I would talk randomly and stare for hours. At first I refused therapy but I finally accepted it. I’ve been getting better lately. But I wasn’t stupid, I knew I would always be living with the symptoms.

When Alex wasn’t on tour, I lived with him and the guys. When I was diagnosed, Alex became my protector. He was always with me. The other guys were the same way and I couldn’t thank them enough for the last 6 years.

Around 2 am the voices started. “No.” I croaked. “Stop! No no! Go away stop!!! No don’t! No no no no! Please!” I yelled. I began screaming my head off. Alex came running into my room with Jack following behind him, not that I knew it was them at the time. “Stop!” I screamed as Jack wrapped his arms around me, constraining me.

“Shh.” Alex cooed tiredly, giving me the shot meant to calm me down. “Shh, (Y/N) it’s okay.”

“No! Let go!” I yelled but my body was beginning to fail on me.

“Lex go to bed, I’ve got it.” Jack said. Alex nodded and scuffled away. “It’s okay! I’m not going hurt you.”

“No.” I muttered. I turned around in Jack’s arms, trying to wiggle free. He just gripped me harder. Somewhere in the night I fell asleep snuggled into Jack’s arms.


I woke up tangled into a pair of arms. My eyes burned from crying. “Jack.” I mumbled, pushing him away so he would let go.

“Morning.” He mumbled letting go. I sat up an rubbed me head. “Do you remember last night? Like do you remember your…”

“Psychotic breakdown? Yeah I do.”

“Don’t call it that!” Jack protested.

“Why, Jack? That’s what it is.” I snapped.

“I wouldn’t classify you as psycho though, I mean you haven’t tried to kill anyone, right?” He asked. He leaned up against the wall.

“Besides myself, no.” I muttered.

“What? (Y/N)! Why didn’t you tell me? It was because of the voices, right?”

“I didn’t tell you because twice it was before I started living with you and Alex and the guys. The other time, I just didn’t want you guys to know. And the first time no, it was a year after a found out and I hated myself for having the issue, I thought I was a burden. But the other times, yeah it was because of the voices.” I began shaking thinking about it. I didn’t want I have another breakdown.

“Shit, I’m sorry.” He said pulling me into his arms. He grabbed his phone and clicked play on my playlist. It was a tool my therapist told the boys to do. Make a playlist of my favorite songs or songs that calmed me down. Jack smiled at the song that played and got up an started dancing. “Dance with me!” He said.

“No Jack!” I whined as he pulled me up. I giggled and finally started twirling with him.


“Jesus Christ, you guys are loud.” Alex laughed walking in.

“You’re welcome.” I teased.

He rolled his eyes, “See you tonight.” Alex hugged me. “As for you dickhead, I hope I don’t see you ever.” Alex teased Jack.

“You love me!” Jack screamed kissing my brothers cheek.

“EW gross!” Alex smiled before walking out.

Jack turned to me and shrugged, “He loves me really.”


“So how was Therapy?” Jack asked in the car.


“What did you talk about?”

“Stuff.” I grumbled. I plugged on my phone and turned on my mix. Jack took that as an invitation to stop talking.

Back at the house we plopped down on the couch. “Where is everyone?” I asked.

“Alex is at the studio, Rian is visiting Cass, and Zack is at the gym.”


“So it’s just us.” Jack winked.

“Oh joy. Put on a movie, I’m making popcorn.” I spoke.

When the popcorn was done I walked back into the room. I set down the popcorn and sat down. As soon as I sat down the voices started again. “No please, not now.” I said.

“What?” Jack asked

“Jack…get-get always from me.” I backed away.

“Why? I’m not-oh shit where are your meds?”

“Go away! Stop! Please go away! Jack don’t hurt me!” I screamed.

“No! I’m not going hurt you! I’m just getting your meds hold on!”

