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Korean Models Turn Actors That We Want To Hug Once In A Lifetime

Their tall skinny appearances might look awkward during their modelling days. But now they are charming and their talent in acting make them shine bright on screen. With their looks and charisma, these dudes definitely will make your inner fangirl squeal. Check out some of these finest Korean models turn actors that we all want to hug at least once in a lifetime.  

Lee Jong Suk 

Born 1989, started his acting debut in 2010, 186 cm tall with luscious lips, cute refreshing smile and that ol’ Bieber fringe. We love him so much in School 2013. Lee Jong Suk also got good eye for good dramas like I Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio and W. 

Song Jae Rim 

Born in 1985, started acting in 2009, 180 cm tall with gorgeous cat-like eyes, baby face, badass tattoos and apple butt. The lord of cheesy lines. We all fell in love with his manly smooth image in the reality show We Got Married and we definitely love him more in The Idle Mermaid, Unkind Ladies and the now playing Our Gab Soon. 

Kim Woo Bin

Can’t forget Kim Woo Bin. Born in 1989, started acting in 2011, 188 cm tall with monster body and sharp luxurious image. He acted well as a troublemaker in Gentleman’s Dignity and School 2013. He was also perfect as a rich kid in The Heirs. He looks very mature and makes girls go Uncontrollably Fond of him. 

Lee Soo Hyuk 

Born 1988, started acting in 2009, 184 cm tall. The forever vampire oppa with cool mysterious charm and deep voice. Though he also looks good in mortal roles, his vampire-like face makes him really suitable as a vampire. We love him in High School King of Savvy and Scholar Who Walks The Night. Can’t wait for his latest drama - The Man Living in Our House with his close model-turned-actor friend Kim Young Kwang, 

Hong Jong Hyun

Born 1990, started acting in 2008, 182 cm tall. We see him here and there as supporting actor in movies and dramas. He nailed his first leading role in a cable drama Her Lovely Heels. He was the MC of Inkigayo, he is also quite active in many variety shows like We Got Married, Style Log, Running Man and many more. He is handsome with a charming bad guy vibe. Recently we can watch his acting as villain in Scarlet Heart Ryeo. 

Ahn Jae Hyun

aka Mr. Goo Hye Sun. Born in 1987. 187 cm tall with baby face and super fair white skin. We are drawn to him since his first role as Cheon Song Yi’s baby brother in My Love From Another Star. Compared to other models turn actors, Ahn Jae Hyun is quite skinny but he is fashionable. We love him in his latest wrapped drama Cinderella and The Four Knight. 

Nam Joo Hyuk

The youngest in this list. Born in 1994. 188 cm tall. He stole our hearts in AKMU 200% music video. He has starred in many good dramas like Surplus Princess, School 2015, Cheese in the Trap and the recent Scarlet Heart Ryeo as the artsy 13th prince. He has this good healthy boy next door image and often been paired up with noonas in the dramas. He is popular and has been awarded a lot as Best New Actor. 

Sung Joon 

Born in 1990. 187 cm tall. He began acting in 2010. He looks so mature for his age and he is awesome with kiss scenes. He is perfect with romantic roles and he’s also great as a villain. We love his acting in I Need Romance 3, Discovery of Love, Hyde Jekyll and Me, High Society and Madame Antoine. 

Kim Young Kwang 

Joo Won’s good sunbae in Good Doctor. Born in 1987, 187 cm tall and handsome with charming smile. We love him in Plus Nine Boys, Pinocchio, D-Day and can’t wait for his latest drama with Lee Soo Hyuk in The Man Living in Our House. 

Lee Kwang Soo

The self-named Asia’s prince. Betrayal giraffe, forever sweetheart yet evil maknae in Running Man. Born in 1985. The tallest in the list - 190+ cm tall. Awkwardly handsome, humble and funny. He’s an all around entertainer with many CF, variety shows, dramas and movies. We love his acting in It’s Okay That’s Love, Dear My Friends and can’t wait for his upcoming drama Entourage.

So Ji Sub

Trained to become a swimming athlete, debut as a model and finally turned into a professional actor that we all adore. Born in 1977. 182 cm tall. The master of broad shoulders, badass tattoos and quiet manly image. He’s always remembered for his hit drama I’m Sorry I Love You. He managed his good image throughout the years in the industry and he runs his own agency company. We are head over heels with his first role as a chaebol in his romantic comedy Master’s Sun.

Cha Seung Won

The daddy of all models turned actors. Born in 1970. 188 cm tall with deep husky voice. A proven good father in real life. He’s been acting in many projects as villain, hero and even a transgender. We especially love him in romantic comedy dramas like City Hall and The Greatest Love. We also love his awkward and funny variety show appearances like in Three Meal’s A Day and Running Man. 

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July Movie Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

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  1. This episode was heartwarming and gave me laughs. I didn’t expect that. I mean, this show srsly, it’s so unpredictable! but that’s the reason why I love it. Yep, they were right indeed. IT IS A ROMCOM!!!! THAT ENDING SCENE!!!! oh I can’t even..
  2. Ri jin, the best female lead I’ve ever seen. I just love her.
  3. Do hyun pretended to be Yo na. Priceless.
  4. Do hyun’s suit look have returned. I’m so happy.
  5. I know the alternative personalities should be merged.. so Do hyun can live a normal life and everything.. I clearly know that and I truly want him to be happy. But I was so sad when Yo sub said he’d probably be disappeared soon because Do hyun didn’t want to kill himself anymore. It’s a good thing, I know that but…OH GOD!!!! YO SUB!!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!!! IT’S MERGING! NOT DYING!! YOU’LL LIVE!! YOU’LL BECOME A COOLER PICTURE!! WITH THE NAME OF CHA DO HYUN!!! YOU’LL BECOME A COOLER PERSON!!! RI JIN SAID THAT!!! BUT WHY ARE YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO AWFUL!!! WHY!! WHYYYYY!!!! yo sub.. don’t go, play with me….ㅠㅠ

Somehow, I’ve started to want to help this person. Even though I have some shortcomings and faults, I have a family that will help me and embrace me. But this person… has no one. I have a lot of good memories that I can think of whenever I’m having a hard time, but this person doesn’t have anything like that. He lives each and every moment losing his memories and his time. I have a lot of people who love me, but even if this person has people that he loves, he can’t hold onto them. That’s why… I want to help him. I want to help him get out from his castle. And I want to let him know… That if you want to be friends, you hold your hand out… And that it’s okay to grab onto someone else’s hand if they hold it out to you.


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