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YES to Ginny. It’s frustrating cos she gets so much hate, and I love her but I also kinda agree with it? Because she was really poorly written in the last two books, her characterisation was so inconsistent - seemed like JKR didn’t care about her tbh

same really, i dont have many issues with her in terms of what she does. it’s more what she wasn’t used for that gets me. she just wasnt really around and then she was there all of a sudden and it was rushed as hell.

i almost felt like jkr was berating herself as well as harry on ginny’s behalf in ootp when harry was like “oops forgot you were possessed by voldemort too” and she was like “yeah i know, you idiot”.

this is one thing they could have bonded over a bit more. or ginny could’ve gone dark temporarily, been kind of a dark horse… or could have given some insight into voldemort’s mind or how horcruxes can operate or… idk anything. she didnt have to be so irrelevant is what i’m trying to say.

I was tagged by Miranda (and she told me I’m not allowed to be lazy this time. xD)


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1. If you could tell anyone you love them this very moment with only love coming back, who would it be?

idek because Miranda, you are like literally the only person I say ‘I love you’ to. I basically never say it out loud. Anyone that I can think to potentially tell would never respond with anything but love. So yeah.

2. What made you get tumblr/how did you discover it?

I can’t remember what caused me to make mine in the very beginning, or how I discovered it, but when I returned to it and got really invested in it, it was because someone on okcupid asked me if I had one and I was like, “I do, but I never use it.” And then everything went to shit when I decided to try using it again. xD

3. What is one thing in particular that makes you love your favourite show?


But for the purpose of this question, I am going to choose Orphan Black and say that it’s the complete brilliance of the show that makes me love it so much. And all the gay.

4. If you could change any law, what would it be?

Newton’s law of gravity. There should be a switch for that because I want to fly. xD

Yes, I know that was a cop out because I didn’t want to be obvious and say what we all want…for all LGBT people to have equal rights as heteros and there are a bazillion other potential laws to change.

5. What do you usually do to calm yourself down if you’re upset or sad or annoyed or angry?

Listen to music. It’s the easiest way for me to escape into something other than what I’m feeling. It works most of the time. If I’m really angry, I do best if I listen to something screamy.

New Questions:

  1. Is there a band/artist that you could listen to everyday and probably not get tired of?
  2. Did you ever have an imaginary friend? If so, what was their name?
  3. If you could pet any one wild animal (without having to worry about any sort of danger), what kind would you choose?
  4. If you had to guess a rough estimate, how many pairs of shoes do you own?
  5. If you’re actually wasting time out of your life answering these questions, you’re probably bored…so…on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not bored at all and 10 being the extreme maximum amount of boredom possible), how bored are you? xD

These questions are difficult to think of, so idec how bad they are.

Tagging back Miranda, and then Ollie, Lesly, Alie, and Caro. :D
I’m not like Miranda, though, and you can be lazy and not do it properly, or at all, even.

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7, 10, 13

7 - That I’d invite to a sleepover/dinner party

  • sansa stark, because she loves gossiping, giving dating advice, and eating cake.
  • hanna marin from pll. just be prepared for her to get a text and run off in the middle of the night.
  • dana scully, just so i can look at her and listen to her talk all night.
  • either cordelia or harmony from btvs/ats. but if it’s the latter, better sleep with one eye open…
  • luna lovegood, because she’d be so fun and she’d love to be there.

10 - That I’d want to kiss

  • dana scully x5 tbqh
  • martha jones <3333
  • the entire female cast of pll, negl
  • ruby 1.0 from spn, even if i have to make a demon deal first oops.
  • santana lopez.

13 - I wish had better development/writing

hmm this is quite similar to 12 but…

  • cally from bsg could have been really interesting but really wasn’t. she was either boring or completely hateful in an under-developed way.
  • almost any female character from spn oops. still mad that bela died (and never came back) tho. she always comes to mind.
  • i wasnt happy with how they dealt with river song’s mystery, sry2say. it was sort of a non-event as well as being… idk, i’d have liked for at least part of her story or development to be independent of the doctor, y’know?
  • emma swan from ouat. like, i dont even go here anymore, but she could’ve been such a great character. i loved her at first but then… it flopped. like that whole show tbh.
  • GINNY WEASLEY. why did jkr seemingly forget about her post-possession and nothing was really done with it? and she was a prominent character only in book 5-ish and book 6? i think her romance with harry could have been something really interesting as well but blah… just blah.

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I wanna get you started because S6/7 hatred warms my heart. <3 I’m not sure what’s worse, Willow/Xander getting shafted with 10 seconds of screentime an episode and no development, or Buffy “developing” into a humourless, selfcentred, unlikable bitca

i know, you’re terrible!

i just want to know…

what the fuck were the head writers thinking introducing the potentials? what were they thinking all thru s7, or were they even thinking at all?!

“ok we gotta wrap up the entire series so we should think about spectacle for the ending, get a cool villain, but try to simplify characters down a little and make them really face the shit they’ve done in the past, wrap up their storylines, then maybe bring back a few old names to settle some scores…”

“… actually SCREW THAT we’ll add 10643 new characters no one cares about, introduce a big but somehow boring villain that makes no sense wrt our mythology and has no emotional gutpunch, forget about the characters the fans have been following for seven years, then make our heroine give one self-righteous speech per episode and then lampshade how annoying she is without actually doing anything to stop it.”