“No you’re trying to poison me stop!” I shrieked as he forced a pill down my throat. Pills worked much slower than the shots but worked better. I kept screaming and I wouldn’t swallow the pill

“Sh, (Y/N). Swallow the pill”

“Don’t hurt me!” I yelled. I began screaming. Jack didn’t know what to do so he kissed me to muffle my screams. He used his tongue to work the pill down my throat When he did something amazing happened, the voices kept yelling in my head but I was able to think clearly. I knew that Jack wasn’t going to hurt me.

“Shit! (Y/N), I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t. I promise I’m not going to hurt you. I’m here to help, don’t scream again.” Jack pleaded as he pulled away.

“I know you won’t hurt me.” I said even though I was still a bit scared he would. The voices in my head were so convincing.

“What?” He asked. Clearly, this was a big deal for me.

“I said, ‘I know you won’t hurt me.’” I repeated. I wrapped my hand around Jack’s neck and kissed him again. He kissed me more this time, slipping some tongue in for fun. His hand pulled me closer to him. I began laying back and he followed me down, running his hands up and down my body. I tangled my hands in his hair and he let out a moan. The only other guy I had kissed broke up with me three days later because he found out what my breakdowns were like. We were making out for a long time before Jack’s body was ripped away and thrown onto the floor.

“What the fuck?” Alex yelled.

“Al-” Jack started.

“No, you shut the fuck up. That’s my sister! Are fucking serious right now? She’s sixteen, you’re twenty-five! Not only is that illegal but that’s my sister. You do realize how much you fucked with her head right? Finding a boyfriend is hard for her! She has a mental disorder most guys are assholes and won’t take the time to get to know her after they find out!” Alex screamed.

“Dude calm down we-”

“I will not calm down.” Alex raised a fist to punch Jack but I pushed him away.

“Yes you will calm down!” I said.

“I’m sorry he took advantage of you.”

“He didn’t, Alex! I was having a breakdown and he kissed me after giving me the pill because I wouldn’t swallow it. When he kissed me, I was able to think clear. He started to apologize after and then I kissed him back! You asshole, I kissed him.” I yelled, bending down to help Jack to his feet.

“But you’re sixteen! You can’t date him!”

“Who said anything about dating?” I asked.

“Well…” Jack said hugging me into his side. I looked at him and smiled.

“Did you hear me? I was able to think clearly! Jack helps me and I liked kissing him!”

“No. Uh-uh. No way.” Alex said.

“Why? Like you said, no guy will want me after they find out I have a mental issue.” I said, leading Alex down the guilt trip.

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Well it’s true.” I shrugged.

“No it’s not.” Jack said. I smiled and got on my toes to kiss him. Alex groaned but let it happen.

“Fine, just not in front of me and the fans don’t know until she’s 18. If you can keep it together that long.”

“We will.” Jack mumbled into my hair.


Wow! I love writing this one. It’s probably not that great but whatever. Hope you like it! Okay bye.

Halloween infatuation -One shot | Ziall

Tytuł: Halloween infatuation
Autorka: Perfect-Troublemaker, Hayley Margera
Benner: Ania 
Główni bohaterowie: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson,
Bohaterowie drugoplanowi: Greg Horan, Liam Payne 
Czas akcji: 2014
Miejsce akcjiLondyn, Wielka Brytania.
Au: One Direction nie istnieje
Parting:  Ziall, Zouis (pobocznie)
Ostrzeżenie: miłość homoseksualna, przekleństwa itp

Od autorek: Witamy w ten piękny dzień, jakim jest Hallowen ;) Z tej właśnie okazju przygotowałyśmy dla Was shota ;) Obiecuje tym samym, że LD pojawi się w najbliższej przyszłości ;)

Miłego czytania ;)

- Nie mogę uwierzyć, że masz aż takiego pecha Lou, serio - zaśmiał się Niall, sącząc swoje Somersby. Spoglądnął w niebieskie oczy przyjaciela, które wydawały się teraz nieco smutne i bezsilne. Sam Louis był bezradny wobec sytuacji, która miała miejsce dziś rano. Wstał jak co dzień po siódmej, aby na spokojnie wyszykować się na wykłady. Nawet wyszedł na autobus kilka minut wcześniej, ponieważ

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