A McDonald’s Date (Seventeen Reaction)

baby-baby-boo requested:  Hi! I really love your content, and I wish your brother well in the army! Can I have a seventeen reaction to you going to McDonald’s together and when they ask you want you want, you say a happy meal, and when they ask why, you say “because I’m a lot eater and they have the perfect amount of food!”? Thank you in advance!

Hey! I’m glad you enjoy my content, I work very hard on it! I understand there are many mistakes and I’m not the best at this kind of thing but I try so damn hard and I’m actually amazed at the attention it’s gotten. It’s incredible, I can’t thank you enough for your love and support! I also appreciate your comment about my brother. We’ve had a lot of problems with him as far as behavior goes and things like that so we’re nervous and excited for him. He shipped to his company yesterday on his birthday (yay him!) So now he starts basic training at this point. I won’t bore you with all of the information lmao you’re here for a Seventeen reaction! (I did see your other request and I’m working on it as well as many other older ones but I figure getting the new requests out first would be easier? Don’t worry, I did not over look you in any way, I’m getting to it lovely!) I hope this one makes you as happy as my other ones! You can always request again or just message me for fun. :) ~ A


“Pabo, that’s not enough food for someone your age.” 

Would really just be concerned about the amount of food in the happy meal and would order extra for you even though you told him not to. 

“We can fight about it later, eat.”

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He’d laugh and shake his head.

“Whatever child.”

Then you’d fire back with “I’m a child, that makes you a pervert so keep on with it old man.”

Which would result in a pouty Jeonghan, a happy meal and banana milk. 

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“If the toy is cool I’m keeping it”

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Dramatically rolls his eyes at you.

“Do we have to go to the park too baby? Yah! I knew you were younger than me but I didn’t know you acted like it.” Is just messin’ with you and buys whatever you want with a big obvious pout after you said “At least I don’t look like a fourteen year old who’s out with his big sister because he got good grades. By the way, milk won’t help you at this point.” 

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Giggles at you and shakes your head afterwards.

“Goofy girl. We should get some ice cream after we have lunch.” 

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Orders more food and sneaks it into the little box when you weren’t looking.

“What do you wanna do after this?”

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“You’re too cute.”

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“Do you want anything else, baby?”

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Giggles and enjoys his food with you

“You better eat those damn apples, too.” 

Throws french fries at you 

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Is an awkward mess the entire time ordering, especially when he has to say “And a Happy Meal” would then die from embarrassment 

“You’re SO lucky I love you.” He mumbles, sitting down with you. 

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“Yah! Why’d you pinch me?! You damn woman, why are you rude to me?” tickles you until you apologize for being snarky when all he asked was if you wanted some more food.

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Eats your apples whilst playing with your hand.

“You want another one so I can steal your apples again?” 

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He would just laugh and get your food without anything else to say.

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Vongola Facebook: Hacked Edition

Rating: K+
Summary: To pass time while travelling on public transit, Gokudera checks his Facebook and discovers that a hacker is targeting members and allies of the Vongola family. The number of possible culprits? Pretty much everyone on his Friends list.

Eyes closed and headphones inserted firmly in his ears, Gokudera laid his head against the bus window. Though the vehicle jerked roughly, he didn’t care enough to lift his head from his resting place. The music blaring from his phone was enough to distract him, at least until he reached the restaurant where he was supposed to meeting Haru.

Or at least, he thought so. As the bus paused at a set of stoplights his music abruptly stopped in the middle of the chorus. Frowning, he reluctantly sat up straight and tried to check his phone, only to find that it had died.

“Damn,” he grumbled. He had been sure it was fully charged when he left. Now what was he supposed to do for the next hour? Make small talk with the people around him?

Yeah, right.

Snorting softly, he ripped the headphones out and stuffed them in his pocket along with his phone. Not wanting to sit in silence for an hour, he reached for his laptop bag and removed his computer. He balanced the slim red device in his lap and powered it up. When everything had loaded, he inserted a special WiFi stick that Giannini had created and clicked on the Internet icon on his desktop.

