170922: teen top niel’s phone call to up10tion’s jinhoo

essentially just niel getting mad at jinhoo

  • niel predicted that jinhoo would answer cutely with “ah, yes hyungg~ where are youu~”
  • jinhoo answered with: “who are you”
  • niel: “do you have a schedule tomorrow?”
  • jinhoo: “no, i don’t”
  • niel: “you don’t have a schedule but you’re not coming to visit me?”
  • jinhoo: “i’m sorry…”
  • niel:

  • jinhoo: “but hyung why did you call me”
  • niel: “to ask how you were doing”
  • jinhoo: “but we saw each other in the company building”
  • niel: “so if we see each other at the company then i can’t call you?”

why does niel love teasing his little brothers so much… lmao