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Hello ladies! Was wondering if you know any fic where Stiles (or Derek) has a cat? ♥ thank you so much ♥

You enjoy these fics meow, Nonny ;) All Sterek cause I got that vibe it was what you wanted -Emmy

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Mistakes by inatshej

(1,410 I Teen I Complete) 

Stiles hears sorry, which, yeah, sorry. Five letters of fucking nothing. But Derek starts talking about the fire – the anger – the bad place he’s been in, the mistakes.

The Curious Case of Miguella the Cat by whyamIalwaysLoislane (Whyamialwaysloislane) 

(2,165 I Mature I Complete) 


To me, You are Purrfect by A Fire in the Attic 

(2,392 I General I Complete) 

When Derek wakes up, there’s a cat in his apartment. “Oh,” he says. Because it’s not just a cat, it’s a pregnant cat. A pregnant cat giving birth. “Oh.”

Donutella and Her King by ashinourhearts 

(2,810 I Not Rated I Complete)

A cat found Derek. That’s it. Because Derek Hale and a kitty.

Take This Heart Away by LupusScintilla (Clandestinux) 

(2,860 I General I Complete)

Derek swallowed and said quietly, “I think. I, um.” This was far more difficult to say that he’d thought it would be. He’d been dealing with the situation for almost two weeks. He’d practiced saying what he needed to tell Dr Deaton in the mirror last night and this morning, but he couldn’t manage to find the words now.


This work is un-beta’d.
There is nothing graphic about the medical examination. There is some discussion of bodily functions and medications.

Take Out Turkey Day by captaintinymite (augopher) 

(3,071 I Teen I Complete)  *human au, College student!Stiles

Graduate Student Stiles Stilinski is  alone as he studies in New York- well, aside from his only friend in the City. Derek lives in the same apartment building, and circumstances mean they will both be spending Thanksgiving alone. When Derek suggests they spend it together, Stiles jumps on the idea.

The only problem? Neither one of them can cook.

Episode Five - (You Are Incredibly) Pawsome! by GeeGollyWiz13 

(3,106 I Mature I Complete)   *roommates au

Scott and Stiles get a kitty. It’s a demon. It spills cups, bites Scott (who thinks it’s totally adorable), and prefers using the shower as a litter box. But for some insane reason, Derek is totally in love. With the cat.

Here Kitty Kitty by youfluttermywings 

(3,147 I General I Complete)

Derek finds an abandoned kitty in the back of an alleyway.

It may not look perfect, but to him it is.

It’s also named Mr Bubbles.

Stiles thinks it’s the cutest thing in the whole entire world.

Mine by alisvolatpropiis 

(3,166 I Explicit I Complete)   *hunter!Stiles

Stiles isn’t sure what he’s more surprised by when he wakes in the morning: that he slept better than he has in ages with Derek in his bed, or that Derek stayed the night at all. The relief he feels when he sees him there, sleeping comfortably, almost serenely, is palpable. They’re facing each other, close but not touching, and Stiles takes advantage of Derek’s slumber to watch him openly, taking in each exquisite line and curve of his chiseled face, the way his mouth is soft but still slightly downturned, long eyelashes lying delicately across his smooth skin. He’s astonishing.

And Home Before Dark by verity 

(3,175 I General I Complete)

The mystery of the absent Hale brother was hardly a mystery at all until he appeared at last, set on taking up residence out in the woods.

(In which Derek is a hedgewitch. With a cat.)

For Whom the Cat Meows by FireWithFire 

(3,566 I Mature I Complete)

Derek finds a kitty. Kitty hates Derek. Stiles has to help. It’s like the most twisted game of Rock-Paper-Scissors they’ve ever had to play.
Fluff ahead, because we all suspect that Derek may have a little bit softer side.
Does he?

Fish Died on Me by Mareridt 

(3,745 I Teen I Complete)

Derek stayed silent for a long minute. “Your best friend named his fish… Fish?” Stiles nearly brained himself on the counter. “This is really all you got from my speech?” he asked, not believing his luck. Derek leaned toward him, resting with his arms folded under him. “Well, it’s not like the part where you asked me to save your life was that interesting” he deadpanned.