Facebook. The great time waster.

The familiar News Feed page loaded, but he didn’t start scrolling immediately. He clicked on the status bar and started typing. When he finished, he clicked Post.

Hayato Gokudera
Woman, why did you have to pick a restaurant that’s a good hour away from home? I’m stuck on a bus with weird people and it’s all your fault–Haru Miura.

It wasn’t long before the girl responded. A notification popped up thirty seconds after his post, giving him little time to creep through the status updates of his friends and family.

Haru Miura I’m out shopping and I thought we should eat somewhere that’s between the both of us.

Hayato Gokudera Are you telling me that you also have to travel an hour?

Haru Miura …no…

Hayato Gokudera Then it’s not meeting halfway. So since I have a longer travel time, you can’t get on me if I happen to be late.

Haru Miura I won’t! Geez. And by the way, it’s rude to call the other people on the bus with you weird. You should have just taken your car.

Hayato Gokudera: In rush hour downtown traffic? I don’t think so.

He scrolled down and started exploring his News Feed. He hadn’t been on for a few days and now seemed the time to catch up. He went straight to the bottom and made his way up. There was a particular status that made him pause to read through it and the following conversation thoroughly.

Lambo Bovino
Failed my math test yesterday and I don’t care! Whatcha gonna do about it?

Hitman Reborn Oh, I can think of a few things…

Bianchi Gokudera Getting cocky now, aren’t we?


Futa de la Stella No, I didn’t think so. You’re not that impulsive.

Hitman Reborn Idiot cow, bring all schoolwork down for immediate inspection.

Lambo Bovino Hai, sir…

Gokudera arched an eyebrow in bewilderment. The status had been posted less than a day ago, and taking brief glances at the statuses posted above the Lightning Guardian’s, they seemed to follow a similar thread.

Interesting. Can’t believe this flew past my radar. Though I do remember ahoshi bellyaching about something yesterday…

Looks like he found something to amuse himself, at least for a little bit.

Lambo Bovino
Alright, who got into my account? Confess or I’ll sic I Pin on you.

I Pin Whoa, don’t drag me into this.

Bluebell Azaria Well, if you’re trying to compile a list of all the people who might mess with you, you’re going to need a three-hundred page notebook in order to fit them all in.

Nosaru Tsukino Nah, more like a five-hundred page notebook.

Lambo Bovino …I’m putting you two at the top of said list.

Bluebell Azaria What about I-Pin?

Lambo Bovino I know for sure it wasn’t her. If she wanted to mess with me, she’s got other ways of going about it.

I Pin True that!

Gokudera smirked. Bluebell and Nosaru had a point-there were far too many people who would enjoy messing with Lambo by hacking his Facebook page. In fact, he was a bit disappointed he hadn’t thought of it first.

Commoner Belphegor
Once upon a time, there was a prince who fell from grace with his family. As such, he was forced to flee his kingdom out of shame, and is now living amongst the normal people with an air of grudging acceptance.

Levi Akagi He’s finally snapped. I knew his mind wouldn’t hold under all that psychotic energy.

Fran Hamasaki I am glad you have finally come to terms with your pitiful existence. That’s the first step in self-healing.

Commoner Belphegor I’ll kill you. You better run, because after I figure out how to fix my effing name, you’re so dead.

Fran Hamasaki It wasn’t me.

Illusionist Mammon I can vouch for that. Considering the time the status was posted, it wasn’t Fran. The brat was training with me.

Commoner Belphegor Fine. Then Froggy, I’m coming after you to vent my frustrations. Whoever hacked my account, I’ll kill you.

Gokudera let out a bark of laughter so loud it startled the people sitting in front of him. Coughing hastily, Gokudera kept his gaze locked down at his computer so that he would not have to make eye contact with the people who were no doubt glowering at him in irritation.

Whoever this hacker is, he or she sure has guts, he thought. He looked at the post above Belphegor’s, and he had to smack a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing out loud again.

