ahn hyung joo

why we deserve a jung joon hyung/ahn min hyuk in our lives

let me just say something that we all have realised before but never really gotten into talking further:

the similarities between jung joon hyung and ahn min hyuk on the way they treat everyone around them and themselves says a lot about how they are as a person.

both joon hyung and min hyuk have their fair share of pain caused by their family or past relationships and yet it doesnt make them bad people or use it as an excuse to become assholes to everyone especially towards the girl they end up liking, just cause they have been “hurt”.

no matter what happened to them, the moment they met kim bok joo and do bong soon they started off with simple yet touching and genuine, comedic gestures such as teasing them and are so friendly with them in a way that isnt romantic (yet).

joon hyung was bok joo’s best friend before anything else and he respected and supported her so much; he only then realised slowly that he liked her and when he came to terms with that, he wasn’t trying to push her away or tried avoiding her: he tells her he likes her! and he wasn’t even afraid to admit how much he liked her before and throughout the entire time they were dating!!

before even progressing with their relationship, joon hyung even asked for a chance for her to be with him - “don’t like me as your boyfriend? that’s okay, you can tell me that.” he would still respect her wishes even if it means turning him down.

as well as with min hyuk, he’s always wanted someone to protect him from day one and that’s what he saw in bong soon. he wasn’t afraid to admit that he was scared to her, even telling her bits and pieces about his life to her because besides being his bodyguard, she was also a shoulder for him to lean on when he can - he didn’t completely let her in, he had his moments especially when his “brother” kept making death threats, thus resulting in wanting to be alone. as time flew by, he realised how much bong soon meant to him and started opening up to her even more and more, and it was so pure.

min hyuk is as precious as joon hyung is because he also isn’t afraid to show bong soon how much he cares and admires her: him getting hurt was way better than getting bong soon hurt.

lets be real: these two boys don’t possess the most extravagant thing you would expect a typical kdrama lead to have yet they have the most genuine, pure and beautiful personality and that says something: they treat their girls with respect and support them no matter what; joon hyung with bok joo’s weightlifting and family problems, and min hyuk with bong soon’s inability to control her powers. not to mention the way they look at their woman like she’s the universe to them (swoon !!!)

from their strength to their appearances, how they talk and how comfortable the girls are with their own true selves, bok joo with her weightlifting and eating so much, and bong soon with her super powers, joon hyung and min hyuk find them attractive and beautiful no matter WHAT and that, everybody, says it all.

all in all - jung joon hyung and ahn min hyuk are so fucking PERFECT and one reason being is that they showcase what every man, boy, male, whatever should possess on treating their girl/SO and yet it melts our hearts SO MUCH because we rarely see this in real life!

we all deserve a joon hyung/min hyuk in our lives

There are so many similarities between strong woman do bong soon and weightlifting fairy kim bok joo, the characters, some if the scenes… It’s so great but my useless ass cant edit, gif, make good posts so please make post, edits, gifs of the similiar scenes-lines.


Eliminated "Produce 101 Season 2" Top 20 Contestants Thank Fans After Conclusion Of Program

Eliminated “Produce 101 Season 2” Top 20 Contestants Thank Fans After Conclusion Of Program

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On June 16, “Produce 101 Season 2” aired its final episode and confirmed the top 11 contestants that will join project group Wanna One. Nine trainees were unfortunately eliminated, and several took to social media to express their gratitude to fans.

Check out some of their messages below!

Kim Jong Hyun (Pledis)

지금까지 저를 응원해주신 팬분들께 너무나 감사합니다! 많은것들을 얻어가는 좋은 추억이였어요! 최고다 부기단!

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Kim Jong Hyun Picked As No.1 For Most Regrettaby Eliminated Trainee On "Produce 101 Season 2"

Kim Jong Hyun Picked As No.1 For Most Regrettaby Eliminated Trainee On “Produce 101 Season 2”

External image

On the season finale of “Produce 101 Season 2,” there were trainees that were not picked for the debut group but showed exceptional talent. Recently, an online data company called PMI conducted a survey on which trainee ranking No. 12-20 was the most regrettably eliminated. They asked 1,812 people between the ages of 20 and 59.

Out of the results, Trainee Kim Jong Hyun came in first with 23.1…

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