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so my girl is a HUGE hockey fan and i am an idiot when it comes to sports and i promised her i take her to a game here in our home state (Co) so whens the season start? and what game you recommend i take her to

OMG best friend ever (boy friend? girlfriend? idk doesn’t matter) ALSO COME OFF ANON IT MAKES ME SAD

You may or may not know the NHL has been locked out until last week. Half the season was lost, but is expected to start again on the 19th. The schedule hasn’t been released so we don’t know if the Avalanche will open at home or not. 

There are several other options though, especially if you’re on a budget. NHL tickets tend to run anywhere from 30$ to 300$, with 80-100$ being decent enough seats. Denver just got it’s very own CHL team called the Denver Cutthroats. They differ from the NHL in a few ways, mostly skill, but also in price and general experience. Tickets are much cheaper for the Cutthroats and their schedule is different (longer away periods). Their ticket prices run from 15-44$ with the 44$ seats being “VIP Glass”. CHL games tend to be a little rougher, you’ll see more fights and a “different” crowd. I’ve attended Cutthroat games and found it entertaining and worth the money.

What I’m currently really into is college hockey actually. University of Denver’s hockey team (Pioneers) are having a pretty nice season, and is in my opinion closer to the NHL experience crowd and talent wise. Their tickets range from 15-50$ or more with a big rival. 

The last option I know a little about is the Colorado Eagles. They are another minor league team (ECHL). I’ve never attended a game but they seem like they’re average enough to be worth watching. Though they are similar in price to the Cutthroats, they are located in Loveland which is a bit of a hike for a lot of people. 

If your friend is a big hockey fan, any of these options will make her happy!! Good luck and thanks for the question!