Ken Joshima is now in a relationship with Chikusa Kakimoto


Mukuro Rokudo Now, Ken, you don’t have to hide it anymore. We all know the truth.

Chikusa Kakimoto Please stop.


Chikusa Kakimoto No, I think you are. Turn off the Caps Lock.


Gokudera smirked. The hacker sure wasn’t joking around. He tried to think of who it could be, but in all honesty there were too many people that would love nothing more than to make people angry by messing with their statuses.

Mukuro Rokudo
There’s a My Little Pony marathon on right now. Do not bother me for the next five hours.

Kyoya Hibari I always thought you might be a brony.

Ken Joshima HA!

Mukuro Rokudo Okay, first of all, shut up Kyoya. Second of all, shut up Ken. Third of all, I’m not sure if I should be surprised that Kyoya knows what a brony is. Fourth of all, this Facebook hacker better watch his back.

Shamal Morihiro
People of Facebook, I have an announcement to make. I am now going to be celibate. Thank you and goodbye.

Burying his face in his hands, Gokudera laughed silently, so hard that his shoulders shook. To anyone that might look over, it would appear that he was crying. But he knew if he laughed out loud he wouldn’t be able to stop. Imagining his woman-crazed mentor becoming celibate was the most hysterical and ludicrous thing he had ever heard of.

When he finally managed to compose himself, he looked to see what the comments were.

Tsunayoshi Sawada The day that happens is the day Reborn doesn’t shoot me.

Hitman Reborn Which of course is never.

Bianchi Gokudera I thought it was too good to be true.

Shamal Morihiro So the hacker was amusing before. Now? Now I want to send my Trident mosquitoes after him.

Tsunayoshi Sawada It could be a girl.

Shamal Morihiro Well obviously if it’s a girl I’ll forgive her wholeheartedly and with a kiss.

Unable to keep from throwing his two cents in, Gokudera added his own comment, and it was about a minute later when Shamal responded.

Hayato Gokudera I don’t know who this Facebook hacker is, but this my favourite work of theirs by far.

Shamal Morihiro Shut up.

Smirking, Gokudera scrolled towards the top of his News Feed. There were a few more people who had been targeted by the hacker, and now speculation was starting.

Tsunayoshi Sawada
Well, this hacker thing was amusing at first, but after getting attacked it’s not so funny anymore. Time to flush this guy/girl out.

Hitman Reborn So you don’t sleep with a stuffed bear and suck your thumb?

Tsunayoshi Sawada No, Reborn. Just as Takeshi isn’t quitting baseball and Ryohei isn’t quitting boxing.

Takeshi Yamamoto Well, it seems that the people getting hacked are all friends on Facebook. So it must be someone we know.

Spanner Thornton Before the accusations start flying, I am saying right now that it’s not me.

Shoichi Irie Ditto.

Giannini Ganzo It was not me either, Juudaime!

Scientist Verde I have better things to do than play silly games with you idiotic creatures.

Tsunayoshi Sawada I didn’t think it was any of you. If you wanted to prank us, it would be by a much more inventive mean.

Prince Belphegor It’s the Frog. I know it.

Fran Hamasaki For the last time, it wasn’t me.

Lambo Bovino If we’re casting votes, I vote for Nosaru as the culprit.

Nosaru Tsukino It was probably you. You made it look like you were the first target to throw everyone off the trail.

I Pin He’s not that smart.

As the stream of comments continued, debating on who the hacker was, the bus finally rolled up to his stop. Gokudera quickly stood up and grabbed his bag with one hand, holding his laptop securely with the other. He made his way down the aisle and stepped off the bus and onto the sidewalk. He squinted against the sunlight and entered the restaurant. All plans of reading the rest of the comments under Tsuna’s post left his mind when he found Haru waiting for him.

The brunette looked up and her expression brightened when she spotted him. Smiling, Gokudera shut his computer and slipped it back in his bag.

He could find out who the culprit was later. Right now, he had a lunch date.