The Heart May Be a Lonely Hunter, But the Cat Isn’t Anymore by BarlowGirl 

(4,611 I Teen I Complete) 

“Kind of an ugly thing, isn’t it?” Stiles asks.  Derek turns a glare on him. “Why are you even here?”  Stiles grins. “Because you plus a kitten is hilarious, Danny Zuko,” he says, reaching over and scratching the kitten’s neck.  The thing takes a swipe at him and takes a chunk of his arm with it. Stiles jolts backwards, trips over his own feet, and ends up on his ass on the floor.  Derek looks back at Deaton. “How would I go about keeping her?” Or: The one where Derek gets a kitten because of reasons.

Triple Trouble by GameCake 

(4,971 I Teen I Complete)

Of all the things Derek expected upon waking up, what happened was not it.

And Also, I Love You by alisvolatpropiis 

(7,155 I Explicit I Complete)  *college au, accidental relationship

Derek didn’t look at all like Stiles expected. After all, he deliberately chose a school where being a nerd was cool, so he certainly wasn’t expecting his hotter-than-a-thousand-stars roomie to be an actual cool person. Derek has muscles, like everywhere, which he has a tendency to display in skin-tight, sleeveless t-shirts for bands Stiles has never heard of; his jeans are always tight and ripped too, and he has an impressive five-o’clock shadow, the tips of his jet-black hair dyed purple. And his eyes. Stiles is pretty sure he’s only seen eyes like that in comics, or on a movie screen, or in his freakin dreams. They’re somehow simultaneously all of the colors and none of them, transcending something so pedestrian and insignificant as words to encapsulate their beauty. Stiles would come to learn that he’s also wickedly smart, and he plays the guitar and speaks multiple languages, and his sunshine smile is even more alarming that his resting murder face.

The Whole Glass of Water by ladyblahblah 

(8,045 I Teen I Complete)  *no pairing, suicidal thoughts, depression

Derek stands frozen for a moment, disbelieving, before his hands come slowly forward.  Its fur is surprisingly soft, and he buries his fingers in it as he strokes his way down its back.  He catches its hindquarters on instinct when it springs out of the cage and onto his chest, shoving it face cold nose-first into the crook of his neck, and beneath the rumble of its purrs Derek can still make out the careful ticking of its heart.

If he leaves it here, it’s going to die alone.  It’s a sentence he knows all too well.

“What sort of paperwork do you need me to fill out?”

Thoroughly Disarmed by Ionaonie 

(9,303 I General I Complete)

Stiles goes round to Derek’s place to investigate why the Pack have been banished from the loft. The reason is adorable.

Feline Persuasion by rensahannou (asmalltigercat) 

(15,033 I Teen I Complete)

Derek doesn’t need to worry about the cat living under the porch at his family’s old house, it’s just—Derek’s just used to worrying about things.

Double Negatives by coffeeinallcaps 

(16,337 I Explicit I Complete)  *human au, coffee ahop au

Derek and Laura run a pure food store and coffeehouse. There’s this boy Stiles who’s a regular customer. He’s infuriating, of course, but there’s something about him.

Cat Got Your Tongue by  sysrae

(18,243 I Explicit I Complete)   *human au, college au, professor!Derek

Derek is having a bad day and breaks down on a stranger’s doorstep.
Stiles is the stranger. He really doesn’t mind.
Also, there’s a cat.

The Skies Above are Blue by Trelkez 

(95,258 I Mature I WIP)  *human au

Derek is a wedding DJ. Stiles just happens to go to a lot of weddings.

Korean useful words, notions, phrases...

Basically I was looking through my drafts and found this quite old post. I don’t need it anymore since it’s things I acquired a long ago so… but maybe it could be useful to some of you so TADAM.

  1.  하나 (hana)
  2. 둘 (dul)
  3. 셋 (set)
  4. 넷 (net)
  5. 다섯 (daseot)
  6. 여섯 (yeoseot)
  7. 일곱 (ilgop)
  8. 여덟 (yeodeol)
  9. 아홉 (ahop)
  10. 열 (yeol)

I’m lost. 길을 잃었습니다. (gireul ireosseumnida)

Clock system

one o’clock AM 오전 한 시 (ojeon hansi)

two o’clock AM 오전 두 시 (ojeon dusi)

noon 정오 (jeongo)

one o’clock PM 오후 한 시 (ohu hansi)

two o’clock PM 오후 두 시 (ohu dusi)

midnight 자정 (jajeong)


