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#broducechallenge - super hot: choreography references

note: there are more references but these are my favorites :D

Dongho: I put the pun in punishment

Hyungseob: I put the ass in class

Samuel: I put the ace in irreplaceable

Daewhi: I put the cute in persecuted

Hyunbin: I put the hot in photogenic

Jihoon: I put the top in unstoppable

Seοngwoo: I put the D in Daniel


Produce 101 Wallpapers 🎥🎤

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Note: Ik this isn’t BTS but I’m really into produce 101 rn (if u haven’t watched it yet I TOTALLY recommend it!!) and I found these pics and really wanted to post them cuz they look so goooood 😍❤

Interesting Facts about Yuehua Entertainment
  • Yuehua’s main source of income is film, which is why Jung Jung took part in the film Girl’s Memoir, and it is likely that most, if not all, other Yuehua trainees will star in a film someday. 
  • Yuehua is incredibly rich. SM Entertainment has a market value of ₩57.91 Million, while Yuehua has a market value of ₩58.81 Million.
  • As a Chinese company, Yuehua had few connections in Korea, and have partnered with YG, Pledis, and Starship over the years to get their start. UNIQ trained alongside Winner and iKon in the YG building in 2012. Yuehua artist UNIQ shared a practice room with NU’EST in 2014. Yuehua and Starship both contributed trainees to WJSN. Yuehua now has their own headquarters in Korea.
  • Because of these partnerships, the Yuehua Boys are close with NU’EST and the Starship trainees, Jung Sewoon and Lee Gwanghyun.
  • Yuehua’s first K-pop group, UNIQ, faced difficulties at their debut due to Yuehua not having a Korean branch. Now that Yuehua has a Korean branch and connections with Starship, no such problem should occur with Yuehua Boys.
  • As a Chinese company, Yuehua lacks the age and status hierarchy found in Korean companies. This is why Euiwoong is the leader of the Yuehua Boys, even though he is the second youngest and has the shortest training period. Yuehua artists are also allowed much more creative and personal freedom, and are treated very well by their company.
  • Yuehua chooses trainees that are confident and carefree. This is why the Yuehua Boys volunteered to perform first in the first evaluation of Produce 101, why Euiwoong promised to “become a cooler artist than anyone debuting (in Wanna-One),” and why the Yuehua Boys did not cry like many other trainees did in the finale of Produce 101.

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Pd101 Trainees as your friends in group chat

Seonho : shares food picture at 1am and makes everyone hungry

Guanlin : never shows up unless you mention his name

Choi Minki : haVE YOu guys heard the *western singers name*’s new song itS LIT

Jonghyun : always whishes goodnight to everyone

Hwang Minhyun : the one who always shares crime news and tells everyone to be careful

Dongho : actually reads everything but doesnt talk much

Daehwi : guYS the ice in the poles are melting and poLAR BEARS are dying, WE SHOULD DO SOMETHING

Samuel : the clueless one “wait we were talking about chicken all this time ?”

Jisung : sends memes at 3am

Ong Seongwoo : everytime he appears, the group chat will end up at 999+ notifications

Jaehwan : sends voice note of his laugh

Park Woojin : somehow always manages to send his messeges to the wrong chat room

Hyunbin : never seen in the group chat after 9pm

Jinyoung : suddenly leaves the group, making everyone shook, but actually accidentally pressed the wrong button

Daniel : the one that tries his best to respond when everyone is speechless

Sungwoon : keeps all the important screenshoots for blackmailing purposes(as joke)

Sewoon : lots of typos and doesnt bother to make the correction

Hyungseob : changes his name and profile picture exactly the same as someone in the group chat and confuses people

Jihoon : sends picture of cute animals every hour


#broducechallenge - produce 101 season 2: trainee development (PART 3)

PART 1 , PART 2 , [ PART 3 ] , PART 4

the most beautiful thing that happened in this show is the immense growth of the trainees :’) i couldn’t be any more proud


rkm0855 instagram update
7월1.2일 프로듀스101 FINALconcert 와주신 모든분들 정말 감사합니다! 너무너무 재미있고 좋은 추억이 되었습니다!! 그동안 응원해주신 국민프로듀서님에게 다시 한번 더 감사드립니다! 모두다 사랑해요♡
To everyone who came to July ½ Produce 101 FINALconcert thank you so much! It was very very fun and it became a great memory to me!! Again, I want to thank the national producers who supported me so far! I love you all♡

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