Anyone need some kittens?!

We live in the Piedmont area of North Carolina. Long story short, we live in a relatively rural area and see our share of strays.

In the last couple of years, we’ve had several cats come up. My mom’s an awesome person, and has a heart for animals, so of course, when she sees a skinny critter, she feeds it. And they come back. And eventually there are babies.

However, as anyone with pets knows, one or two can be expensive. My family is currently feeding over twenty animals. We don’t have the money to get them all fixed, as we would like, and even if we did, feeding all of them would be difficult.

The adult kitties are more or less feral. If you’ve put food in trays, you can pet them, but other than that, they aren’t fond of humans. The eight babies pictured above are getting used to humans. They love to get out and play, they are all working on eating solid canned food, and we are working on litter training them. They all seem to be in decent health, outside of fleas, though we’ve not taken them to the vet.

My request: if you are in want of a cat, or know of someone, please contact me. We’ve grown to love these critters and don’t want to call the pound, which seems to be the only option, since nearby humane societies are full of cats already.

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Just so you know, every time I finish with one chapter, i start anxiously awaiting the next. After about a week of trying to be patient, I start hoping for the update that a chapter has been sent to beta, that it will be posted in the next day or so. It's almost as bad as waiting for the next book in a series to be listed and then seeing the cover and then the publication date is revealed. The last one was great-though you have yet to top "Inconceivable" for me. I look forward to more.

Oh, the pressure! I’m glad that you have a favorite chapter though. Maybe something in the future may top it. Who knows.

I am particularly fond of that chapter because of my love of Princess Bride though :)