_____ minute(s) - _____ 분 (___ bun)

_____ hour(s) _____ 시간 (___ sigan)

_____ day(s) _____ 일 (___ il)

_____week(s) _____ 주 (___ ju)

_____ month(s) _____ 달 (___ dal)

_____ year(s) _____ 년 (___ nyeon)


today 오늘 (oneul)

yesterday 어제 (eoje)

tomorrow 내일 (naeil)

this week 이번 주 (ibeon ju)

last week 지난 주 (jinan ju)

next week 다음 주 (da-eum ju)

Sunday 일요일 (ilyoil)

Monday 월요일 (wolyoil)

Tuesday 화요일 (hwayoil)

Wednesday 수요일 (suyoil)

Thursday 목요일 (mogyoil)

Friday 금요일 (geumyoil)

Saturday 토요일 (toyoil)


The names of the months in Korean are simply the Sino-Korean numbers 1 through 12 followed by the word 월 (month).

January 1월 (일월) ilwol

February 2월 (이월) iwol

March 3월 (삼월) samwol

April 4월 (사월) sawolMay 5월 (오월) owol

June* 6월 (유월) yuwol

July 7월 (칠월) chilwol

August 8월 (팔월) palwol

September 9월 (구월) guwol

October* 10월 (시월) siwol

November 11월 (십일월) sibilwol

December 12월 (십이월) sibiwol

Food and shit

beef 소고기 (sogogi)

salad 샐러드 (saelleodeu)

rice 밥 (bap)

tea (drink) 차 (cha)

water 물 (mul)

Guys do you have any tips for whats legal?

Im going to town with mum tomorrow for ahopping, especially after whsts happened i wanna take my mind off things but im scared of seeing HIM because his college is the shopping centre.

If he tries anything i wanna have some form of defence

Hamilton vs Trump

How does Hamilton
A rap-inspired
Hit, nonconformin’
Broadway Performance
Somehow endorse an
America of diversity
Where anyone can express their opinion
Regardless of who’s winning?

Mike Pence was in the room when it happened
The boos and the clappin’
The news was recappin’
I didn’t go cuz I was
confused by the rappin’
But I’ll respond anyway

Dear Hamilton:
I don’t do tweetstorms
But when sweet Mike P.
Attended your musical
He just wanted to see
An oversensitive VP
Fighting an imagined slight
Then you go and ask him
to defend your rights!
Now you call yourselves “anxious”
Say that you’re “alarmed”
That you’re “truly hopeful”
This is a call to arms!
I’ve been harmed
I have the honor to be Your Great Big Leader
@ realdonaldtrump

Mr. future President:
VP demands an apology
And Hamilton says no
Talk in in theater leads to war
Eexactly re-enacting our show!
Even if I said what you think I said
Ain’t it getting a little meta?
After 200 years you’d think we’d be better
And yet a—

New president can’t cope
With a little poke of our cautious hope
Wishes that we had never spoke
What a tired trope.
I won’t apologize for being woke.
I have the honor to be Your American Musical,
@ HamiltonMusical

Careful how you proceed, good show
I don’t care about your Tonys good show
You must create a safe space even though safe spaces
are for the weak, Good show.

I’m sorry if it seemed rude
I can’t help if the audience booed.
All we did was stand and share a
hopeful message
It’s on you if that’s offensive.

I’m coming, Hamilton.
Richard Rodgers. Now.
Look. Out.

Sold out.

I have the honor to be selling out until 2020

@ Hamiltonmusical

@ realdonaldtrump


I’m having so much fun drawing not only for myself, but drawing the things I love too. And I love Monster Hunter. I love Peco.

This is probably among one of my most detailed images. (That doesn’t include MH armor-related pics I’ve done for comms n’ stuff.) Went all out with the feathers and beak/legs details. BIRD LEGS ARE WEIRD and kinda hard for me to draw, so sorry if they look off. I eye-balled his legs as best as I could, while stylizing them at the same time. Also he’s just so danged colorful, so that took a while too.

He loves fish. I hate Plesioth. So it’s a win-win for both of us that he gets to eat a little one. 

Added the flat version as well, like I did with the Wroggi pic. If ya missed it, you can find it here! http://siggylady.tumblr.com/post/124780678115/so-i-really-really-really-really-wanted-to-draw-a

Hope y’all like this one. c:

MH © Capcom